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St. James Hotel Mist and Orb Images


Image 1. I called out for Mary Lambert, wife of the original owner, to appear. She’s been witnessed many times at the top of the stairs.
When I took these rapid successive shots, the temperature was moderate. No breath or any other reason for a mist to appear in the images (see next).


Image 2. Here a mist is forming at the
upper right of the image.

stairs3Image 3. You can see a definite mist with an orb upper right.

Spirit Box Movie of Infamous Room 18 at the St. James

Hotel Vendome Ghost Hunt, Prescott, AZ

No apparitions captured but got great a Class A. EVP.

I’m creeping through the 2nd floor hallway asking if any spirits are present… A woman answers, “I’m a Spirit”. And then a man says, “Hello?”

Ajo Hospital Images

Example of False Evidence: See Spanish Dancer
Ghost image caught at Ajo Hospital, in Arizona
I love this one. To me, not a real spirit but was taken in the same room, the wall shows different textures when the blue light is illuminating it. To me she looks like a Spanish Dancer but it’s an illusion of light.

How to Take Water ITC Photo Explained in the Ghost Hunting Course

Taken in the dark with a blue light flashlight (see below) and flash on my camera.
A. Left side image: FACE W/ HORNS
Although it looks Demonic, I believe it’s just a water Undine Elemental. However, it is kinda scary.
B. Right side image-upper left: Looks like the shadow of a face profile. I know it’s not my reflection.


↓ Below is my Little Ghost Boy in the circle

Little Boy Spirit

My Paradise Valley Cemetery Nighttime Ghost Hunt

Orb Image Captured

A  strange orb cluster and I almost missed this orb seeming to have two eyes. It could be a reflection from my camera but that seems unlikely.

These are a few additional Spirit Box responses not in the Paradise Valley Cemetery 2 movie above.

The only EVP captured that I’ve posted here (not a spirit box response) is notated in red.

Friend I brought along says, “Do I speak in here?” Response: “YEP”


Does anyone need help? Response: “Help us something…????????”


Can anyone say hello? Response: “Howdy”

Some of My Other Spirit Box Recordings


EVP – Weird woman’s voice. Response: “Make Me?????”


I asked again, Does anybody here need help: Response: “Be more specific.”

My Spirit Guides tell me to finish my book. Guess I’d better get crackin’!



“Finish book…”

Can you tell me your name? Response: “Brian”


My most treasured MP3 ever!  I was just sending greetings.  Response: “Carol. Family”


Asking how many spirits are present. Response: “15”

YouTube Movies

The “Burning Girl” has since been totally debunked. Decide for yourself about the other images presented.


These are authentic spirit voices captured with a P-SB7 Spirit Box. The Fighting Unit mentioned by one of the spirits was backed up by a Civil War expert.

Another example of what a Spirit  Box can reveal.

What IR Cameras Are


IR (Infrared) Night Vision cameras take pictures in the dark just like the above image. These usually can be set to pink, green, or gray in color. IR might be thought of like looking through military night vision goggles. Some digital cameras are dual purpose, meaning they have the capability to take images in the daytime and can be switched to night time, or IR.
I don’t have an IR digital camera yet. Here’s what I did at Ajo Hospital. I held my blue light flashlight next to my digital camera  (see just above and to the right→) pointing into rooms snapping images. I didn’t know what I had until I got home and put them on my computer.

Some of My Equipment


This is my Canon Digital High Definition Daytime Camera but does not have IR night vision capability. Next to it is my blue light flashlight I picked up at the $ store. Not perfect but I got a great ghost image anyway. See below.

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