Lesson 1 Excerpts

Journey to the Akashic Records Exercise
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“As Jesus opened up to the disciples, he told them all about the Book of Life, the Book of God’s Remembrance…”

~The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ


How I First Became Aware of the Akashic Records

Overall Goals of this Course

Lesson 1 Universal Memory Banks

Where the Akashic Records are Located

The Akashic Records Is a Hologram of Information

Love is the Way to Truly Access the Akashic Records

What You Might Envision

Purposes for Accessing the Akashic Records

Looking at the Records from a Different Perspective

What are the Akashic Records made of?

The Etheric Double

Primary Goals for Accessing the Akashic Records

Focus and Intent

Every Person Can Access Their Very Own Records

Reasons for Accessing the Akashic Records

Can We Access the Akashic Records of Others?

Approach the Records with Love, Gratitude, and Humility

Why Don’t We have Memories of the Akashic Records?

Awareness of the Akashic Records through History

When Did the Western World Learn about the Akashic Records?

Carol’s Top Ten Things to Know about the Akashic Records

Gaining Entry to the Akashic Records

Various Ways You Can Access the Akashic Records

Where Are The Records Located?

A Brief Explanation of Each Plane of Existence

How We’re Connected to the Planes of Existenc

You Might be Interested in these Optional YouTube Movies

Lesson 2

What can be Gained by Viewing Our Own Akashic Records?

What Science Has to Say about the Akashic Records

Edgar Cayce, America’s Sleeping Prophet, and the Akashic Records

How Cayce Accessed the Records in His Own Words

Sub-Subconscious Mind Stores and Processes Past Lives

Michael Teachings and the Akashic Records

Seth Materials

Higher Beings that Oversee the Akashic Records

The First is Archangel Metatron.

Lords of Karma

Keepers of The Akashic Records

Entering the Akashic Records

Written Preparation Basics-Grounding-Deep Breathing-Protection

Aligning Yourself with the Plane of the Akashic Records

What Would You Like the Akashic Records to Reveal?

Determining a Main Life Purpose

Finding out Lesser Life Purposes

Using Prayer

How to Do an Akashic Record Reading for Someone Else

Lesson 3

Personality Essence, Archetypes, Karma, and Grace Points

Your Basic Personality as a Soul

The Main Seven Archetypes

What are Your Basic Personality Roles?

More about Our Akashic Life Blueprint

Edgar Cayce on “Our Life Blueprint”

How Lifetime Planning Works

Your Gifts and Talents are Recorded in the Akashic Records

How Fears and Phobias Occur

Let’s Do Some Investigating

Instant Likes or Dislikes

Understanding Karma

Can We Change Our Akashic Records?

Akashic Record Balancing

The Records of Our Children

How You Chose Your Career

Indications of Cause of Death in Previous Lifetimes

Various Karmic Issues

Recurring Negative Patterns

Using Grace Points to Release and Balance Issues

Love and Karmic Relationships in the Akashic Records

You are Creative Enough to Compose Your Own Meditations

Karmic Relationships

Characteristics of a Karmic Relationship

Soul Mates

Twin Flames

Powerful Prayer for Transforming Karma

Exploring World Events

Level 2 Lesson 4

Viewing the Future

Basic Ground Rules for Doing Readings for Other

Accessing the Akashic Records for Others

Your First Reading for Another Person

Doing readings by mail or email

Level 2 – Trance States for Reading the Akashic Records

Important Facts to Know about Trance States

Light Trance State

What Happens in Light Trance?

Full Trance State

Learning How to Go into Trance



Welcome to Lesson 1 – Level 1

Before you begin your journey into the Akashic Records, you may want to think of yourself as an intrepid explorer. Excursions into the Records require courage, self-honesty, and the willingness to change or heal.

These adventures will open the door to new lifetime potentialities you never dreamed possible. All this, of course, is dependent upon your desire and commitment to see, learn, and grow from the experiences of these lifetimes. Your experiences might even require forgiveness of self and others.

Universal Memory Banks

 What many people are not aware of is that the Records are not just Records of human lifetimes, but of Records from the entire Universe. Each planet, solar system, galaxy, and the entire universe has a memory just as we humans do. Other galaxies have their set of memory banks.

The reality of the Akashic Records includes all life and events in the known universe. For the sake of this course, we will primarily address the “local Records” of the Earth. Occasionally, a lifetime on another planet or star system is revealed to show how one has universally evolved throughout their entire soul’s existence.

Note: For ease of understanding, we will mostly center our attention on the Akashic Records of Earth’s inhabitants.

Where the Akashic Records are Located

 The Akashic Records are situated within the Akashic Plane sometimes referred to as The Akasha. Physicists now know that our Universe is expanding. Consequently, the Akashic Plane, or dimension, is also expanding and is in continual flux with new data continuously being added. These additions occur at a phenomenal rate of speed.

here from the beginning of your inception.

Akashic blue-pink circles-cosmic-records

The Akashic Records Are a Hologram of Information

 The Akashic Records are a hologram of information written in a “Language of Light.” This language is like a divine code that maps our soul’s journey and allows us to fulfill our divine mission in each lifetime. Light data is an energy vibration that magnetically inputs new data into the Records. This matter is a magnetic field holding everything together just as the cosmos are held together by certain kinds of matter. It is this energy light vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, and language the human mind can comprehend. Light is inherent to all human beings.

When we access the light of the Akasha, we are automatically connected to it as the light searches to find itself within each and every one of us! The Language of Light is also the language of your Soul. As you are in actuality a light being of spirit, you have instant access to the light. The light is the essence of the God Source that contains this transcendent language as a multi-dimensional quantum expression.

Love is the Way to Truly Access the Akashic Records

 The Divine Language of Light can only be accessed through the vibration of love, caring, and compassion. The Language of Light is also called the Language of Creation/The Source/God/Goddess. It goes by many descriptions, but it is always a divine Highway for connecting with information stemming from the very source of a loving creator.

Every cell, atom, and tissues of our body inherently contains this light.

Everyone is “fluent” in the Language of Light as it is the primary form of connectedness throughout all of God’s creation.

Consciousness Programming Constitutes Reality

The consciousness programs that constitute our reality within the hologram of light can be converted into clear pieces of information–like a “Library of Light.” In this Library of Light, one can extract pieces of information as needed. Although we often use familiar imagery to envisage our Records, they are in actuality a non-physical reality.

In modern terms, the Records are often described akin to the “World Wide Web” that is full of information. Each person’s Akashic Record is a nonphysical energy system where an individual’s etheric “page” is imprinted on the ethers of the Akashic frequency. These pages can primarily be accessed if one knows how to attune with the distinctive frequency in which it is contained. Events past, and future are mainly visible to us while in the Akashic Records or in the dream state.

Not only do individuals have an Akashic Record, but the Records of histories of whole civilizations, regardless how small or brief, and earthly events from the beginning of time on our planet are all contained within the Records.

What You Might See

In the presence of the Akashic Records, you might view a scene like a full-color movie complete with a plot and characters. Or you might see flashes of images, feel distinct emotions, and even hear certain sounds and words. When inquiring about future lifetimes, answers are only potentialities. There are no absolutes in future lifetimes, but rather alternate possibilities dependent upon our actions current in our current life.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce Did Life Readings from the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are Not Actual Books

The Records are not actual books or scrolls although many people metaphorically see them as such. Edgar Cayce, while in a trance, envisioned the Records as being part of a vast library with stacks of books going off into infinity. This visualization is the concept most commonly held.

As previously mentioned, the Records are magnetic vibrations. It is this magnetic energy that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and a language that the human mind can comprehend. The Akashic Records reveal every aspect of you and all the potentialities for your future in this life and future lifetimes. When an individual consciously opens their Records, they might perceive an entire lifetime at once or may glimpse bits and pieces of a life to be put together like a puzzle. Again, information is energetically recorded in the vibration of the Light and  Love which interpenetrates everything that exists in our Universe.

* Edgar Cayce, (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) was an American mystic who was able to diagnose illnesses and prescribe naturopathic cures. He talked about reincarnation and gave prophetic readings on wars, Atlantis, and future events while in a deep trance. Later in life, he began reading the Akashic Records for clients giving them what he called, Life Readings.

Listen to: A Journey into the Akashic Plane MP3 below.

When entering the Records for the purpose of asking a specific question, an individual may not be shown everything at once. In fact, the amount of data flowing in can be overwhelming as there is so much to take in.

You may only see part of your soul’s journey that is pertinent to you at present.

Looking at the Records from a Different Perspective

For the technically minded, the Akashic Records Akashic Records are  like a gigantic computer database that contains every word, thought, emotion, action, and experience that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane called the Akashic Plane. You might think of the Akashic Records as being like a Gigantic Universal Computer with data banks containing individual files and subfolders. Metaphorically, each soul has a central file attributed to it and contained within that file are the sub-folders of the many lifetimes the soul has lived. Additionally, groups of souls, past events, organizations, and locations all have a set of Akashic Records.

Common Beliefs of What the Akashic Records Really Are

There are certain schools of thought that assert that the Akashic Records are actually the:

  • Cosmic Mind
  • Cosmic Collective Consciousness
  • (Courtesy of Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung), The Collective Unconscious
  • Soul Records
  • Universal Source Field
  • Source Point
  • Mind of God
  • The Book of Life

From a human perspective, the Records are continuously being updated with each new thought, emotion, or action that every incarnated person experiences. The Akashic Records, therefore, retain the energetic blueprint and journey of every soul through its myriad of lifetimes. This same effect also applies to the Records of all cultures and civilizations.

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