Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.

Aircraft Mechanic Has a Ghostly Encounter

“As an aircraft mechanic with a major airline, I was assigned to work on a turbine engine test cell. At that time I worked swing shift, 3pm to 11:30pm. One typical night I was working with another mechanic. We had just installed a turbo fan engine and were both kneeling down on both sides of the engine facing each other. We were busy hooking up the fuel control cables for another engine test run. The “test cell” was a large concrete room with a small normal size door in the back of the test cell for an emergency exit. While Lou and I were continuing the hook up, we heard the front test cell door open, then close. I thought it was our supervisor coming to check up on us. I could clearly hear footsteps echoing inside the test cell and getting closer. I did not check it out because I was too busy. The footsteps made it to the steel ladder and sounded like they were starting to climb up. When both Lou and I looked to see who was there– nobody, nothing! We both looked at each other with wide eyes and I said to Lou, “What did you hear?” Lou told me he heard the test cell door open then close and then footsteps coming up the ladder to where we were.

Aircraft Hanger Ghost

We immediately stopped what we were doing and left the test cell through the emergency door which led us out side. We walked around the large building to the front entrance and came in through the offices to our supervisor’s office. We told him of our experience, and of course, whenever you tell someone you have heard a ghost, you get the same reaction– a laugh and the typical rolling of the eyes. His reaction was definitely typical.

The rest of the night was a little uneasy. We had to finish with the engine, hook it up, and run it. The worst part was the ridicule from the other mechanics. Some people can be so stoutheartedness test cell technicians. LOL. But it was all in fun. Over the next few years the other techs made a sign and put it on the test cell door. “John and Lou’s ghost of test cell 6.”

~John M., 2007, Las Vegas, Nevada

johnandMeCarol’s note:
John has had other experiences he has shared with me about his “airline ghosts” over the years. Because of his ghostly experiences, he joined a “Taps” (as seen on the Sci Fi channel) affiliated group in Las Vegas.

Above right: Carol & John at a Paranormal Conference in Las Vegas, 2009.