Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.


How to Become a Ghost Hunter

5 Star Certification Program

Make it a Hobby or Move to Full-on Professional Paranormal Investigating

A Solid 6-Week System for Ghost Hunters to Learn about Ghosts, Hauntings, Investigative Techniques, How to Capture and Analyze All Kinds of Evidence, and What to Do in Difficult Situations

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Hunting Ghosts is gaining in popularity every day. Ten years ago, this was not the case. Of recent, the numerous ghost hunting and ghost/medium television shows have undoubtedly fueled the public’s fascination with hunting ghosts. As a result, ghost hunting groups have exploded across the U.S. On a global scale, investigating the paranormal reflects a shared interest in the subject of supernatural phenomena. Even my web designer in India is really into the subject of ghosts and hauntings!

Investigate Ghosts & Hauntings Like a PRO

For The Hobbyists or those Wanting to Go Professional

Our  comprehensive training program offers so much more than the average ghost hunting course. In it, you will have access to YouTube movies made specifically for this course and listen to the live class recordings with students asking questions and sharing  their experiences.

What Will This Course Get Me?

Good question! Upon completing the course you will receive your certification and be listed on our website as a group  or individual. You will also receive a special certification seal for your website or other materials so people know that you are authentic and professional.

I wish I had this course when I first started out. It would have saved me so much time in trial and error--especially how to capture strong EVPs. When I go out on an investigation now, I really feel comfortable and know what I'm doing. Thanks to Carol, I'm ready for just about anything. This course gave me valuable tips on what to expect and I've already gotten some really amazing evidence! Thanks Guys!!
~A. McDaniel, Alabama

It’s Just Not Possible to Learn Everything from Watching Ghost Hunting Shows

Many ghost hunting shows are great but are created for entertainment and do not cover the many underlying nuts and bolts of real ghost hunting. In this course, we will present you with almost every scenario you will most likely run across and how to handle events as they happen. Learn step-by-step how to conduct interviews, experience real ghost hunting sessions, learn how to use many kinds of equipment, and, examine, analyze, and archive evidence.


This Program is Created for Novices AND Seasoned Investigators Alike

Whether you are already doing ghost investigations or are a novice and want to learn how to begin, this is a program you will want to take! Seasoned ghost hunters will definitely want to take advantage of our Certification and be listed on our Graduate Directory for more credibility. Start ghost hunting for very little in cost. Learn how to safely do solitary ghost hunts, or how to assemble  a team and, the best sources for equipment.

This ghost hunting class really helped me understand the in's and out's of ghost hunting and gave me some great tools to start my own ghost hunting group. I really enjoyed watching various videos on alleged ghost hauntings, orbs and even how to properly use equipment on an investigation. I truly recommend this class because it sheds so much light on aspects of ghost hunting I was not aware of. Thank you Carol for putting together this great course!
~Juan Tamez, Eagle Pass, Texas

    • Listen to the Live Class Recordings for the course
    • Complete Course Handbook with Six Jammed Packed Lessons
    • Complete Glossary of Paranormal Terms
    • 3-Part Movie Series on “How to Use Equipment”
    • Other excellent “how to” movies to watch
    • How to start out on a shoestring budget
    • Easy self quizzes for learning retention
    • How to download and use an excellent FREE audio editing program
    • Step-by-step movie series on  how to use the P-SB7 Spirit Box
    • Are Spirit Box Apps for the computer worth it?
    • Movies on How to Use Ghost Hunting Equipment
    • A prime haunted location is discussed in detail weekly
    • Get listed on our Directory of Graduates


What Each Lesson Contains

Lesson 1

Your Introduction to  Ghost Hunting and Learning the Classifications of Hauntings

Lesson 2

We’ll Cover More about Ghosts, Hauntings, and EVP (Electronic Ghost Phenomena)

Lesson 3

We’ll Cover Interviewing Witnesses and Starter Equipment

Lesson 4

We’ll Cover More about Poltergeists, Demons, the Skeptics, and the Possible Kinds of Equipment You Can Use

Lesson 5

Learn about Ghost Lights, Discerning True Orbs,
Photographing & Filming Ghosts

Lesson 6

Dealing with Possible Ghost Attacks and Hearing about Actual Student Ghost Investigations and Wrapping Up the Course

Receive a Printed Certificate
Receive a Special Seal of Certification
for your Website or Social Media

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What’s Required for the Course:

An avid and serious interest in doing Ghost Hunting. Be prepared to learn so much more than trying ghost hunting on your own. This program is highly interactive and offers insights and tools that  similar training programs on the Internet today do not cover. Our handbook is 190 pages of easy learning and examples from Carol Nicholson who has over 30 years experience as a paranormal investigator. In fact, Carol has investigated with some of the top paranormal investigators in the field including Parapsychologist,Loyd Auerbach.


There is no need to purchase any equipment for this class unless there is a desire to do so. Much of your equipment can be found around your own house and by using your own cell phone!



You will need either a computer, a cell phone, or tablet to download files to or to record sound. Any kind of headphones or earbuds.

Getting Help:

Carol is available for questions as you go through the course. You can join our forum and post evidence once certified.

Mission Statement:


Carol Nicholson and Imagine Spirit asset that ghost investigators must demonstrate a high level of integrity when conducting ghost investigations and that they pledge to following a strict Ghost Hunter’s Code of Ethics. We also believe that someday science will validate the existence of Ghosts and that those doing conscientious investigations may eventually assist in this validation.




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I loved the Ghost Hunting course. Carol gives thoroughly detailed information -- the ins and out of which I would of never thought of. This is a course that gives you all the training whether you are doing it for fun or professionally!!! Thanks again Carol!
~ Vivian Aubin, Canada



(Pictured right: The P-SB7 Spirit Box)


EVP Caught at Home, 2013

A man answers: “I’m Bill” — a hoarse whisper–then when I ask him if he has crossed over…he says, “At this point”.


Hotel Vendome, Prescott, Arizona, 2016

I’m creeping through the 2nd floor hallway asking if any spirits are present…

A woman answers, “I’m a Spirit”. And then a man says, “Hello?”

Paranormal-Investigating-Old Pioneer Cemetary-Casa-Grande-AZ

About Carol Nicholson and Ghost Hunting Credentials

Carol Nicholson, Certified Psychic Medium and PhD., has a graduate degree in Parapsychology Sciences. She has been researching and investigating paranormal locales long before popular ghost hunting shows came onto the scene. She has been on investigations in places such as the U.S.S. Hornet, the Winchester Mystery House, the St. James Hotel, Honey Springs and other Civil War Battlefields, cemeteries. public schools, as well as private homes–sometimes along side television ghost investigator and author, Loyd Auerbach.


Pictured above: Ghost Hunting class Carol held in 2009. Those pictured are just a few of the attendees in this class of twenty people.


Once you have purchased this course, there are no refunds.

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The minimum age for taking this program is 18.



Imagine Spirit and Carol Nicholson are not responsible for any equipment purchased or equipment malfunctions as a result of this program, investigation mishaps, travel mishaps, or legal issues stemming from an investigation. We do not guarantee success in gathering spirit (ghost) evidence or experiencing spirit activity in any form or success for evidence gathered. We are also not responsible for any spirit activity or attachments  experienced away from an investigation that might originate from any location whatsoever.

*A PDF file is simply a document that will open on any kind of computer or device.



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What You Need to Know about Certification

When you complete the course, email us and request the Certification Quiz. Quiz questions come right from the course.


Upon approval, we will invoice you for the $10 US or $15 International Fee to have your certificate mailed to you. If you elect not to have the certificate mailed, that’s fine. You will still be listed on our Graduate’s Directory and receive your Certified Seal image.

After Purchase there Are No Refunds


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