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Energy Cords Can Cause Serious Problems

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We are energy beings, and as such, we experience many kinds of conditions as a result of living life. One aspect of our energy field is the phenomena of etheric energy cords. Sometimes these cords cause difficulties when two people separate.

In short, etheric cords consist of *astral etheric energy, which is a transfer of energy between two people. They exist when individuals are very emotionally tied. However, even groups of people with emotional relationships–friends, workmates, and enemies can all have cords connecting them to one another.

Significantly, these cords can stretch to the farthest parts of the universe – much like our earthly silver cord, which keeps the etheric body attached to the physical body. More significantly, the reach of etheric cords is infinite as cords are not a physical substance. Therefore, the physical distance between two people makes no difference.

What Etheric Cords Look Like

Although invisible to the naked eye, etheric cords are silvery, floating strings of energy connecting and bonding two energy bodies. They remind me of the beginnings of a spider web from point A to point B. 

Significantly, the most common connections are at the solar plexus chakra above the abdomen. The solar plexus is where one’s life force energy and personal power lie. Additionally, etheric cords can also run from the third eye chakra on the forehead just above the eyes and the heart chakra in the middle of the chest. In other cases, cording can happen at the throat chakra in the neck area. 

Generally speaking, over time, these cords have shifted from the solar plexus as two people have established a connection found in solid relationships. As relationships may change over time, the cords change accordingly.


Etheric Cords and Family Members

Etheric cords can occur early on, between family members, or later on, with people whom we form a serious emotional attachment with. In a relatively happy household, the bonds formed between parents and siblings stay healthy. Yet even in the closest families, there are times when interactions cause difficulties.
In dysfunctional family relationships, which may include various forms of abuse, alcoholism, drugs, or hate-related messages, cords developed over time become toxic and keep us tied to these more undesirable energies. Moreover, these toxic energies may cause us to repeat harmful and destructive patterns, and we don’t know why. 
  • Being energetically tied to an overprotective or controlling parent.
  • Being energetically tied to a controlling or abusive spouse.
  • Allowing oneself to be tied to verbal, physical, or emotional abuse.
  • The propensity to repeatedly experience toxic energy from romantic partners.
  • Unhealthy rivalry with a sibling.


 How Etheric Cords Attach Us to Others

First off, we all know that unborn children have an umbilical cord that is attached to the mother. This cord is essential as the mother provides oxygen and nutrients to the child. Etheric cords are similar. Secondly, they transfer energy back and forth between two people. More specifically, cording initiates at the chakras. For example, they attach to the chakras and then filter out to the auric field surrounding our body. The good news is that cords are subject to change, and any negative cords can be severed.

Cording is Not the Same as Shared Bonds

According to the Michael Teachings, cording is not the same as shared bonds. Instead, think of a shared bond as something that doesn’t transfer energy between two people. Yet, it does provide a connection of sorts. “It is more like a telephone line that is available when needed for communication than like the power cord of an appliance that is constantly drawing energy.”

The Difference between Positive and Negative Cords

Positive etheric cords are essential for healthy relationships and how you interact with people and your surroundings. Notably, positive etheric cords are far more prevalent than negative etheric cords. Unfortunately, most people aware of etheric cords mistakenly believe that all cording with others is always negative and harmful for individuals.  This is because many posts on the Internet focus only on negative cording. On the contrary, many instances of cording are positive and beneficial. For instance:

  • Parents lovingly bonded with their child, which initiates a transfer of energy with the child.
  • A beautiful and healthy relationship that serves both individuals involved.
  • Corded with a physician or nurse who is providing treatment.
  • Partners in a business and so forth.

Examples of Negative Etheric Cording

  • Adults who are energetically dependent on other adults.
  • Tied to a controlling or difficult ex.
  • Too much grief over someone passed you can seem to resolve.
  • Negative cords about a specific place.
    Even harmful habits you can’t seem to let go of. 

How to Cut Cords with an Ex

Are you trying to move on from your ex but find yourself obsessing about them? Do you still feel like they still have an energetic hold on you? One of the most commonly talked about cords are the energetic transfers between two people who have parted ways. 

In romantic relationships, we form energetic cords, attaching our human energy field to our partners. After a breakup, we try to move on, but still feel connected long after the fact. Sadly, this causes us to feel stuck, drained, and often hopeless. Therefore, it’s essential that we cut the binding cords that keep us connected. Learn how to do this below!

Try This Exercise to Cut Any Cord!

The Karate Chop Method:
Although it doesn’t sound like it, the karate chop is a beautiful way to remove cords quickly. As most non-serving cords tend to originate and attach at the solar plexus, this is the area that you will be focusing on first. If there is a heart or mind connection, you may need to sever cords in those areas as well.
  1. Now, think of an individual, or ex partner, with whom you have a negative tie. See their image clearly in your mind.
  2. Importantly, before doing this, hold the intention that all non-serving etheric cords are removed. 
  3. Next, with the side of your dominant hand facing on its side, make a quick karate chop motion at your solar plexus chakra. This is just above the belly button area. See the cord drop away and dissipate into nothingness in your mind’s eye. The rest of the cord originating from the other person will also automatically drop off and wither to nothingness as well.
  4. Now repeat this at the heart area if you believe there is a cord binding you there. Do the same for the third eye area. Know that this doesn’t damage these etheric areas whatsoever. 
  5. Finally, you may need to do this exercise more than once if the cord is very strong. If you are still having issues with this person, do it once or twice a day for a week. 


In this post, you learned how to cut the cords that bind us in unhealthy ways. More specifically, you learned how to cut cords with an ex. What are cords? Cords are silvery transparent etheric links between two people. These are called etheric cords. Etheric cords happen when there’s a deep emotional attachment to something or someone. Cords can exist between family members, co-workers, friends, ex-lovers, and former spouses. Clearly, these cords can be positive or negative. 

In cases of negative cords, there seems to be a constant energy drain and lack of focus. More specifically, people with negative cords go through life wondering why they just can’t seem to let things go, which, as mentioned, can impact their lives considerably. It prevents them from moving on to something healthier and happier in their lives.

*Astral Meaning  of or consisting of a supersensible substance held in the metaphysical field to be next higher vibrational tangible world.
*Michael Teachings: Various metaphysical teachings still respected today that channeled wisdom and explores the psychology of the soul. These teachings became popular in the book, “Messages from Michael.” 

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Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.
Author, Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

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