Carol’s Ghost Hunting Evidence

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Queen Mary I Moored in Long Beach

I don’t have the evidence up yet but when there, I did the Private Ghost Investigating Event. I have to say that I was hoping to get an apparition but didn’t. However, I did get some awesome EVPs and clear Spirit Box replies.



St. James Hotel Mist and Orb Images


Image 1. I called out for Mary Lambert, wife of the original owner, to appear. She’s been witnessed many times at the top of the stairs.
When I took these rapid successive shots, the temperature was moderate. No breath or any other reason for a mist to appear in the images (see next).


Image 2. Here a mist is forming at the
upper right of the image.

stairs3Image 3. You can see a definite mist with an orb upper right.

Spirit Box Movie of Infamous Room 18 at the St. James