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Twelve chillings paranormal articles that document accounts of unexplained events that mystify. Every day strange and mystifying events happen to average people where the seemingly impossible occurs. Common sense tells us that reported events like these can’t possibly be true. However, they frequently do and science can’t explain them. Real all!

Ghost Ship Forrestal

Thirteen Classifications of Ghosts

According to Roger Clarke in his groundbreaking book, Ghosts, 2012, the chances of a person seeing a ghost during their lifetime is one in ten. Paranormal experts assert that there’s too much evidence for too long a time to dismiss the reality of ghosts. So, what kinds of ghosts are you likely to encounter? Read the rest of this post and find out.

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Ghost Ship Forrestal

The Ghosts of the USS Forrestal

After the most deadly fire in air carrier history, ghostly activity starts aboard the Forrestal.
…Sometime after the fire, and no one can say precisely when, crewmen began reporting mysterious happenings. Secured hatches opened and slammed shut with each roll of the ship. On numerous occasions, faraway sounding voices mumbled through intercom phones when answered.

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Leap Castle Elemental

The Spooky Beast of Leap Castle

High atop a crag in Ireland stands the remains of Leap Castle. Built in the 14th century, Leap Castle in is said to house its own version of an elemental ghost nicknamed, “It.” The appearance of “It” was first said to have been documented around the 13th century by the local priest. It seems that generations of families at Leap have had to deal with the infamous “It.”

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La Llorna Ghost Legent

La Llorona – The Wailing Woman

The legendary ghost of the Wailing Woman La Llorona, is infamous throughout the Hispanic culture. You might even say she’s the ultimate iconic Spanish ghost. The tale begins several hundred years ago when a woman named Maria, was born of peasant stock in Mexico.

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Eastland Disaster Ghosts

The Ghosts of the S.S. Eastland

In July of 1915, the steamer, S.S. Eastland capsized on the Chicago River killing 844 people. Not long after, paranormal events started happening in the area of the tragedy. Find out how the terrible event occurred. Read why the ghosts of the Eastland’s sinking haunt Oprah Winfrey’s production studio.

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Roman Legion Ghosts

Ghostly Roman Legion: Startling Window into the Past

Sometimes a window will open in time in which a certain event from the past will replay itself. This type of phenomena has been called residual energy, an event “imprinted” on time, or the “Stone Tape Theory”. One of the most amazing and documented cases of this rare phenomena occurred in the UK some years ago. A plumber, Harry Martendale, had been hired to repair some water pipes in the cellar…

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Haunting of Borley Rectory

The Haunting of Borley Rectory

Harry Price, England’s most famous ghost hunter, spent years investigating paranormal events at Borley Rectory. A séance at Borley was conducted on March 27th of that year, with Harry Price looking on. Through the medium, a spirit claimed that the rectory would catch fire and burn to the ground. Exactly eleven months to the day after this dire warning, an oil lamp unaccountably fell over in the hallway…

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Malevolent Elements

What Are Evil Elementals?

Just what are evil Elementals? In general, Elementals are nature spirits that have existed long before humanity. Most of these supernatural beings are relatively harmless. However, according to folklore, there exists a kind of Elemental that is quite nasty and said to lurk near ancient ruins and burial mounds.

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Bell Witch Haunted Farmhouse

America’s Most Notorious Poltergeist Haunting

In the early 1800’s, a family by the name of Bell moved to the Red River bottom land in Robertson County, Tennessee. They settled in a community that later became known as Adams. It is there that they prospered and became respected members of the community and pillars of the local church.

One day in 1817, John Bell and his oldest son were out hunting…

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Enfield Poltergeist Causes Levitation

The Enfield Poltergeist Case

It’s believed by the paranormal community, that a poltergeist is merely a manifestation made into the form of an invisible spirit agent which can move objects, create chaos, or even allow levitation. A poltergeist ghost is thought to be created by a living person who is angry, repressed, or emotionally charged. This person is not usually aware of being the cause of the phenomena…

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Doomed Queen Seen

Time Warp and a Doomed French Queen

In 1901, two women were spending a few days sightseeing at Versailles in France when suddenly they came upon people wearing period dress from the time of Marie Antoinette. Everything seems to slow down and there was a strange feeling of oppression felt by both.

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Jeffrey Keene Past Life

Decorated Firefighter the Reincarnation of a Civil War General?

Jeffrey Keene is a retired decorated fire fighter and a retired Assistant Fire Chief of Westport, Connecticut. Following the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, Keene received a sad tour of “Ground Zero” going along a group of firefighters who had had eleven members of their elite unit, Rescue #1; tragically lose their lives on the morning of September 11, 2001…

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Peter James-Psychic-Medium

Peter James – An Extraordinary Psychic Medium

Many years ago I would tune into a favorite show of mine called “Sightings”. It was one of the first long standing paranormal shows on TV. It was on this show that I first became aware of a psychic who appeared often on the show. His name was Peter James and I was always amazed at the high quality of his featured ghost investigations. It seemed to me this guy really knew what he was doing. He would go into a location, assess paranormal events, locate the troublesome spirit(s), and get names and dates which were usually verified. Sightings producers claimed Peter was never privy beforehand where he would be going for the show…

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Cottingley Fairies Scandal

The Fairies of Cottingley Tale Begins in 1917

Two young girls, frustrated with the fact their parents and others wouldn’t believe that they had actually seen fairies in a glen, decided to get proof.  So, they set out to photograph proof. What they came back with was soon believed by many to be the first scientific evidence of the existence of fairies…

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