Death Is Actually a Beginning

All of us will someday cross the border to what Shakespeare called “the undiscovered country.” Find out that death isn’t the end.
~Stephen Hawley Martin

Is there really some kind of an afterlife discusses the most pressing question humans have asked since time immemorial.

Most ancient civilizations believed in an afterlife. They even built entire societies around this belief. It was common in ancient times to perform elaborate rituals to ensure their deceased relative is comfortable the afterlife existence.

In modern times of rational and scientific thinking, some claim that believing in an afterlife is only the product of wishful thinking to alleviate the fear of death.

The Wheel of Beginning and Never Ending

Life has been evolving into a higher state of being for since time immemorial. Everything around us, including galaxies and the Universe itself, is in the process of evolving into a higher state of existence.

Before there can be a beginning, there has to be a predetermined end. Beginnings and endings are forged together because opposites need each other to exist. Light relies on darkness because without darkness light could not exist. Everything ends, but it is also true that each end must lead to a new beginning. Indeed science has confirmed this actuality by confirming that everything comes to an end but then transforms into something else in an eternal cycle.

Everything in the Universe, including us, is made up of energy. Einstein stated, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.”

Does Reincarnation Provide Absolute Proof of an Afterlife?

Reincarnation is something that, until recently, Western Society didn’t believe in as a whole. What many don’t know is that Reincarnation was a significant part of Christian belief for 500 years. Sadly, it was condemned in 553 A.D. by the Constantinople Council (this was after the First Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. ).

Jesus and others of his time believed in reincarnation. Specifically, this held true with the Jewish Essenes of which, it’s suspected, Jesus was a member.
For example, John the Baptist was alleged to be the prophet, Elijah, reborn. Jesus himself confirmed this.

“And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come.”
Mathew 11:14

Children Have Spontaneous Memories of Past Lives

Due to the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia and others, documented accounts of children remembering past lives fill books. In one of Stevenson’s more famous cases, a child in India recalls a past life where the relatives, at a fair distance, of this dead person, are still living. He identifies the family members and calls them by name. Coincidence?

How is this possible? Is this merely someone’s life remembrances floating in the ethers? Or, are these children actually reincarnated individuals who previously lived a former lifetime?

Importantly, adults remember past lives too. However, this usually occurs when undergoing hypnosis during past life therapy. Not surprising, because we are all highly psychic, on occasion, a scene from a past life flashes into our awareness when awake.

Yet, it’s more common to experience past lives in the dream state. People are just not aware that they’ve experienced scenes from a past life upon awakening.

So, does reincarnation prove that our consciousness doesn’t cease to exist after death? There are those who firmly believe so.

Here’s an example of a vivid past life memory one that man experienced taken from Stephen Hawley Martin’s, book, The Science of Life After Death.

It Came to Him On a Train

A man was on a trip and leaving the train station in Warsaw, Poland. Staring out the window of his train car, he suddenly and vividly remembered being a young orphaned Jewish Boy during WWII. He recalled that he was picked up by the Nazis, and cast into the Warsaw Ghetto along with thousands of other Jews.

Surviving by his wits, the young boy barely managed to stay alive in the ghetto for the next four years. Then one day, he was again rounded up and placed on a train heading East along with countless others from the Ghetto. The destination was Auschwitz.

Upon arrival at a large camp, the terrified boy jumped from the overcrowded railroad car and was promptly segregated into a group of other young boys and older men. All were then marched to a “delousing center” and ordered to take off their clothes. Next, herded into a large room for their “shower,” no one realized at first it was really a death chamber. After exit doors slammed shut, lethal gas quickly spewed from the shower heads.

He Immediately Lifted Out of His Body

The next part, the man says, is the most vivid part of his past life recall experience. As the gaseous fumes entered his eyes, throat, and lungs, his consciousness immediately left his body. He could see others struggling around him and then noticed a strange sight. Hundreds of disembodied spirits from previous executions still lingered along the walls and on the ceilings. Realizing that he didn’t want to stay behind and join this macabre lot, he noticed a tunnel before him and quickly moved through it and into a great bright light.


What Happens to a Soul Just After Death?

When a person’s body has experienced what we call death, there is that essential part of them, the soul, which immediately moves on to another plane of existence. If they make the decision to cross to the light, they’re immediately greeted by loved ones who have already passed along with Guardian Spirit Guides and Angels. Next, there’s a period of orientation where souls review their lifetime on earth and the lessons learned. Once acclimated to their new state of being, souls are then able to communicate with those left behind. And, they’ll be present to greet their loved ones when they pass.

In cases where the loss of a loved one was a spouse, there’re usually strong emotions of intense devastation and disbelief. The idea that this person is gone forever, is numbing. Moreover, the loss of a spouse, parent, child, or anyone close, in any circumstance, can bring on years of unrelenting grief and pain. While grief is a normal and a healthy response to loss, it can become unhealthy and counterproductive if it persists too long. The truth is, holding on to these emotions for years does nothing to change what has happened and only serves to hold back the living.

Our loved ones do not wish us to live in this state of sad limbo forever. They are the first ones to encourage those still living to let go. They want their loved ones to know all is okay and that they’re living a beautiful existence not so far removed from our own. And importantly, that they will see them again!

My Sister Had a Disconcerting Dream about Our Mother

My sister who is not what one would call, religious or spiritually minded, could not come to terms with our mother’s passing. She didn’t believe the notion that we all transcend the death experience and move on to another plane of existence. Then she had a dream. In this realistic dream, our mother telephoned her, and they had a conversation. My sister asked her if she was okay and our mother replied she was still getting to know others who were there. There wasn’t much more to it.

Needless to say, my sister was deeply shaken by the experience. I could have told her that a dream is one of the most common ways a loved one will try to communicate. In a mindset where one does not believe in life after death or anything of a spiritual nature, the deceased have one heck of a time trying to get a message across. Before this happening, I doubt she would have believed me if I had tried to explain this phenomenon to her. Now, she’s a believer.

In conclusion:

Mediumship and Spirit communication provides a tool to help one come to terms with loss in a positive way. Understanding that our loved one actually lives on, albeit in another state of being, helps to alleviate grief and can also contribute to soothing guilt or feelings of unfinished business.

by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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