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Meet_Your-Master-Tacher-GuideMeeting Your Master Teacher Guide

We all come into this lifetime with one primary Spirit Guide. This is your Master Teacher Guide. Get to know this all important guide now!

How to Ground Easy & Connect with Source

Grounding is simply feeling connected with the earth. It keeps you fully in your body as you connect with higher realms. It is always good to ground before doing any spiritual exercise. This is an easy and calming meditation.


Beyond Tomorrow

Dreading tomorrow and tomorrows after that? With this meditation travel outside of space and time to get a glimpse of all the good thatis coming your way. Find out that you can shape your own tomorrow. Learn to let go and enjoy a timeless voyage into the beyond. Additionally, this meditation will help enhance all your intuitive centers without you even being aware it is happening.

Healing Trauma

We all experience trauma at some time or another. Some kinds of trauma are easy to move through and others are harsher and may even cause major life changes. Listen to this meditation to help you heal any kind of situational trauma such as abusive relationships, abandonment, humiliation, loss, and difficult childhoods to severe physical injuries resulting from accidents and/or wartime.

Controlling-Emotions-MeditationEmotional Spin-Outs

Feeling negative emotions can cause emotional spin-outs and sometimes irrational behavior. They can impede our daily life and might even cause illness in the long run. Learn how to control your emotions and shift your focus to something more positive and ultimately heal your thinking patterns for greater happiness and well-being.

Grief-Coping-MeditationCoping with Grief

Everyone experiences grief at sometime in their lives. Grief is inevitable. Begin the process of coping with your grief and learn to accept that the difficult emotional, physical, and thinking symptoms grief causes are normal and to be expected. Start or continue your healing journey through grief and loss with this deeply moving meditation.


Although our meditations have been created to help provide general wellness, they are not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have, or even suspect you have, a serious medical or unstable mental condition, please consult with your medical practitioner immediately. Also, these meditations should not be listened to while driving, watching children, or operating machinery.