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How to Give Top-Notch Psychic Readings

Giving a first-rate psychic reading only requires a few simple steps. Whether you are a psychic counselor, a Medium, or an Akashic Records reader, having solid experience to handle a variety of situations and a practiced plan for doing readings are the critical elements for clients coming back to you time and again. Here are a few some simple rules to ensure a successful reading experience for your client.

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Avoiding Mistakes Novice Psychics Often Make

Know your tools! Confidence comes from practice, practice, and more practice. Although I began doing readings with a Tarot or Oracle card book in one hand and reading the meanings to friends as I went along, I jokingly called them my victims, I found this unnerves people even friends. So if you are a novice or just learning cards, let your readee (the person getting the reading) know that you are still a student and be very clear about it. Also, ask them to relax and enjoy the reading. This will help create and better rapport and psychic connection with them.

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