You Don’t Need an Ouija Board to Talk to Spirits

Try a More Convenient Way to Channel Spirits and Spirit Guides

Automatic Writing using a computer provides you with a valuable and convenient tool to connect with your spirit guides. Using a computer to automatic write provides a pipeline to your deceased loved ones and friends. And, it’s an awesome way to channel higher beings such as Archangels and Ascended Masters.

When you automatic write on a computer, you’ll find it’s easier than shuffling paper and you can do it at any time. And, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked.

In my previous post, 8 Secrets for Automatic Writing, I explained what automatic writing is and how to do it using a pencil or pen and paper. What if there were a more practical way to do automatic writing? Well, there is. You can automatically write just by using your computer.

As a bonus, I’ve included a section on how to learn about your past lives via automatic writing along with a series of questions you can ask and in what order. Your guides will assist you with this part by connecting you with the dimension of the Akashic Records.

Why Use a Computer to Automatic Write?

Chances are, you’re already on your computer a lot. Why not make some time to get in daily contact with your spirit guides or deceased loved ones.

Using a machine to automatic write is not new. People have used typewriters for some time to connect with the spirit world and receive messages. So, using your computer makes sense.

How to Prepare for Automatic Writing on a Computer

  • Find a quiet secluded place in your home. Make this your personal do-not-enter zone while you are automatic writing.

  • Free yourself of all distractions including children, pets, outside noise, and even your significant other. Believe it or not, if you’re weary, automatic writing may even go easier.

  • Light a white or gold candle and if you like, burn some incense.

  • Individuals allergic to fragrance, often spray the area with lavender or rose water. Or use another scent that you prefer.

  • Now, get comfortably seated at your computer sitting up straight.

  • Close your eyes and take a few moments to go inward and clear your mind of busy chatter.

  • Starting from the toes, soften all the muscles in your body, all the while breathing deeply and naturally. Pay special attention to your shoulders, neck, and face, and make sure these muscles are especially relaxed.

  • Say a prayer for protection. Any favored prayer will do. Or simply make one up that fits this endeavor. Ask that you be guided by spirits of the Light and for the highest and best good of all.

  • Mentally call in any one of your guides and tell him/her that you want to communicate with them by using your computer.

  • Now you’re prepared for your automatic writing session. Rest assured that whatever the answers are to your questions, all the information that you type comes from helpful and loving spirits.

Now Write!

  1. Type the date and time at the top of your document page. A small blurb about the weather conditions is something I like to add. Some people even add the current phase of the moon and what astrological sign the moon is in.
  2. Gently place your fingers on the keyboard as you would normally do. Remember, to be totally relaxed and unconcerned about the information that you type.
  3. Either close your eyes or focus on something else nearby and not your computer screen. There’s always that tendency to peek at the screen. DON’T!
  4. Realize that during the first several tries, nothing may happen. This is normal. It’s most likely that your guides are adjusting your energy to theirs so the information flows more freely.
  5. If you stick with it, eventually, your fingers will begin to type seemingly on their own. What usually appears first are a few letters and then some words. Then you’ll start writing full sentences.
  6. For some, there’s a worry that it’s their own thoughts that they’re typing. It may well be this is the case. However, it’s perfectly alright as the pump is being primed to get the flow started.
  7. Very soon, you’ll begin to notice the words appearing in your writing aren’t your own and have a different rhetoric or tone to them. The words may even seem formal and old-fashioned.
  8. After a time, the words that come through will happen more natural and faster. That’s when you know that you’ve genuinely made a connection with your spirit guide(s).
  9. Always remember to save your document when ending a session. (More about ending a session below.)

How to Proceed after You’ve Made the Connection

  1. On the first successful writing day, get to know the guide that you are communicating with. Chances are, this guide, whether a familiar or new guide, will oversee the other guides and individual spirits channeling messages to you.
  2. Just type, “Hello. What is your name?”
  3. Follow with questions about the spirit guide and his/her relationship with you. Really get to know your guide and why he/she is working with you at this time.
  4. Asking simple yes or no questions at first works best.
  5. Don’t look at or analyze the answers to questions that you are typing! Just allow your fingers to type. And importantly, don’t write too much or for too long in the first few days. Starting with ten minute sessions is suggested. You can expand your session time after a few weeks of writing. You’ll intuitively know when to write longer and how long.
  6. Caution! If you feel uneasy at any time, stop! Although you know that you’ve done your protection prayer, sometimes your focus may wander, and this might open you to picking up thoughts from unwanted spirits. No worry. Stop what you’re doing and go about your business.
  7. Also, take a shower or relaxing bath in water infused with a few drops of essential oil to clear your energy. Rose, lavender, frankincense, and patchouli oils work great. Above all, I suggest that you wait at least one day before resuming writing.

In time, your protection becomes so absolute, that you won’t have to worry about intruding spirits happening again.

Automatic Writing for Getting More Detailed Answers

After several sessions, you can ask questions that are beyond ‘yes or no’ answers and to get more detailed answers.

Interestingly, you’ll find yourself typing more quickly. Sure, they’re bound to be mistakes in spelling, punctuation – no spaces between words – poor grammar – unknown words – etc. Furthermore, just as in automatic writing with pen and paper, this is not important! Clearly, you can go back fix typos later.

For now, just keep asking your questions, out loud  or mentally, and keep typing the answers.

Finnally, realize that there’re no time schedule requirements. However, your best results  come when you stay reasonably close to writing at the same time of day.

Suggested Topics to Ask About:

Go ahead and ask your spirit guide (you should now have a name) – about your spiritual work – and any other spiritually related questions.

There’s no limit to these kinds of questions that you can ask. Also, there’s no rush to get all your answers at once.

At some point, you can ask about the country you live in, global matters – earth changes – changes to come in the new Millennium, etc.

If you are into reincarnation and past lives, ask your guide to start providing you with information about your important past lives. You can start with:

  • “Who was I in a past lifetime?”
  • “Was I a man, a woman, or a child?”
  • “Where was this lifetime mainly lived?”
  • “During what period of time did I live?
  • “What was my role or main occupation?”
  • “Is there a significant event I should know about from this particular lifetime?”
  • “Who did I know then that I know now?”
  • “What was their relationship with me?”
  • “How and when did I die in that life?”

Visit as many lifetimes as you wish using Automatic Writing.


Final Tip about Automatic Writing on a Computer

Eventually, you can ask personal questions about love, romance, children, or even health issues. But remember, you can only ask a particular question one time.

For example, if you don’t like an answer, asking the same question over and over until you type your desired response, is like talking to a fake psychic. Furthermore, guides will ignore the same questions asked over and over.

Also, even though you are connected with spirits you trust, sometimes your own wants and desires, and even fears, filter through. If you happen to get an answer to something important to you that is scary, it’s probably not from your guides, but your own subconscious mind. Be careful about this.

Always save your session and put it in a particular folder that only you have access. If you have to, encrypt the folder or set a password for the document. Of course, you can always use the same password over and over. Just don’t forget what it is.

You Must Formally Close Out a Session

Closing a computer Automatic Writing session is essential. Although you’ve protected yourself before starting, you don’t want to leave any portals open.

  1. End the session by thanking your guides and other spirits that have come through during the time spent.
  2. Now type, “Session closed, or this session is ended.”
  3. One additional step that I recommend is to nicely ask any lingering spirits to depart and go back to where they came from. Then envision an imaginary portal-type vortex closing. Simultaneously, do this while focusing in the westerly direction. It’s that easy!


In conclusion, using a computer to Automatic Writing is easy and fun to do with just a few essential preparations. Moreover, it’s usefulness to your spiritual growth is invaluable.

Finally, if you keep at it, Automatic Writing with a computer will provide you with a greater understanding of Spirit and your role in this lifetime. Who knows? You may even channel a best-seller!

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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