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Become a Certified Ghost Hunter


Make it a Hobby or Full-On Professional Ghost Hunting

Learn Right at Home and Take It Into the Field

I saw my first ghost in my grandmother’s house at the age of five. No one believed me.

As I grew older, ghosts and the paranormal became a passion for me that has never diminished!

Ghost Course

Become an Expert at Investigating Hauntings!

This Program is Created for Novices AND Seasoned Investigators

Our comprehensive training program offers so much more than the average ghost hunting course. In it, you will have access to YouTube movies made specifically for this course and listen to live class recordings with actual students asking questions and sharing ghost hunting experiences.

Have a cell phone and a flashlight? Get started for little or nothing! Starter equipment can be found in your own home. As time goes on, you can accumulate more equipment and we’ll show you how to use it!

You’ll be Learning about:

• How to Use Equipment

• The Best Way to Find Haunted Places

• Starting on a Budget

• Effective Protection

• Locating Earthbound Spirits

• Treating Demonic Entities

• Crossing Human Spirits Over

• Analyzing Evidence

• Interviewing Witnesses

• Do’s and Don’ts

• Kinds of Equipment

• How to Use Equipment

• Setting Up a DVR Center

• and much much more!

Showing-sun-deck-at-night with-two-ghost-orbs

My latest ghost adventure was on the Queen Mary I in December, 2017. This is the sun deck at night and I captured two interesting orbs (middle-left) at about 1AM. This picture is only one of several taken of the same spot in rapid succession. I can’t claim they are indicators of a spirit present.

This course provides everything you need to know!

The training program is HIGHLY interactive and offers insights and tools that  similar training programs on the Internet today do not cover. Our handbook is easy to read and contains many case studies from Carol Nicholson who has over 30 years experience as a paranormal investigator.

Carol has investigated with some of the top paranormal investigators in the field including Parapsychologist, Loyd Auerbach, who has appeared many times on the History and Travel Channels.

Whether you are already doing ghost investigations or are a beginner and want to learn how to start ghost hunting, this is a program you will want to take! Seasoned ghost hunters will definitely want to take advantage of our Certification and be listed on our Graduate Directory for more credibility.

Upon finishing the course and completing the simple quiz, you will receive your certification and be listed on our website as a group or individual. You will also receive a mailed copy of your certificate, a special certification seal for your website or other materials so people know that you are an authentic professional.

Ghost Hunt

Ajo Hospital in Arizona, 2014, at the Mexican border. Long before the “Ghost Adventures Crew” recently claimed that they were only the first of a select few to investigate this haunted place. This is one of my team members. I captured a fantastic apparition there and it will be featured on my Ghost Evidence page when that page is updated.


We suggest you read through the course topics to get an idea of how the course feels for you. Don’t see the course? Hit F5 on your computer or refresh your page and it will load. The PDF is safe to download.

*What You’ll Receive:

• The Course PDF is 193 Pages
• 6 Topic Packed Lessons
• Full Live Class MP3s
• Ghost Scenarios Discussed
• Easy Instruction Videos
• Five Famous Haunted Places Videos
• Certification
• Be Listed on Our Directory of Graduates

*The DVD option is not a movie of the course.

This is my first Class with Imagine Spirit. I’ve been hunting and searching for evidence on ghost and the paranormal for years. However this class gave me a wealth of resources, practical organization, and applications to implement in my work. I love how detailed the class is and how it offers accessible hands on experience. The fact that videos, handout, worksheets, and audio is available really makes this class unique and easy to follow. I especially love that the learning does not end with the course. Imagine Spirit recommended so many wonderful books and topics to keep the journey going.
I loved the videos, questions throughout the text, examples, and links. Also love the fact that further reading is suggested. Absolutely Brilliant. Many thanks!
~Fred Garza, Curious Twins Paranormal Team and Tour Group, San Antonio


What’s Suggested

An avid and serious interest in doing Ghost Hunting. Be prepared to learn more than just the nuts and bolts of ghost hunting. Add to what you’ve already learned. This course is fun, packed full of solid usable information, and has tons of examples and “how to” movies.

Materials Needed

There is no need to purchase any equipment for this class unless there is a desire to do so. Much of your equipment can be found around your own house and by using your own cell phone!


You definitely will need either a computer or tablet for analyzing evidence. Cell phones are great for capturing EVPs,  short movie clips, and you can use Thermal Imaging APPS (optional) for detecting cold spots. Additionally, having any kind of headphones or earbuds is essentials

*We do not sell equipment for this course.

I loved the Ghost Hunting course. Carol gives thoroughly detailed information -- the ins and outs of which I would of never thought of. This is a course that gives you all the training whether you are doing it for fun or professionally!!! Thanks again Carol!
~ Vivian Aubin, Canada

This ghost hunting class really helped me understand the in's and out's of ghost hunting and gave me some great tools to start my own ghost hunting group. I really enjoyed watching various videos on alleged ghost hauntings, orbs and even how to properly use equipment on an investigation. I truly recommend this class because it sheds so much light on aspects of ghost hunting I was not aware of. Thank you Carol for putting together this great course!
~Juan Tamez, Eagle Pass, Texas


Lesson 1

In this first lesson, we cover an introduction to Ghost Hunting, the various categories of hauntings and types of ghosts, and how to investigate on a shoe-string budget. Learn how to capture EVPs right on your cell phone. A haunting scenario is presented and how you might handle the investigation and work with witnesses. A famous haunted place is discussed in the live class recording along with a movie to watch on details of the haunting.

Lesson 2

In this lesson we cover more about Ghosts, Hauntings, and EVP’s  (Electronic Ghost Phenomena) in greater depth. You will discover that anyone can capture EVPs (ghost voices) with patience. The three categories of EVPs are explained A haunting scenario is presented and how you might handle the investigation and work with witnesses. A famous haunted place is discussed in the live class recording along with a movie to watch on details of the haunting.

Lesson 3

In this week’s lesson we cover how to properly interview witnesses, the psychology of witnesses, how to detect hoaxers, how to assemble a team, hints for Team Leaders, working with a group (or team), when not to accept an investigation, and starter equipment for investigating. A haunting scenario is presented and how you might handle the investigation and work with witnesses. A famous haunted place is discussed in the live class recording along with a movie to watch on details of the haunting.

Lesson 4

In this week’s lesson, you will learn how to handle skeptics, more about Poltergeists, Demons, what to do when you encounter a demon-like entity, and the possible kinds of equipment you can use to detect them. A haunting scenario is presented and how you might handle the investigation and work with witnesses. A famous haunted place is discussed in the live class recording along with a movie to watch on details of the haunting.

Lesson 5

In this week’s lesson, you will learn about Ghost Lights, how to discern true orbs from dust and camera glitches, and how to capture Ghosts on digital cameras or cell phones, and using video equipment. A haunting scenario is presented and how you might handle the investigation and work with witnesses. A famous haunted place is discussed in the live class recording along with a movie to watch on details of the haunting.

Lesson 6

In this final lesson, we cover dealing with possible ghost attacks, ghost attachments, what to do if a ghost follows you home, actual Ghost Investigations are discussed by students, and wrapping up the course!


We Teach You How to Analyze Evidence


P-SB7 Spirit Box

This course includes numerous movies on how to use the P-SB7 with a digital recorder and how to load the files into a free audio editing program to separate true EVPs from radio noise. I  have many spirit boxes, but I still go back to my trusty P-SB7. Learn to use your cell phone as well and load your mini files into the same program.

There are many kinds of Spirit (or Ghost Boxes) available today. Some are even Apps that work on computers, tablets, or cell phones.

Listen to one of my EVPs captured on a P-SB7 Spirit Box!

When I asked the Spirit its name, he said, “I’m Bill” and even more conversation

3-Part Movie Series on “How to Use Equipment”

I wish I had this course when I first started out. It would have saved me so much time in trial and error--especially how to capture strong EVPs. When I go out on an investigation now, I really feel comfortable and know what I'm doing. Thanks to Carol, I'm ready for just about anything. This course gave me valuable tips on what to expect and I've already gotten some really amazing evidence! Thanks Guys!!
~A. McDaniel, Alabama

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Carol’s Ghost Hunting Adventures

I  have a doctorate degree in the Parapsychology Sciences. I’ve been researching and investigating paranormal locales long before popular ghost hunting shows came onto the scene.

I have had the pleasure of being on investigations in places such as the U.S.S. Hornet, the Winchester Mystery House, the St. James Hotel, Honey Springs and other Civil War Battlefields, cemeteries, public schools, as well as private homes–sometimes along side television ghost investigator and author, Loyd Auerbach.

Carol investigating the “Old Pioneer Cemetery”, Casa Grand, AZ


St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM. My room was across from the infamous haunted Room 18!


Orbs. Could be dust. Old Jerome Cemetery, AZ


Now closed. Vulture Gold Mine in Wickenburg, AZ. The Assay Bldg. is claimed to be quite haunted.


Verde Valley Cemetery Orb, AZ


Hannigan Meadows, AZ. Said to be haunted by my grandmother as my family once owned it until the late 1970s.


How to Receive Your Certification

When you complete the course, email us and request the Certification Quiz. Quiz questions come right from the course. Then send the complete quiz back to us via email. Upon approval, we will invoice you for the $10 US or $15 International Fee to have your certificate mailed to you. If you elect not to have the certificate mailed, that’s fine. You will still be listed on our Graduate’s Directory and receive your Certified Seal image.

Terms & Conditions

Once you have purchased the course there are no refunds. If you only have a cell phone, we will do everything possible to get all your your course files to you in digital format! eChecks not acceptede-Checks through PayPal are not accepted. The minimum age for taking this program is 18.

Your Part in the Training Process

Success for learning how to do ghost hunting and and setting up investigations depends upon the amount of focus put into the course. We cannot guarantee outcome results from taking this course. Any perceived Spirit Attachment, Demonic, or encounters with negative spirits as a result of ghost hunting are not the responsibility of Carol Nicholson and Imagine Spirit. Any injuries sustained to, on location, and from a Ghost Hunt, are not the responsibility of Carol Nicholson and Imagine Spirit. Students and Graduates must take their own precautions and make sure any ghost hunting team members are watched after carefully and protected as well. Imagine Spirit is dedicated to providing the best in training and follow-up possible. However, ultimately, it is the student who is responsible for working towards expected results, obtaining clients, and any revenue expected from endeavors. We are not responsible for any legal action initiated against you if you teach or use our techniques with others. We are not responsible for any outcomes as a result of taking this course. We are not responsible for any student’s business or consultations provided to their clients. Any legal action taken against a student for any of our products or services is strictly the responsibility of the student or graduate of one of our programs or classes and not Imagine Spirit or Carol Nicholson. All teaching is done in the light of Spirit. If you have doubts as to whether any class or program might cause you any kind of emotional or physical pain or emotional discomfort, we ask you do not purchase this home study course.