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About Our Training

For the Last 17 Years, I’ve Held Countless Classes by Phone

Now I can pass these valuable teachings and recordings on to you!

I started with Mediumship training, Clairvoyance training, Psychic studies. Since then we’ve added the Spirit Guides Mastery Course, the Detecting and Releasing Spirit Attachments, and training in the Akashic Records. Our newest course, and it’s a great one too if I do say so myself, is the Advanced Angels and Becoming an Angel Practitioner course. Soon to come is our new Channeling Course. All these courses come with Live Class Recordings you can listen to as you move through the course. It makes learning and absorption a lot more fun and feels interactive. Listening to others experience the course, helps you grow right along with them.

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Carol Nicholson teaching a class by phone.

Fantastic Benefits You Will Experience


1. Easy Comprehensive Learning

In these courses, we offer the essential teachings required and the knowledge needed for practical application so you can learn in an easy and structured way. This know-how comes from over thirty years of experience that Carol Nicholson has gained in the field. Our home study courses provide teachings, insights, and experiential exercises for the novice as well as an advanced practitioner. Again, the lessons are presented in a step-by step structured manner. Additionally, there are MP3s of a real live class to listen to and follow along with. Even if you are an advanced practitioner, there is a wealth of new information to learn from.

Another reason for the home study option is that some wish to take their time learning and not have to go through a weekly structured program — either in person or by phone. Life is busy and often quite hectic! These courses provide students with a way to learn in a relaxed and self-paced manner where they can absorb lessons when and where they want. Another great benefit is that there is no time limit for completing the course. Courses now have the option to download electronic files as a complimentary bonus to load onto just about any electronic device. You can take your studies anywhere!!

2. Reliable Teachings from a Master Spiritual Teacher Who Wants You to Succeed

In the courses offered as home study, Carol is very honest in terms of the pitfalls, possible mistakes due to lack of experience, and what you can expect while working the intuitive arts field. For those who are taking a course primarily for spiritual growth and enlightenment, you will not be disappointed!

3. The Next Step When You Complete a Home Study Course

If a student wishes to become a professional or to achieve recognition for the hard work they put into the course, we can begin the certification process. Becoming certified is easy and painless–we promise! Additionally, with each course, you will receive a valuable marketing guide to help you begin your own business for having a successful psychic and/or Mediumship. Most aspects of starting a business are covered plus advice on possible setbacks you might encounter. And if you get stuck, Carol is always available to answer questions and provide guidance within 24 hours.