EVP Ghost Voice Captures

EVP ghost voice captures are some of the most difficult recordings of spirit voices to get. Read the three main classifications by Sarah Estep for clarity and understanding words or phrases. Listen to excellent examples.

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EVPs and Spirit Boxes

I was a skeptic when I first saw a spirit box demonstrated on a TV show. I bought one out of curiosity and immediately became a fan for life. ~Carol Nicholson, ImagineSpirit.com

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Are Ghosts Real?

Not all ghosts are shadowy undulating figures that just float around. Some will make their presence known by moving objects, making noises, or giving offensive smells when near. Often a cold breeze or sharp drop in room temperature accompanies a ghostly visitation.

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Ghost Attack

Individuals that have experienced a ghost attack know this can be a traumatic and often life-altering experience. Ghost attacks do occur and occasionally happen to those who never believed it ghosts until they encountered one.

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