Earthbound Spirits

//Earthbound Spirits

Spirits of the deceased who do not make the transition to the afterlife, also called the realm of Spirits.

Eastland Disaster Ghosts

The horrific Eastland ship disaster 1915 is one of the sadest in America's history. Learn how this tragic event took the lives of hundreds of people and ultimately caused repeated sightings of ghosts and other kinds of paranormal activity. Read how Orpah Winfrey's TV studio was also haunted by the ghosts of the Eastland sinking. Click title to read more.

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Why Ghosts Stay Earthbound

Earthbound spirits, commonly known as ghosts, are disembodied souls that remain attached to the earthly realm. When the body expires, the spirit of a person usually moves into the astral realm (via their astral body) to begin a new existence. In some instances, some spirits remain on earth for any number of reasons. Find out the surprising reasons why spirits stay earthbound!

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When Spirits Don’t Know They’re Dead

Occasionally, when people suddenly die, some are completely unaware that they're actually dead. Time in spirit is different from ours and these spirits go about living just as they did in life--completely unaware that they're dead. This is certainly difficult for the living to comprehend. Read more on this.

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