EVP Ghost Voice Captures

EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, voices of ghosts are the most difficult recordings of spirit voices to capture. Learn the three main EVP classifications for clarity in understanding words or phrases. Listen to numerous actual amazing EVPs recorded. Click title to read more.

Spirit Box Ghost Responses

Responses from a Spirit Box are somewhat different from an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Listen to several excellent responses from a Spirit Box.

Spirit Box and EVP Differences Explained

I was a skeptic when I first saw a spirit box demonstrated on a TV show. I bought one out of curiosity and immediately became a fan for life. ~Carol Nicholson, ImagineSpirit.com

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Are Ghosts Real?

Everyone loves a good ghost story. but do they believe ghosts really exist? Find out what ghosts are believed to be, how they look, and where they lurk. Learn who believes in ghosts and those who don't. Importantly, read about high profile people that have reported seeing a ghost.

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