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This Course May be Simplified But Doesn’t Skimp on Content
Included are Quality Exercises, Live Class Recordings, and YouTube Movies
For Beginners as well as Advanced Level Practitioners

Thanks for an awesome course! I've already done a lot of reading on the Akashic Records from books to video... I found this course to be rich with the most important info needed for this study including historical aspects. Most of all, the meditations were invaluable, as well as the class recordings. I accessed three past lives for myself to start, and this truly has been the most meaning course for me, as far as esoteric study. If you're able to read, watch videos, and spend time practicing the meditation videos you'll do well in this course. Plus, the course is affordable.
~Marlene Taylor

Learn Valuable Insights for:

• Living Patterns from Your Many Lifetimes
• Transforming Negative Karma
• Remembering Relatives & Friends from Another Time
• Why Certain Relationships Happened
• Letting Go of Old Enemies
• Healing Current Relationship Dynamics
• Uncovering Hidden Talents
• Where Your Career Success Lies
• Discovering Your True Life’s Mission
• Releasing Fears and Phobias
• Where You’ve Lived the Most Geographically
• Viewing Future Lives
• What Major Life Lessons You’ve Already Mastered
• How to Instantly Access Your Records
• Who Are the Angels & Guides Assigned to Help
• Different Ways You Can View Your Records
• How to Trust the Insights You Get
• Practitioner-Client Training Included

Read the Akashic Records Easy!

One of my favorite things to do is to go into the Akashic Records for a client to help them with their lives. You can do the same!

What You Will Receive:

eBook PDF of the Entire Course

Recorded Live Class MP3s

Beautifully Recorded MP3 Exercises

Easy to Follow Content

I have taken 4 Akashic records courses and this one was by far the best. Very comprehensive e-book course! I LOVED all the live classes recordings and MP3 exercises and movies.
~D. Doll
Carol sent me a preview of the course and it is astounding! I actually spent about $1,000 on a similar course some years ago and am now sorry I bought it. This course goes far above and beyond what other courses teach. It answered so many questions right up front. I truly felt I was actually in the presence of the Akashic Records for the very first time!
~Marguarete, Mediumship Certified

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I´ve just purchased your Akashic Records Course and can´t imagine being more lucky right now than finding this course.
~David Henningsen

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Modules 1 & 2

MODULE 1 - Week 1 Topics

• What the Akashic Records Are
• Where are the Akashic Records?
• What are the Records Made of?
• The Five Fold Purpose for Accessing the Records
• Accessing the Records and Setting Goals
• Carol’s Top Ten Things to Know about the Records
• Every Person has the Right to Access their Own Records
• Who Named the Akashic Records?
• Best Way to Approach the Records
• What the Bible Says about the Akashic Records

Week 2 Topics

• What Science Says about the Akashic Records
• Edgar Cayce on Reading the Akashic Records
• The Michael Teachings
• The Seth Materials
• Archangel Metatron-The Heavenly Scribe
• The Lords of Karma
• Keepers of the Akashic Records
• Finding Out Your Main Life Purpose
• The Different Ways You Can Access the Records
• Using the 8th Chakra Portal to Access the Records

MODULE 2 - Week 3 Topics

• Personality, Karma, Essence, and Grace Points
• What Your Primary Role Is
• What are Your Secondary Life Purposes?
• Your Life’s Blueprint
• How to Discover Your Next Lifetime
• Your Special Guides for Entering the Records
• Mapping Your Soul Life Direction
• Fears & Phobias, Likes & Dislikes
• Why are Certain People in Our Lives?
• Understanding Karma & Can We Clear It?
• Karmic Relationships, Twin Flames, Lost Loves, Children, Siblings, Parents, Friends, Co-workers, Colleagues

Week 4 Advanced Level Topics

• How to Do a Reading Step by Step
• Basic Grounds Rules for Doing Readings
• How to Give Accurate Readings to Others
• What Happens if You Get Stuck
• Building Confidence
• Level 2-Going into Trance: Optional
• About Trance and How to Achieve Trance States
• Dropping into Theta Trance
• Listen to Sample Reading by Carol
• Listen to a Full Trance Reading
• How to Become Certified

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Unlike our Mediumship and Pathways to Clairvoyance foundation courses, the answer to this is no. Most courses are easily printable or the PDF file can be sent out to UPS, Office Max, or Kinkos to get it printed in case you do not have a printer.


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Always start with Lesson 1 or Week 1 and please do not skip around. For maximum benefit of taking each course, we highly recommend you start at the beginning and do the exercises presented or watch movies, if listed, before going on to the next lesson. Some of the larger courses will have a quiz at the end of each lesson.

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Your Part in the Training Process

Success for connecting with the Akashic Records depends upon the amount of focus put into the course. We cannot guarantee outcome results from taking this course.

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