How to Ask Your Angels and Guides for Help

///How to Ask Angels and Spirit Guides for Help

Angels and Spirit Guides Are Always Ready to Help

Asking for help from your Angels or Spirit Guides is not that difficult. All you need to do is just ask. Whether you mentally ask through prayer or by writing a letter to your angels and guides, they are already are aware of what you are wishing for and are already working on it. Just by asking them through any method, you are solidifying what it is you are needing or wishing for.

A frequent problem angels and guides encounter is that when help is petitioned, the communication may be confusing and not clearly defined. For example, a person asks for help in passing an exam, but they fail to mention which exam. Is the exam but one of many concurrent class exams being taken? Is it for passing a driver’s test? Is it an exam to pass the bar, or to obtain a medical license? See what I mean? The clearer you are in your declaration, the more your angels and guides are able to aid and assist. They won’t give you the exact answers, but they will help with nervousness and remembering the subject matter while searching your brain for answers.

Easy Steps You Can Take to Call on Your Angels

Whether you wish to call upon your angels or spirit guides for help, there are a couple of easy steps you can take to forge a clearer link.

• Focus on what you are asking for and be specific
• Nothing is too big or too small for your angels and guides to assist
• Expressing gratitude for the assistance when asking is a good habit to get into
• Open your mind, body, and spirit for the help to come
• Be ready for strange happenings. We may not immediately recognize the help coming from the spiritual realms as it just might be the opposite of what you are thinking should transpire.

During Times of Emergency

When a call for help is frantically sent out in times of emergency, will this call be heard? Of course, it will be heard. As I’ve mentioned, angels and guides are always close by to assist. But for times when you are thinking about a situation that you would like some real help in, a refined linkage and stating your intention is more helpful for making your wishes known.

Do You Think You Are Not Good Enough to Deserve Their Help?

I went through a stage of thinking that if only I were a better person; my angels and guides would then listen to me. Ultimately, I realized that “being a better person” has nothing to do with asking my angels and guides for help or, to ask for wishes to come true. Whatever you are hoping for, just keep a positive thought about it in your conscious awareness. Your angels and guides will do everything they can to assist and help you manifest them. However, they cannot wave a magic wand to make things happen. Sometimes we have to do some work ourselves by taking appropriate action no matter how difficult it is for us at the time.

I Want  My New Boyfriend to Fall Madly In Love with Me!

If you are asking your guides to force your latest date to fall madly in love with you, this is beyond the scope of what they will do. If you truly love this person, having this vibration of love within and around you may cause this person to look at you differently. They may even start returning the feelings. Like attracts like, so love might create a mutual attraction that our guides have nothing to do with. However, it must be understood that no matter how deeply we love a particular person, it may not be in that individual’s heart and mind to return your love. This is where we can pray to our angels and guides to help us let go so we can move on to other love interests.

Can You Ask for Help for Another Person?

Yes, you can, but this is where it becomes dicey. As parents, we want the best for our children. And the same goes for our friends. We don’t really know what the life blueprint is for the persons we are praying for — even if it’s our kids. Sending prayers, for others will always be heard. However, we have no control over the outcome. There is a spiritual plan for each and every one of us and challenging things do happen regardless of our best intentions and prayers. This does not mean that sending prayers should be abandoned. Sending prayers and asking for help is always welcome and taken into consideration.

Why Things Don’t Always Turn Out the Way We Want Them To

This has happened to me a number of times. I remember one situation when what I was praying for turned out so badly, I fired my angels and guides. That’s right. I fired them. I didn’t speak to them for three years!

When I was let go from my dream job in the mid-1990’s, because our company had been sold, I went into a deep depression. I just couldn’t get motivated to look for another job. As time when on and I was running out of money, I surrendered and turned to my angels and guides for help. Through a series of weird happenings, I ended up at a job agency I would have never considered. I have almost no memory of finding the place. Long story short, they found me a temp job that I loved more than the previous one. I was eventually hired full time as a manager! Way to go Guides and Angels!

There are certainly bleak and times of panic in our lives that we have to live through. We don’t always get what we want, and this might be for a very good reason. Having a spiritual understanding of this goes a long way for furthering the soul’s growth and having a greater peace of mind.

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