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13 Signs of Claircognizant Abilities

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Do You Just Know Things? It May be Your Claircognizance!

Have you ever wondered, “What is claircognizance?” Essentially, claircognizance is the ability to know things without knowing how. Fortunately, there are unmistakable signs to determine if you actively possess this fascinating psychic ability. For instance, have you ever heard a buzzing noise in one of your ears? If so, it’s believed by some that this is a prime example of claircognizance. They claim that the buzzing, or high pitched tone, signals that pieces of information are being channeled by spirit guidesangels, the higher self, or by the divine source.

A world-renowned spiritual author who wrote The Source Field Investigations, David Wilcock, believes that a buzzing sound in one ear or the other signals that information from the higher realms is being channeled. He also mentions that he stops what he’s doing and mentally quiets the mind when this occurs.

Do we instantly know what this information is? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. But, as I’ve often mentioned to students in my live classes, when our conscious self needs this data, it unzips like a computer zip file and is brought into our conscious awareness as a knowing. It’s information that is readily available through our conscious thoughts.

An Accurate Description of What Claircognizance Is

In a nutshell, an accurate description of Claircognizance is “clear knowing.” Specifically, Claircognizance is one of the psychic 6th senses. More specifically, individuals who possess a high degree of claircognizant abilities just know things. These insights come in the form of little perceptions that happen in the moment. For instance, artistic inspiration, inventions, and problem solutions often pop into the mind, seemingly out of nowhere.

Adding to this, claircognizance is the subtle sense of receiving information through an inner knowing that is made aware in the conscious mind. However, people with this ability often can’t explain how they know or where exactly the information or knowledge came from.

For a Time I Didn’t Recognize the Signs of Claircognizance

In my early days of doing readings, I noticed that I told things I had no idea how I obtained the information. True, I was utilizing my other abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience during my readings, but the knowledge that blurted out of my mouth, that was verifiable, puzzled me. While it was true that I was comfortable with sharing the knowledge that came to me, I was still baffled by HOW I knew it. It wasn’t until I learned about Claircognizance that it all became clear to me. 

Why Is Claircognizance Often Ignored?

Sadly, the ability of claircognizance is not as well-known as clairvoyance or clairaudience. Instead, people tend to think of visions in the mind’s eye when they hear the word “psychic.” The simple truth is claircognizance is often over-looked because many people have never heard of this psychic sense.

Is Claircognizance the Most Important Psychic Sense?

While claircognizance is not as exotic as clairvoyance or clairaudience, it can be the most important of the psychic senses. This is especially true when performing psychic and other kinds of divination. This includes mediumshipprophecy, intuitive astrology, channeling, and similar activities. During these activities, one’s claircognizant abilities are often at the forefront for receiving all kinds of vital and verifiable information.

How Does Claircognizance Work?

Psychic claircognizant data is information that comes through the mind. Additionally, claircognizant people aware of their ability, instinctively know that this information comes from the spirit realm or the higher self. Significantly, this information is first obtained through the higher chakras and then filter into the crown chakra (the 7th in-body chakra), which becomes knowledge in the form of thoughts and intuitions. 

And even more remarkably, if a claircognizant has a sudden epiphany, their inner-self recognizes it as truth and they innately trust the information received.

The Benefits of Having a Strong Sense of Claircognizance

  • Claircognizance assists in cultivating a sense of well-being.
  • You begin to have more faith in yourself.
  • You begin to place more trust and your higher guidance.
  • There’s an innate awareness that you can solve almost any problem.
  • Provides a broader range of experiences to draw from.
  • Improves peace of mind knowing that you have a connection to the higher realms of spirit and divine energies.

The Personality Traits of a Claircognizant Person


People with a strong sense of claircognizance are often quiet and logically-minded. They frequently get brilliant ideas and delight in working a problem to reach a solution. For this reason, people who are primarily claircognizant tend to be analytical, mentally sharp, and excellent at understanding abstract concepts. For example, individuals who code websites or work on computers are prone to be claircognizant and seem to work out problems magically.

Another fine example of claircognizance is someone who channels information in the written form (called “automatic writing”). They are actually incorporating their claircognizance when doing an automatic writing session. Spirits that take over during automatic writing send the information telepathically  and claircognizance, working with the psychic sense of clairaudience, sends the messages via words and impressions.

13 Clear Signs of Claircognizance

  1. There is a tendency to come up with solutions to problems when others can’t.
  2. You suddenly get ideas that seem to come from nowhere and somehow know that they have significant value.
  3. There is a sense of inner knowing when something is not a good idea, despite the fact that it seems perfect feasible on the surface.
  4. You have an immediate certainty that someone is lying about something, despite evidence to the contrary.
  5. Someone asks you a question, of which you have no foreknowledge, and the answer comes to you out of the blue. You can simply see it in your head and share it with others.
  6. More often, you can read people easily and your initial impressions turn out to be spot on.
  7. More Signs of Claircognizance

  8. You frequently receive information about future outcomes. Some call this prophecy.
  9. Claircognizant people love things to be logical and orderly.
  10. The mind is unquiet, and you may frequently suffer from racing thoughts.
  11. You are always mentally one step ahead of people and get frustrated when people are slow on the uptake.
  12. Learning from books and the urge to write is common with claircognizance.
  13. You tend to interrupt people when they are talking and may be a bit of a know-it-all.
  14. You’re a lifelong student and are constantly acquiring knowledge about things. Anything!

In Conclusion:

Many people wonder, “What is Claircognizance?” The answer is that claircognizance is the psychic ability of clear-knowing about things spontaneously. Usually, this knowing comes without any rational explanation for how or why we know something that we don’t have prior knowledge of.
Even more importantly, the ability of claircognizance is something that you should be aware of if you are an Intuitive. It’s an essential part of your psychic tool kit for doing readings. But, even more significantly,  understanding where much of your psychic information comes from, you’ll have greater trust in divine forces that exist to help you by providing you with vital information.
Do you believe that you don’t have strong claircognizance abilities? In fact, you may be surprised to learn that most people have some form of claircognizance already. It’s part and parcel of our entire 6th sense package. 
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