Easy Intuitive Spiritual Training and Certification

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Imagine Spirit offers easy intuitive training for everyone! Courses are easy to follow yet contain high quality in-depth content.

Because all of our courses are created as home study, there is no time limit for finishing a course. Additionally, course lessons are not released on a time schedule so you can access your course materials any time you wish.

Additionally, easy learning resources are included in each course which can empower and help you with absorbing concepts. With each lesson, you’ll progress to an even higher level of attainment.

Finally, when a course is completed, you can apply for certification. This gets you listed on the Graduates Directory for credibility. Furthermore, it’s  testimony of expertise.

What’s Important to Know about Our Courses!

  • We offer two premium courses and numerous fast-track courses.

  • There is no set time limit to completing a course.

  • Digital Download Files can transfer to any electronic device.

  • Printed and shipped courses materials DVD contains all course files that can be transferred to devices.

  • Course lessons are received all at once.

  • Receive numerous helpful interactive resources with each course.

  • Resources come right with each course.

  • External links are only for YouTube training movies.

  • Receive actual live class recordings.

  • Self- quizzes are at the end of each lesson and don’t need to be submitted.

  • Help is always available from Carol Nicholson via e-mail request.

  • Email us requesting the certification quiz upon completing a course!
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Become Certified and Get Listed on the Graduates Directory

Reliable Teachings from a Master

Carol provides insights and secrets for success garnered over three decades as a professional Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. She is very direct in terms of possible pitfalls and avoidable mistakes due to lack of experience. Also, courses include tips on how to get started in your business with the Professional Marketing eGuide.

Easy Intuitive Training

Home study courses provide teachings, insights, and experiential exercises. Novices as well as seasoned practitioners will benefit from each and every course offered.

Lessons are presented in a step-by step progression.  And, content includes instruction for practical application of what you’ve learned. Noteworthy, are the actual live class recordings of the course to listen to.

When You’ve Completed a Course

  • If you wish to achieve certification, the process is simple. Becoming certified is easy and painless!
  • Just contact us and ask for the final quiz for the course you are taking.
  • You can take as long as you wish to complete the final quiz.
  • All final quiz questions come from the self-quizzes in each lesson.

Are You New to Psychic Training? Are You Feeling a Little Nervous?

psychic mediumship certification

Feeling a little apprehensive about beginning psychic training? This is perfectly normal!

All intuitive training you’ll undertake at Imagine Spirit is completely safe with safeguards built into each course.

  1. Courses provide encouraging and helpful resources.
  2. You’ll peel back the layers to overcome fears and remove blocks.
  3. Learn how to surround yourself with the Light of Spirit and securely protect your mind, body, and spirit energy.
  4. Finally, having experienced easy intuitive training,  you’ll quickly reach your certification goal.


Already an intuitive practitioner? We have that covered. Each course starts with the basics which isa  gr eat review. Then, you’ll quickly progress to more advanced concepts. As a result, if you perform the exercises faithfully, you will significantly increa se your skill sets. Due to the carefully crafted easy intuitive training execeices you’ll quickly reach your goal for certification .

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