Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.

Ghostly Roman Legion Is Seen In an Old Cellar

Sometimes a window will open in time in which a certain event from the past will replay itself. Sometimes a window will open in time in which a certain event from the past will replay itself. This type of phenomena has been called residual energy, an event “imprinted” on time, or the “Stone Tape Theory”. One of the most amazing and documented cases of this rare phenomena occurred in the UK some years ago. A plumber, Harry Martendale, had been hired to repair some water pipes in the cellar of the old Treasurer’s house in the town of York. It was a cold February day when alone and busy at his work, Harry heard what he termed a musical note. As the sound became louder, he was startled at the apparition of a soldier replete with helmet and plume stepping right through the wall beside him. After soldier appeared and disappeared into the wall on other side of the room, a horse followed with a rider astride.


More soldiers immediately followed in columns of twos. The man shaken to his core, later related in vivid detail his experience to scholars. The description of attire and the small stature of the men he “saw” ultimately corroborated his story. The average person, even by reading books, could not have known the intricate details of the uniform dress of that specific time period. Hapless Harry had evidently glimpsed a part of the 9th legion which was stationed at the then existing Roman fort two thousand years ago!

How could this ordinary man have witnessed a scene from two millennia ago? Every day there are strange and unexplainable events which happen to ordinary people and where the seemingly impossible does occur. Events, our common sense tells us that can’t possible happen, but do happen. Often times these events are burned into people’s memories… never to be forgotten. Science is now learning that some mysterious phenomena cannot be explained away and the number of substantial reports and reliable witnesses are far to common to simply be brushed aside.

Recognizing that sixth sense abilities are a very natural part of us can alter our every day reality. This fresh paradigm has produced a new view of life much like the film “What the Bleep…” and may provide a greater understanding of paranormal experiences in the future. What many skeptics thought of as fantasy and flights of imagination, has demonstrated itself to be very a real and active part of our human makeup. And, although you may never see a roman legion marching through a wall, allowing your psychic sixth sense to open is a guarantee that an amazing and fascinating new world awaits you.