Advanced Spirit Attachments Detecting and Releasing

Training for Personal Help Or for Becoming a Spirit Attachment Practitioner

This 3 Week Course Provides:

→Easy Methods for Detecting Attachments

→Powerful Techniques for Releasing Them

→Practitioner Training for Helping Others!

Get your power back. Heal your life!

→Gain Full Certification

→Beginner to Advanced Levels


What You Will Receive:

• eBook PDF of the Entire Course

• Recorded Live Class MP3s

• Beautifully Recorded MP3 Exercises

• Great Easy to Learn from Content

• Movies to Watch

Spirit Attachments are negative entities that can take hold and affect an individual in many adverse ways. You might think of them of shadow self that has its own life force and affects how we think and what we do.

In this program you will learn how to deal with any and all types of attachments, how to detect their presence, and how to safely release negative effects of attachment entities which may include depression, anger, unexplained addictions, lethargy, lack of motivation or even suicidal thoughts.

Having a Spirit Attachment or being under psychic attack is no joke. Both humans and animals can acquire Spirit Attachments. Order this course and detect and release any troublesome spirits or negative energies! You can do the same for your pets with our special command document.

With this course, I was able to get rid of a demonic attachment I've had for over 10 years. I was able to identify it as such and then used your techniques to get rid of it. A month has gone by and it's not back. Thank you for giving me back my life!!

Who Will Benefit from this Course?

• Counselors or Energy Practitioners
• Any kind of Psychic Practitioner
• Ghost Hunters and/or Paranormal Investigators
• Those under psychic attack
• Anyone that has had a near-death experience
• Children who are highly sensitive
• People in difficult jobs, e.g., prisons, hospitals, courtrooms,  etc.
• People in grief or living in long-term stressful situations
• People who have been ill for an extended period of time
• People who are targets of envy or hate mentalities
• People experiencing depression or chronic low energy

I really enjoyed this class, it is very helpful and the content is just awesome! Very happy I found your website!
Kelli H.

Live Class Student Testimonial!

By far this has been the most amazing and interesting first session
I’ve ever listened to…

I’ve had a weird feeling on many occasions in my life that there was something bad affecting me so I am really happy I found this course! I really liked that there are many different ways to check for negative attachments and how to rid myself of them. It worked! What really impressed me was the part explaining how to remote view the aura since I can can really use this in my intuitive practice with clients at a distance. Thank you!
Caroline T, Sweden
This course really helped me to release an attachment I have had since I was a child. I had given up ever releasing it and was losing confidence in myself. All that is mostly gone now. Just a few more mini-sessions I think will do it. Thank you so much, Carol. I am now able to help my clients release attachments as well.
~A Grateful Student



We suggest you read through the course topics to get an idea of how the course feels for you.


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Each Week’s Topics


• What Spirit Attachments Are
• 5 Key Stages of Spirit Attachments Taking Hold
• Who is Susceptible
• What Earthbound Spirits Are
• Detecting Negative Energy
• The Etheric Body-What it is & Transforming it.
• Reading Your Spiritual Body Exercise


• Several Detecting Attachments Techniques
• Using a Pendulum
• Thought Form Attachments
• Dark Forces and Demons
• Dealing with Elementals
• Psychic attack and Psychic Vampirism
• The Collective Unconscious
• Beginning of Clearing Negative Patterning
• Calling Back Soul Fragments
• Etheric Cords, Vows, and Contracts
• Letting Go of Past Life Attachments


• Let Go of Negative Ancestral Patterning
• Using Grace Points for Releasing Old Patterns
• Soul fragment Retrieval – A Shamanic Approach
• Spirits and Dark Entities Removal
• Remote Clearing Techniques
• Muscle Testing for Determining Spirit Attachments
• Command Release of Spirit Attachments
• In-Class Demonstration with Students
• “Becoming Totally Free” Exercise

Important Questions & Answers


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When you have worked through a course and if you wish to become Certified or gain your Certificate of Mastery, just email us requesting your quiz at

Materials Needed:

A pendulum for Lesson 2. It can be homemade or purchased. I will demonstrate how to use a pendulum to detect spirit attachments in yourself and others in my short YouTube movie link that you will receive.


*How to Become Certified

To request Certification, email us and we will send you the quiz with questions taken right from the lessons. Once the quiz is received back and approved by Carol, your certificate will be mailed to you upon payment of the certificate fee. Upon approval, we will invoice you for the $10 US or $15 for International Fee to have your certificate mailed to you.


If you elect not to have the certificate mailed, that’s fine. You will still be listed on our Graduate’s Directory and receive your Certified Seal image.

Terms & Conditions

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Imagine Spirit Psychic Arts classes and courses are never intended to replace the care or advice of a trained or licensed counselor or medical physician. Training, guidance, or advice is not a guarantee of a complete change or cure of your situation. Any expected revenue or feedback from clients is entirely the responsibility of the student.

Success in Removing Spirit Attachments

Success for detecting and releasing spirit attachments depends upon the amount of focus put into the course. We cannot guarantee outcome results from taking this course.


Imagine Spirit is dedicated to providing the best in training and follow-up possible. However, ultimately, it is the student who is responsible for working towards expected results, achieving spiritual progress, obtaining clients, and any revenue expected from courses, classes and/or certifications.</p


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