EVP Stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVP ghost voice captures are different from a Spirit Box recording in that they are caught on any kind of recording device. These might be a digital recorder, cassette recorder, or in past times, a reel-to-reel recording device.

The following are examples of  EVPs captured during ghost hunting investigations:

EVP’s Captured with a Digital Recorder

Some clips are extremely faint. Please wear headphones or earbuds to listen.


Below are Clips featured from my ghost investigation on the Queen Mary I in Long Beach, CA. Some of the clips were caught while the group was walking down to the very bowels of the ship. I had my recorder on during the long walk down, but didn’t expect to get anything. The other clips were captured by the pool area which is now off limits. 

Here is a clip of a woman on the way down. You’ll hear the footsteps of the group walking. At seven seconds she says,“I can’t.”

Listen to a man’s whisper I captured while the tour guide was talking just before we headed into the bowels of the ship.  At three seconds:“Smoke.”

Often spirits will correct one another–sometimes vehemently. Here’s a clip captured upon immediately arriving in the boiler room area with the group. The group is patiently waiting for the tour guide to begin to speak…

A female spirit says, Sinking!” This is a class A. EVP. Listen to a spirit who immediately replies to her statement  below.

A male spirit replies to the female spirit above who said, “Sinking”. Clip captured in the boiler room area. At seventeen seconds,“She’s not sinking!” 

Towards the end of the investigation, the group was let loose to investigate on our own. In the boiler room I received a very strange EVP. A man says at two seconds,“It’s growing.”