Eastland Disaster Ghosts

The horrific Eastland ship disaster 1915 is one of the sadest in America's history. Learnabout how this tragic event caused the lives of hundreds of people and ultimately caused repeated sightings of ghosts and other kinds of paranormal activity that still go on today. Read how Opah Winfrey's TV studio was also haunted by the ghosts of the Eastland. Click title to read more.

25 Signs Your House May be Haunted

It’s no fun when you come to the conclusion that spirits are hanging out in your space and frightening family or staff members. If you suspect your home, office, or nearby may be haunted, here are some indicators. You'll learn that at first, weird events may be so subtle, you think that you're imagining them. Over time, when strange happenings persist, you can no longer deny something highly unusual is going on.

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Ghostly Roman Legion Seen in Yorkshire

It was a cold February day when alone and busy at his work, Harry heard what he termed a musical note. As the sound became louder, he was startled at the apparition of a soldier replete with helmet and plume stepping right through the wall beside him. After the soldier disappeared into the opposite wall

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