Get Started As a Professional Psychic

//How to Get Started As a Professional Psychic

Are You Ready to Start Your Psychic Business?

If you’ve been doing readings for others whether they’ve been Tarot, Oracle Cards, Mediumship, or Angel Card readings and haven’t yet charged for them, it’s time to plan getting your professional psychic business up and running!

If you feel that you are ready to get started as a professional psychic or medium, here are some excellent pointers that I learned when I first began reading professionally.

First, get some sort of certification which adds to credibility. Of course, we like to suggest our Pathways to Clairvoyance or Mediumship Home Study courses. However, there are some other courses available on the Internet to get a decent certification from. If you are just starting out, there may be a period of doing readings for free. This not only aids in building a good foundation with your reading skills but you will start gaining more confidence and trust the information that you give as being accurate. This is an excellent way to learn how to work with different types of clients and yes, even make some mistakes. Doing free readings is perfectly alright. I suggest you that tell the readee (the person getting the reading) that you are still a student — if you feel comfortable with doing this.

Initially, you may find that some clients can be difficult. Here are some reasons for this:

  1. New customers might be scared. It’s up to you to put their mind at ease. Ask them if they’ve ever had a psychic reading before and tell them how you work. Have a Code of Ethics  (download your free copy at the top of the post) printed and displayed in your office or have one posted on your website.
  2. They may have been talked into getting a reading by a friend and don’t know what to expect.
  3. Or, they drive you crazy with asking one question after another in rapid-fire succession. It’s up to you to patiently tell your customer that asking only one question at a time is the best way to get an accurate answer. However, if you take an overly amount of time to answer a question, they won’t like that either.

Doing readings for free gives the psychic or medium leeway to grow in experience and helps them to develop their own personal style of doing readings. This is the way I started. I spent about six months of doing readings for free. Sometimes I even received generous tips. Additionally, I learned how to diplomatically work with all kinds of customers by doing this.

Another way to gain experience is to read on a Psychic Line for a while. I know. Sounds scary right? But it’s a great way to gain experience. There are many Psychic Lines out there. Some lines are fine to work on, and some could demand too much of your time. Find one that seems best for you. Just don’t sign any kind of a contract! Also, please be ethical and do not tell a client what they want to hear. This is is a no no and goes totally against The Psychic Code of Ethics. There are ways to answer questions diplomatically to get around this. You don’t have to lie about what you are seeing but just soften what you are seeing if it looks to be adverse news for your client.

Finally, the day came when I knew I was ready to charge for readings. And, I did not quit my day job for quite some time. In fact, I only did readings along with teaching classes on the side for many many years. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe I was good enough to go full-time, but like so many of us, I had the fear that I couldn’t make a living doing it exclusively. I eventually took a leap of faith and decided to strike out on my own and started Imagine Spirit’s website. And, I’ve never looked back. In total, I did professional readings and Mediumship Sittings for thirty years until teaching classes became my full-time occupation.

How to Decide What to Charge

When you start your own professional psychic practice, look in the area where you will be doing your readings and see what other people charge. The fees for giving readings in the different geographic parts of the United States can vary significantly. For example, a fee for a one-hour reading in San Francisco is most likely twice as much as a person might charge in Billings, Montana. It doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the reality of it. You have to take into consideration the average income of the nearby populace. If you are charging a hefty fee in your area and don’t get any takers, you can pretty much guess that you are charging too much. After building a good client base and acquiring testimonials, you can eventually raise your fee little by little.


Carol Doing a Reading

Do You Need a Special License?

Check to see if your city, county, or state requires a permit. When residing in Scottsdale, I had to obtain a “Magic Arts” license. They even finger-printed me. I was somewhat incensed about this  but went along with the program.

Doing phone readings helps to overcome the location lower-income problem and licensing problem. If you have a professional looking website and keep good business practices, you can charge a fair fee. Again, it’s a matter of building a clientele and being responsible in your work ethics. If you book reading, let’s say a phone reading, and aren’t there at the appointed time or are late, your business will suffer.

How to Market Yourself

You will want to create a domain name for your website. Many people use their own name, and some use just part of their name. My website is not under my own name, as you can see with this site’s name, I obtained this generic domain name for purposes of not only doing readings, but I knew I would eventually teach classes.You can decide what kind of domain name is best for your business.

Have business cards made up and make sure they look professional! Go to and order some!

Your site should have:

  1. A home page with excellent images, maybe a quote, and a mission statement. Make sure you have a really nice picture of yourself on it.
  2. Tell people what you do, e.g., what kind of readings you offer. This is important!
  3. Decide if you will need an office or will be doing readings from home. If you are doing readings from home, you will need to take precautions and not list your address at first, but state the general area you are located in.
  4. List your business hours and what time you take calls. Some individuals even have an automatic calendar that schedules for them.
  5. Have a page for testimonials and perhaps put one on your home page. Keep all your testimonials. These are gold for you. Most people don’t have a problem with providing one, that is if they liked their reading.
  6. Obtain a standard PayPal Business Account (It’s free except for their individual transaction charges).
  7. Get on Facebook and Social Media to make your presence known. On Facebook, join a lot of similar type groups and build a following.
  8. Start writing blogs (most web companies have a blog platform you can include).

Get a good hosting company to host a basic WordPress site or create a website on — or some other free platform. Another excellent suggestion is to get a site on Their templates are beautiful, professional looking, and they will help you put your site together. Monthly hosting cost on SquareSpace is not that much. Also, create an email address that corresponds pretty much with your website name if you possibly can. Using a basic Gmail or Cox account email is fine but is not as professional looking. Try and keep the email address short and easy to remember.


Sample email:

Don’t Expect Business to Boom Right Away

It takes time to build a platform for customers to come to you. As the proverbial saying goes, “don’t quit your day job” until you have a more than ample client base. When I first began doing readings, I only did them in the evenings and on some weekends. Eventually, I had more business than I could handle, but it DOES take time! Word of mouth is one of the best ways you will get clients.

There’s so much more I want to share with you, but these tips will have to wait for a future blog post. Wink. Wink.


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