Plumber Witnesses Phantom Roman Soldiers

Ghostly Roman Legions haunt the UK reveals the many sightings of these ancient warriors. A Roman Ghost Legion seen in Yorkshire Town Hall basement by an ordinary plumber that changes his life forever. Not surprising, it was the most unexpected and frightening experience of his life.

Sometimes a window in time opens where an actual event from the past seems to replay. The “Stone Tape Theory” is what paranormal investigators call to this type of paranormal event. Essentially, it’s a replay of an event which occurred in the past.

A Roman Ghost Legion Marches through a Basement

Plumber, Harry Martendale, was repairing some water pipes in the cellar of the old Treasurer’s house in the town of York.

It was a cold February day when Harry, standing on a ladder and engrossed in his work, hears a strange musical sound. The noise became louder and Harry is startled when suddenly an apparition of a soldier carrying a smallish trumpet steps through the wall by the ladder.

Not surprisingly, Harry fell off the ladder and backed against the wall in terror. Not believing his eyes,  a horse with a rider astride immediately followed. Then about twenty more soldiers appeared in columns of twos.

Harry recalls that the soldiers had a dark complexion. They were dressed in green tunics and plumed helmets and carried short swords and spears. In addition, they also carried strange looking roundish shields. Moreover, the soldiers seemed tired, despondent, and kept their eyes on the ground as they marched.

As the last of the soldiers disappeared through the opposite wall, Harry grabbed his tools and ran for the stairs. Shaken to his core, he tells the first person he sees of his terrifying experience.

At First, Scholars Disbelieve Harry’s Account

Some at first dismissed Harry’s account as being a hallucination. However, Harry sticks to his story and later relates what he saw to scholars.

Some initially poo-pooed the story as there were particulars of the soldier’s dress that didn’t fit with accepted knowledge of Roman soldier’s uniform from that period. For instance, Harry said that the soldiers carried round shields rather than the more traditional square Roman shields. Also, he described laced their sandals up to their knees and not their ankles.

However, it’s only recently that nearby excavations discovered that auxiliary troops carried round shields and laced their sandals just as Harry described. At the time of Harry’s encounter, it was not even known that auxiliary Roman soldiers were ever stationed in York.

The Soldiers Appear to March Knee Deep

Another critical observation by Harry is that the soldiers and horses appeared sunken in the floor. This detail added even more credence to his account. The basement level at the time was higher than the existing ground the marchers traveled on centuries earlier.

It seems that the description of attire and the small stature of the men Harry saw, ultimately corroborated his story. Indeed, the average individual, could not know the intricate details of the Roman uniform dress. It seems that Harry glimpsed a small band of the 9th legion stationed at a nearby Roman fort in the 4th Century A.D.

Harry Martendale in basement where Roman army marched across the room.

Harry Witnessed a Residual Haunting

How could this ordinary man have witnessed a scene from the ages past? It’s apparent that Harry was privy to a residual haunting. This ordinary Roman march somehow recorded  on space and time and Harry happened to see it. As Harry put it, “he was just trying to fix the plumbing.”

Roman Ghost Photographed

The M6 Highway has recorded more alleged sightings and spine-tingling feelings than any other route in the country. Roman soldiers, a distraught woman hitchhiker and a phantom lorry going the wrong way have all appeared on the six busy lanes – or out of their users’ imaginations.

Amateur photographer Stuart Murray was out with friends at night trying to get pictures of the Northern Lights. Situated close to the ancient and crumbling Hadrian’s Wall, a spooky apparition appeared. Murray snapped a picture of it.


Murray’s Photo Eerily Resembles a Roman Centurion

Murray, a 26-year-old security engineer, said, “On a good night that area near the wall (Hadrian’s Wall) is very good getting shots of the lights. “At first we thought it was a sheep and then realized it was something else entirely. I have heard stories about a Roman soldier who has been spotted patrolling the wall, maybe the stories are true – who knows.”

What Hadrian’s Wall Is

Hadrian’s Wall is a defensive fortification in the Roman province of Britannia, begun in 122 AD in the reign of emperor Hadrian.


Science is now learning that some mysterious phenomena cannot be explained away and the number of substantial reports and reliable witnesses, are far too common to just be dismissed as overactive imaginations. Recognizing that sixth sense abilities are a very natural part of us can alter our everyday reality. This current paradigm has produced a new view of life much like the film “What the Bleep…” and may provide a greater understanding of paranormal experiences in the future. What many skeptics thought of as fantasy and flights of imagination, has demonstrated itself to be very a real and active part of our human design.

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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