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Read helpful and informative articles on just about anything spiritually or psychically oriented.

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Find out what Binaural Beats are. Listen to FREE Binaural Beats for healing your mind.

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Vintage eBook PDFs from master metaphysicians such as Charles Leadbetter, Alan Kardeck, Carl Wickland, Arthur Findlay, and more!

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Suggested reading for excellent books on a variety of psychic and spiritual studies.

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YouTube Videos on everything we teach from Tarot, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Angels, Akashic Records, etc.

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Fascinating articles on paranormal phenomena, ghosts, and unexplained mysteries!

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Samples of ghost evidence I’ve captured during prime investigations.

Ghost Evidence

The difference between a Spirit Box and EVPs. Read about what a Spirit Box does and the classes of EVPs.


Quizzes are fun to take and let you know where you are with your understanding of some facets of spirituality. Take a quiz as many times as you like. Share your results!

Chakra Box

Basic descriptions of our 7 main in-body chakras. Find out where they are located and what they do. This page also has helpful tips for the seasoned holistic and psychic practitioner!

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Imagine Spirit provides free Mediumship-Psychic and other courses samples for you to quickly view beginning lesson content and in most cases, a Table of Contents to readily see what topics are part of each course.


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