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How to Give Top Notch Psychic Readings

Whether you are a psychic counselor, a Medium, or an Akashic Records reader, having solid experience to handle a variety of situations and a practiced plan for doing readings are the critical elements for clients coming back to you time and again. Here are a few some simple rules to ensure a successful reading experience for your client.

1. Really Know Your Craft

By putting in the work and obtaining substantial practical expertise, you will have the know-how for giving an excellent reading or similar type session. If for example, you are giving a paid Tarot or Oracle Card reading, the reading should be smooth, full of insights, and you should be able to explain why you communicated specific pieces of information. The cards are in front of you both, so it’s entirely alright to point to that card or a combination of cards to explain your answers. If you are not using cards and are doing a subjective type reading, such as Mediumship or Accessing the Akashic Records, etc., be confident, clear, and stick to your guns about the information you’ve received.

2. Tell Your Client What to Expect

If a client is new to you and doesn’t know how you work, it’s up to you to give them a brief rundown on what to expect. For example, if you are doing an Akashic Records reading, let them know there is nothing to fear and that you will be taking a few moments to get into the correct altered state to access their records. Ask them to relax and open up to you.

3. Ask Clients What They Specifically Want To Know

Ask clients what they wish to find out from the reading. This may seem like a given, however, sometimes a client is fuzzy on what the main points are until you ask them. Finding out this vital information sets the tone for how you will proceed. If a client has too many questions to fit into one session, let them know that you will attempt to answer all their questions but that you will be starting with the most pressing issues. Ask them what these are. It’s perfectly okay for you to write these down and have the paper beside you.


4. Have a Solid Method for Giving Readings

Make sure you have a method of how you read solidly in place so you will not appear amateurish. Any kind of psychic reading should be delivered in a smooth flow. Have a method in place for the type of readings you provide. As an example, if you are giving a Tarot or Oracle Card reading and you are too hesitant, agonize at length over one card, keep asking what the question was, or repeatedly change your mind about what a card means, this signals a lack of professionalism and expertise and a client will find another reader.

5. Clients that Push Readers to Provide Desired Outcomes

Experienced psychic readers know this scenario all too well. A client will contact you and if you are seated in person will look at you with imploring eyes as if to say, “I want the answer to this question to be a YES!!” A client may be desperate or have expectations of hearing a particular answer. If you don’t see this, you will need to gently remind them that answers are always be what they want to hear. This is one of the greatest challenges for a reader. If this happens to you, provide positive alternatives and the brighter side of the picture. Also, look down the road and point out new opportunities coming their way.

6. What to Do If You Get Stuck

If the flow of information seems to trickle down or you aren’t getting any clarification at all, and this happens to all of us, you don’t need to tell the client that you’ve hit a wall. This is when you might start to sweat. Well don’t. Just stay calm. To give you the needed time to refocus or to silently ask your spiritual guidance for assistance. Let the client know that you are going deeper within while you are mentally making a reconnection. This usually satisfies the client. If you don’t panic and just relax, the flow will most assuredly begin again. Also, have a fallback plan for times like these and go back to where you were getting the most significant threads of information.

7. Make Sure Your Client Is Registering What You Are Saying

On occasions where clients are either fearful of what they might hear in the reading or are so anxious for answers, they could trance out. You may be chatting away and then notice a blank look or that the client seems distracted. It’s up to you to bring your client back to the moment. Ask them if they have fully understood what you’ve been saying so far. If not, you may need to repeat a few things—more than once. If you are giving a distance reading, occasional check-ins for a client’s understanding of what’s been offered so far is an excellent practice.

8. Beware of Mirroring Your Client’s Emotions

If you are a seasoned reader, then you know that sessions can get emotional. Tears may begin to flow, and sometimes on rarer occasions, an individual may suddenly begin sobbing, especially in a Mediumship session. Please don’t start tearing up or start crying right along with your client. I call this, “mirroring emotions.” This is definitely unprofessional despite what you may have seen on television shows. Just be understanding, kind, and softly speak words of compassion. You can even take hold of their hands but to rush over and hug someone is not a good idea. This only intensifies their emotional state. Give a client sufficient time to compose and ask if they are ready to continue when the time seems right. After the session, when the client is ready to leave, hugs are definitely okay.

9. Keep Clients from Milking Questions After the Reading Time Is Over

Keep an eye on the time. Towards the end of a session, always taper off the reading with, “Our time is about up now. Do you have one last quick question?” It’s common for clients to keep asking questions even as you are walking them to the door. Keep firm about the fact that the session has ended and remind them to reschedule another appointment if they haven’t already done so.

If you don’t mind continuing on and have the time, you can ask them if they want 10, 15, 30, or even 45 minutes more added to their session. Make sure they can pay for this. Remember that you are in a business. On rare occasions, you might allow your client more time for free if you feel the inclination to do so. However, if this becomes a habit with certain clients begging for free reading time, you may find yourself being unappreciated for your kindness and taken advantage of.

 10. Having Honesty and Integrity In Readings Is Paramount

Honesty and having integrity during a reading is vital and can be done with sensitivity if the situation calls for it. Be truthful about what you intuitively get. Too often amateur or fraudulent psychic readers or mediums feel the need to either mask the true nature of what they are receiving, purposely give out false information, or pad the reading with additional fluff that’s just not there. They do this to impress clients or to make sure their client happy with the reading. However, this it usually ends up backfiring. The truth will always come to light eventually, so the best practice is to always be direct, up front, and read with integrity. Otherwise you may be dealing with an angry client later on or begin to lose clients as word spreads.

11. Always End a Session with Something Positive

Always end your reading session on a positive note. If a client hasn’t received the answers they were hoping to get, the reading can become a dismal affair. Always provide positive alternatives to give clients hope and make sure the session is ended on a higher note. This is not hard to do because as a seasoned professional, you will have already received this information at some point during the reading. Keep assuring the client that all will work out okay in the long run and to have faith. Perhaps not in the way they envisioned, but adverse situations are always resolved by the universe in time. However, remember this piece of sage advice. You won’t please every client all the time. It’s just not possible. You do the best that you can and then move on.

12. Too Many Readings Over Time Leads to Burn-Out

Doing professional intuitive readings can be exhaustive and most don’t realize this. Make it a practice to schedule only what you are capable of or space out the time you’ve allotted for giving readings during in a day’s time. Reading on a psychic line or in a metaphysical store may prevent you from spreading out readings. Believe me when I say that I know what this is like. In these settings, make sure that you remember to quickly protect yourself from the energy of your clients and clear your aura thoroughly after each reading. If you read with cards, also make sure that your cards are cleared in-between readings as well. This will keep you sharp, your energy high, and prevents you from picking up left-over informational artifacts from a previous reading. (I know some readers that always do a quick chakra clearing after each reading.)

Summing it up:

  • Have substantial practical experience in your chosen intuitive field.
  • Be professional when doing a reading and stick to a reading method.
  • Always tell clients how you work and what to expect during a reading.
  • Ask clients what they mainly want to know.
  • Practice what you will do or say if you get stuck during a reading.
  • Don’t allow clients to coerce you into giving a desired answer.
  • Watch for distraction or spaciness during a reading.
  • Show kindness and compassion, but don’t get emotionally caught up.
  • Have a plan for making a future appointment or if you’ve run out of time.
  • Make sure the client is satisfied before they leave but don’t keep answering questions as you walk them out.
  • Always be a positive and caring force for the client and end a session on an upbeat note.
  • Take care of your energy and ensure that you don’t become to tired or drained.

Finally, have faith in yourself and your abilities. If you follow the suggestions above, chances are that you will have a full and thriving intuitive practice!

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