Did You Know that there Are Many Types of Mediums?

The six different kinds of Mediums describes the various categories of Mediums and how they differ. Learn the various attributes of each categories of Mediums and find out if you fit into one of them.

#1. Mental Mediums

In the past several decades, Mental Mediumship is the preferred method of Mediumship usually demonstrated. Significantly, this form of Mediumship happens when the Medium is in a fully conscious state.

Significantly, Mental Mediums are fully aware of their surroundings while interacting with the Spirit World. To illustrate, it’s like the Medium is having a phone or texting conversation and relaying the conversation to others in the room. Popular Mediums seen on television and in person, are usually Mental Mediums.

#2. Trance Mediums

A Light Trance Medium can be either a Physical Medium or have Mental Mediumship tendencies. However, if they fall into the category of Mental Mediumship, the Medium is usually in a very light trance but is still aware of their surroundings. Additionally, like Mental Mediumship, Light Trance mediums can interact with others in the room while at the same time, are receiving and relaying messages from the Spirit World.

Following this, a Deep Trance Medium is a Medium who places his or herself into a deep semi-conscious or completely unconscious trance state. Moreover, Deep Trance Mediums often link with a “Control Guide.” Usually, a Control Guide will take over the Medium’s body by mutual agreement. This guide speaks for the Spirit who wishes to communicate.


Above: Image of famous Physical Medium, Minnie Harrison, producing Ectoplasm.

#3. Physical Mediums

In modern times, Physical Mediumship is now most associated with the late 19th and early 20th century’s original style of spirit communication. However, where it’s still practiced, many spiritualists claim Physical Mediumship is the crème de la crème of Mediumship feats. Also, one of the greatest acts of a Physical Medium is to produce a complete, or full-bodied, apparition.

In addition, Physical Mediums produce physical phenomena with the aid of a Control Guide. Importantly, all individuals present can see or feel the Physical manifestations witnessed. Significantly, this phenomenon manifests in the form of *ectoplasm, breezes, rapping noises, spirit voices, and so on.

Even so, the downside of doing Physical Mediumship is that it’s highly draining on the Medium’s physical body. Consequently, Physical Mediumship is not as commonly demonstrated as Mental Mediumship.

Surprisingly,  some places in the world still demonstrate some form of Physical Mediumship. Notably, Brazil and Scotland are the most prominent.

#4. Direct Voice Mediums

Direct Voice Mediumship is a sub-category of Physical Mediumship. Interestingly, this kind of Mediumship is rare. It requires a unique ability to be Direct Voice Medium.

Importantly, a Direct Voice Medium speaks in the voice of the person, or persons, that have passed. Primarily, this is because the Control Guide uses substance emitted from the Medium to form the voice box needed to produce various voices of spirits present.

Most important, it’s challenging to hoax speaking in the exact voice of a person who has passed. Not surprising, family members need to verify that the voice is the same voice as their deceased relative. Otherwise, any words spoken are not valid proof of the loved one.

#5. Medical and Healing Mediums

Medical Mediums are becoming more popular. Due to the popularity of Medical Intuitive, Carolyn Myss, individuals are more apt to trust in the process of medical help from a Medium.

Medical Mediums scan the body of the individual with the aid of their spirit guides, or the guides of the individual. This process is designed to identify potential illnesses or illness seen in the aura that have yet to materialize.

Medical Mediums are similar to Healing Mediums. The difference being, the Medium begins the healing process with the aid of healing spirit guides, and in some cases, Angels. Again, it’s suggested that the individual seek professional medical tests to ensure all is well and truly healed.

#6. Platform Mediums

Platform Mediumship is just as it sounds. A Medium stands or sits in front of a group and provides spirit messages to attendees.

Platform Mediumship is a form of Mediumship has largely disappeared but is re-emerging a popular form of delivering spirit messages. Another term for Platform Mediumship is a Message Gallery.

A platform medium today is primarily a Mental Medium. The Medium is fully conscious and aware while receiving and delivering the messages spirits wish to relay. In some instances, the Medium works as a Trance or Physical Medium. This practices hails from the earliest days of spiritualism. It can still be witnessed in some countries.

Advertise the Right Kind of Platform Event

There is a tendency nowadays to use the platform to deliver psychic impressions and predictions. Unfortunately, this is not considered a real definition of platform Mediumship. Remember, a Medium acts as the link between spirits and the living.

If the Medium only provides psychic readings when the group is expecting spirit messages, attendees will be sorely disappointed and perhaps angry. They may even want their money back!

If an individual wants to give out psychic readings in a platform style, it’s essential to let the audience be aware of this fact when advertising the event. There’s nothing wrong with primarily giving psychic readings as long as everyone is on the same page.


Cabinets: Cabinets are part and parcel of the early days of Physical Mediumship demonstrations. Specifically, Physical Mediums sit inside and produce spirit phenomena outside of the cabinet or curtain enclosure.

Orbs: Orbs often appear in ghost investigations via photographs or on video. In rarer instances, the naked eye sees the orb. Spirits that attempt to manifest, often appear as roundish orbs. Almost any kind of camera can reveal images of orbs.

Ectoplasm: Ectoplasm is a milky-white color that has a custard-like texture. Of note, Physical Mediums often emit a substance called ectoplasm.

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