Can Loved Ones Become Our Spirit Guides?

///Can Loved Ones Become Our Spirit Guides?

Do You Ever Wonder If Your Loved Ones Passed Become Your Spirit Guides?

The Answer to this Frequently Asked Question

A question I’m regularly asked is, “Can my loved ones who have died become my Spirit Guides?”

The answer to this is both yes and no. True Spirit Guides are those who have lived on earth and in spirit have attained a high level of spiritual understanding. Yet, they still retain an interest in those living on earth. When a spirit volunteers to be a guide for the living, they undergo extensive training to fulfill this role. As there exist many categories of spirit guides, they will advise and help in particular life situations which best utilizes their expertise.

A Spirit Guide may have been a guide for an individual in previous lifetimes and stays with that person through subsequent lives. This is why when identifying a specific spirit guide in a mediation created for this purpose, there may be a feeling familiarity and tenderness when connecting with this guide.

Ancestral Guides

Although not part of our inner circle of Spirit Guides, many individuals do have ancestral guides that can be a very powerful source of help in their lives. Ancestral Guides, as a rule, can claim some sort of kinship with someone, such as having been their dear Aunt Daisy or even a great great grandparent. They may have been someone very close to the family and were considered “part of the family.”

On the whole, Ancestral Guides watch over the descendants of their lineage. Again, these are not Spirit Guides as such. However, these kinds of spirits will offer loving protection, mentorship, and assistance when needed. In rare cases, they may even attempt to warn someone of imminent harm.

My own mother is often with me. I see her sometimes just for a second.  And, I can hear her telling me not to worry or reminding me of life lessons she taught long ago.

Sometimes a spirit will show up standing close to a person in a reading or spirit circle but are not technically a Spirit Guide. They have formed an attachment to that person — either in a past life or in the current lifetime and want to stay close to them. Usually these kinds of spirits are not negative attachments but a spirit that just wants to stay close and watch over their friend.

If a person prays for a parent, or even a child that has passed, to become their Spirit Guide, this spirit, if they agree, will then become an Ancestral Guide of sorts and will stay close to their loved ones. This role will be suspended when the loved one they are guiding also passes into the spirit realm, allowing their loved one to move forward with their own spiritual evolution.

Why Loved Ones Do Not Technically Become Our Spirit Guides

There is one primary reason a deceased loved one does not become one of our inner band of guides. The simple truth is, they cannot be as objective as they need to be for offering unbiased assistance. A good example of this is a mother that strongly wanted their adult child to marry and have children, Perhaps this is not something the adult child wishes to do and is happy staying single. If they keep hearing or sensing a voice urging them to get married, it may be mom urging them to do so despite their own feelings about it. In this case, mom’s wishes are not in
the best interest of her child.

I have a sad but interesting family story about an apparent ancestor guide of mine who is not actually part of my ancestral line. Before my mother married my father, she dated a man named Johnny for four years. Johnny was a motorcycle policeman and looked very dashing in his uniform. As the story goes, he was madly in love with my mother. The problem was, Johnny was twelve years older than my mom. As she explained to me, she just couldn’t return the feelings. Mom finally broke it off with Johnny and met my father on a blind date three days later.

Years later, I don’t know how we got on the subject, but Mom mentioned that Johnny had never married. Apparently, he carried a torch for my mother until he died of old age. I still have his picture that I found in her private things after she died. I know she felt bad about Johnny.

Okay, why mention Johnny? Well, it seems Johnny became one of my Ancestral Guides. How do I know this? The revelation came in a student spirit circle I was facilitating years ago. One student looked at me and stated that I had a special guide with me. She began describing Johnny to a tee right down to his looks, his 1930’s police uniform replete with jodhpurs, and sitting on an old fashioned motorcycle. When I thought about it later, I realized this was one way Johnny could stay close to the family of children that might have been his own had mom agreed to marry him. I still say hi to Johnny occasionally and thank him for being there for me.

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