Paranormal is the  manifestation and appearnce of things above and beyond our human awareness, comprehension, and science. Ghosts, UFO’s, ‘Bigfoot,’ and time warps are all manifestations of paranormal activity.

EVP Ghost Voice Captures

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena, which captures voices of ghosts, are the most difficult recordings of spirit voices to capture. Learn the three primary EVP classifications for how recordings of spirit voices are graded. Also, listen to recorded EVP's.

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Spirit Box Ghost Responses

Responses from a Spirit Box are somewhat different from an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Listen to several excellent responses from a Spirit Box.

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Spirit Box and EVP Differences

I was a skeptic when I first saw a spirit box demonstrated on a TV show. I bought one out of curiosity and immediately became a fan for life. ~Carol Nicholson,

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