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Visit the Angel Realms Exercise
Advanced Angels Certification Training

“Then I looked and heard the voices of Angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders, and the number of them was myriads, and thousands upon thousands.”
~Revelations 5:11

Lesson 1:       

Angels and the Angelic Realms

How Angel’s Might Appear to Us

Angels are Huge and Powerful

Angel Guardians

Celestial Hierarchy of Angels

Where Angels Live

Make an Angel Oasis

Strong Invocation for Summoning Your Guardian Angels

Fin Out Your Guardian Angel’s Name

Judeo-Christian Archangels

Lesser Known Archangels

How Angels Communicate to Us

Divine Guidance for Life’s Big Decisions

Calling on Your Angels to Help You Make a Decision

Honing Your Connection with the Angels

Understanding Signs from Your Angels

What You Need to Know When Invoking an Angel

Angel “Looking” Mirror!

Class Materials Summation for Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Test Your Knowledge Quiz

Lesson 2:

Overview on Angelic Healing

The Archangels

Where Does the Word Archangel Come From?

Archangels Michael and Gabriel

Connecting with the Angels

You Can Easily Visualize Your Angels

Recognize True from False Angelic Guidance

Letter Writing

Make a Special Angel Box

Draw Your Angel

Important Helpful Reminders

Prayers to Invoke the Archangels

Meanings of Angel Names

A List of Angels

Class Materials Summation for Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Test Your Knowledge Quiz

Lesson  3:

The “Watcher” Angels

Other Archangels

Angels and Numbers

Angel Crystals

Who are the Fallen Angels?

List of Fallen Angels

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Lesson 3 Test Your Knowledge Quiz

Lesson 4:

The Angel Chakra

Healing with the Angels

Relationships Healing

Romantic Relationships Breaking the Ties that Bind

Familial Relationships

Relationships with Children

Angels are a Wonderful Resource for Businesses

Healing Rainbow Colors:

Archangel Healing and the Chakras

The Chakras and the 7 Color Rays

Angelic Shielding and Methods for Protection

Focused Meditation

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Test Your Knowledge Quiz Lesson 4

Lesson 5:

Promoting the Psychic Senses with the Angels

Safe Meditation for Entering Theta Trance

Start Practicing Your Newly Enhanced Skills

Trying Too Hard

Overcoming Tension, Fears, and Concerns

About Angel Deck Guidebooks

Giving a Reading that Naturally Flows

How to Cleanse Your Cards

Class Materials Summation for Lesson 5

Test Your Knowledge Quiz for Lesson 5

Lesson 6:

Performing Spectacular Angel Readings

Types of Angel Card Decks

Giving Actual Angel Card Readings

Prepare Your Angel Reading Table

Working with Client Questions

Steps for Asking the Angels Questions for another Person

Angels of the Day of the Week, Planets, Sun Signs

How to Determine Timing:

Other Angel Card Spreads

Make Up Your Own Spread!

What to Do if You Get Stuck During a Reading

Legal Stuff

Class Materials Summation for Lesson 6

How to Become Certified


Spiritual development is part of a person’s overall healthy functioning that includes mental, physical, and emotional health. Importantly, Angels are a direct path towards accessing spiritual energy and divine love.

Dating back to the early origins of humanity, it’s believed that connecting to Angels also enables and accelerates spiritual growth. Of important note, people that regularly communicate with Angels enjoy a close connection with God and have greater self-confidence and harmony within them.

Additionally, people have described seeing Angels during emotional periods and dramatic life changes. Specifically, these events include the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, and other kinds of major life changes.  Also, Angels have long been associated with helping people overcome obstacles and to heal from painful experiences.

Angel looking at earth

As mentioned, Angels are mainly considered Messengers of God. The name Angels comes from the Greek word ‘angelos’ meaning “messenger.” Their purpose is to bring God’s word and messages to humanity along with other important tasks that God assigns to them.

Moreover, many individuals believe Angels are also our protectors against harm and the dark forces. Hence, we have a Guardian Angel or two, depending on one’s beliefs or religion.

Many Angels and most Archangel’s names end with the “el” suffix. “El” means “in or of God” and the first half of the name represents what each Archangel is responsible for.

Archangels Most Commonly Mentioned in the Christian Bible

The commonly known Archangels depicted in the Christian Bible are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel.  Surprisingly, there’re several sources which list the names of other Archangels. These come from the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism and Jewish traditions.

In the eighth century, the Christian Church became alarmed at the rampant adoration of Angels by the Christian community.  For some unknown reason, in 745 A.D. under Pope Zachary, a Roman council ordered seven Angels removed from the ranks of the Church’s recognized Archangels, two of them being Archangels Uriel and Raguel.

Angels are said to be androgynous. In other words, they have both male and female attributes. It is interesting in art and literature that Angels seemed to be pictured as either predominantly male. Rarely are they portrayed as female.

Christianity inherited its Angels from Judaism. Medieval Christian and scholarly monks moved in two directions with the subject of Angels. The first is characterized by a:

Fascination with the personalities of specific angelic figures such as in the Book of Enoch, The Testament of Abraham, and Elijah, describe the functions of The Archangel Uriel.

The second Angelology tradition is primarily a philosophical one. This particular philosophy focuses on such issues as the corporeality or non-corporeality of Angels and the precise ordering of the hierarchy of Angels. As messengers of God, Angels are most appropriately denizens of monotheistic (one god) faiths but are also included in many religions such as Hinduism, which has a pantheon of many Angel-like deities.

Angels Send Us Artistic Inspiration

Poets, composers, and artists have called upon Angels in their works, often drawing inspiration and connecting on a very deep and personal emotional level. William Shakespeare (1564-1616), the famous playwright, drew upon Angels for artistic inspiration in many of his plays: (Hamlet I.iv.39) He proclaimed, “Angels and ministers of grace defend us!”

Doreen Virtue says, “You have Guardian Angels with you right now. These Angels are pure beings of Divine light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life. The word Angel means “messenger of God.” Angels carry messages between the Creator and the created, like Heavenly postal carriers.”

Composer, George F. Handel (1685-1759), created the great Christmas work, The Messiah, in twenty-four days. Upon entering his room right after Handel had completed the final chorus, a servant found him crying. Handel was overcome with emotion and said, “I did think I saw all Heaven before me and the great God Himself.”

During the sixteenth and seventeenth century, many people including theologians questioned and disputed the powers of Angels. Some said that Angels were unnecessary, while others denied their healing powers.

Belief in Angels Has Waxed and Waned Over the Centuries

Amazingly, while belief in Angels has waxed and waned over time, interest in healing through Angels has renewed in recent decades. This is even more surprising as we’re in a time of greater scientific cures and technology.

Vintage Photo-Mary Baker Eddy

The founder of the Christian Science movement.

Mary Baker Eddy, Founder Christian Science Movement

Eddy described Angels as “celestial visitants, flying on the spiritual, not material. Angels are pure thoughts of God, winged with Truth and Love.”

How Angels Appear to Us

Angels are seen as radiant pulsing beings of multi‐dimensional spheres of light. Or, they look like spirals and cones of light ranging in size from a dot to a galaxy. Their fibers of flowing energy extend outwardly to every part of the universe. Some perceive these fibers as being the source of wings or halos seen on Angels. When Angels descend into earth’s vibration, they bring the Light of Heaven with them, and this is why many people claim to have witnessed a brilliant white light surrounding the figure when experiencing a rare angelic encounter.

As mentioned, Angels are androgynous, having both male and female qualities along with their individual characteristics. They come to us appearing in ways that are personal.. For example, Angels often appear disguised as animals, something in nature, or in human forms that are comfortable for us.

Angels Attempt to Blend with Your Ethnic Heritage When They Appear

Angels have appeared differently to people in different parts of the world. While some people have described seeing Angels that resemble them, others describe Angels as fiery beings similar to bright shining balls of light. However, all descriptions unite into one common theme: Angelic beings emanate light and at times are seen as shimmering figures with wings. Many people, who are familiar with depictions of Angels in classical paintings, see them portrayed as such.

Angels do not always appear having wings. Just ask those who claim to have had a divine encounter with an Angel. They often described the Angel as looking like an ordinary person. Usually, there was no awareness an Angel had helped them until after the event.

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained Angels unawares.”
~Hebrews 13:2

Angels are Huge and Powerful

Angels are not the sugary beings some would portray them as. The Angels assigned to us are gigantic in stature and have an incredibly powerful vibration. However, they scale down their size and vibration to either deliver a message or to intercede and provide assistance when sent by God or to save someone’s life or assist in difficult situations. Even though you cannot usually see your Guardian Angels, they are a significant, protective, and loving presence. Tune in the angelic realm every day and thank your Angels for what they are doing for you.

Angels are loving and benevolent; always assisting people in achieving their life mission, valuing their potential, and encouraging their talents. Positive words have always described all experiences of Angels.

Joyful and loving, Angels help people access universal spiritual energy and grow closer to God. Angels love unconditionally and are free of judgment or bias. People, who are receptive to the concept of Angels, often experience an immediate sense of peace and well-being. This openness also can bring about a psychic awareness and a direct connection.

Angels Take on Different Guises

Angels will take forms that are familiar to and understood for any culture imaginable. They appear in ways which are familiar to us. For example, if a Caucasian-looking Angel appears to someone of Japanese ancestry, they may not be recognized as an Angel. Another example: Angels have been reported as being Black. For North American Indians or remote indigenous cultures, they might even appear as a power animal or even a God-like totem that is known to that culture. In ancient times, Angels have even been construed as being some kind of fearsome God. Archeologists have uncovered evidence of this all around the globe.

An Overview of the Angels and the Angelic Realms

In recent years, acceleration in the belief and importance of Angels is once again becoming popular. Many books have been written about Angel interventions and what they do. The subject of Angels has even become cottage industries.

It’s said that God, the Divine Source, created the Angels before humanity. When God created man, Angels were assigned to be the intermediaries between God, the Divine Source, and humans. Angels are defined primarily as message bearers, but this is not exclusive to their functions. Angels will use various ways to communicate with humans which you will learn more about later in this lesson.

Stories of divine interventions from heavenly beings have been recorded from ancient times. Moreover, there may be evidence that angelic contact occurred as early as 10,000 years ago seen in cave drawings by Paleolithic man.

Ancient cultures such as the Sumerians, Babylonians, Persians, and Egyptians, as well as other indigenous groups, have left us a legacy of mysterious carvings showing winged humanoid shapes to ponder. Are these beings ancient astronauts as some believe, or are they true spiritual entities that exist solely to help mankind as recorded in more recent religious texts?

Watch How to Set Up an Angel Reading Table

This is just one of the many videos in this course.

Angels in the Middle Ages

According to Cabalistic [kab-uh-lis-tik] doctrines of the Middle Ages, the number of Angels hovering closest to the earthly realm numbered at about 301,000,000. From this group come the Guardian Angels. Now the Talmud tells us that every Jew is assigned eleven thousand Angels at birth to serve as their Guardian Angels. However, Christian tradition says that each person has two Guardian Angels assigned at birth.

Most people have at least one Guardian Angel with them throughout their lifetime. Your own Guardian is an extraordinary kind of Angel that is with you from the moment you are born to help you move throughout your life towards the light. A Guardian Angel is also a personal protector that watches over their charge. In general terms, these heavenly Guardians only interfere in one’s life if they are explicitly invited in, sent by God, or that their charge is in mortal danger.

When Guardian Angels Intervene

Guardian Angels will only intervene when it is a matter of life and death and that person’s time for passing has not yet come. Messenger Angels are Angels that sometimes take on human form for short periods to give a message, offer help in times of danger, or teach a valuable lesson.

Guardian Angels don’t wish to frighten us, and initially, their approach may be very subtle. When out of the ordinary incidents occur, we need to process this and get used to the idea that something beyond the norm has happened to us. Once we’ve accepted and become used to the notion our Guardian Angels are with us, the more conscious contact can occur.

The realm of the Angels is very different from ours. Therefore, it’s difficult for them to manifest fully in our dimension. Our human vision finds it almost impossible to see them. Subsequently, Angels use signs to show that they are with us. In Lesson 3, I will cover more about signs Angels provide us with that indicate they are near. Right now, I’ll give you a hint. If a white feather, in whatever condition, appears seemingly out of nowhere, this is an indication that your Guardian Angels are saying hello or want you to stop and “listen” for any messages they might be sending. I have had this often happen in my life. Years ago, “I’d pick it up and wonder, “Where did this come from.” Now I know!

Our Guardian Angels Often Match Our Personality

Guardian Angels adapt their approach according to our personality. Some Angels are more hands-on than others. They like to make it clear that they are with us. Or, Guardian Angels prefer to stand back and wait to be invited. If you haven’t thought of doing this before, now mentally encourage your Guardian Angels to be active in your life in every way they can. They will appreciate this gesture!

Question: “Where are the Angels? Are they in heaven?”

Carol’s answer: It depends on what you mean by “heaven.” The notion of heaven is different for many kinds of people and religions. We know there is a specific dimension, or realm, where the Angels reside. This dimension is not high up in the air or way out in space, as most people think of heaven to be, but co-exists with our own earthly dimension. This is why the Archangels and Angels can come and go so effortlessly.

The Celestial Hierarchy of Angels

In the 4th or 5th century, one of the earliest Christian theologians, Dionysius the Aerolite, set forth a hierarchy of Angels. This ranking of Angels was later endorsed in the 11th century by religious scholar St. Thomas of Aquinas with each hierarchy is made up of three levels. This delineation of Angels is still widely followed today but is not the only hierarchy that has been put forth.

Think of the Hierarchy of Angels Like the Rings Around Saturn

The following is a commonly adhered to version of the ranks of Angels.

First Hierarchy:

  • Seraphim: “Fiery” spirits pictured with wings and flames; they constantly sing God’s praise and regulate heaven.
    Cherubim: Depicted with multi-eyed peacock feathers to symbolize all knowing.
    Thrones: The many-eyed ones represented by the wheels of fire to symbolize divine majesty.

Second Hierarchy:

  • Dominions: Carry scepter and sword to symbolize the divine power of overall creation.
  • Virtues: The brilliant or shining ones are associated with acts of heroism.
  • Powers: Prevent the fallen Angels from taking over the world and keep the universe in balance.

Third Hierarchy:

  • Principalities: Represent the proctors of princes. Also, Guardian Angels of cities and nations
  • Archangels: Carry God’s messages to humans, command God’s armies of Angels in the constant battle with the Sons of Darkness.
  • Angels: Celestial beings closest to humans, they are the intermediary between God and mortals. Angels are Earth’s Guardians too.

There are numerous tiers of Guardian Angels which are not necessarily assigned to individual humans. For example, a nature Angel is a protector of a particular geographic area on the earth. To illustrate, a nature Angel is charged with caretaking an ocean.

Archangels such as Michael with his sword of truth, for example, serves as a Guardian for the entire planet.

Where Angels Dwell

Angels reside in a different realm or dimension that is part of the Astral Plane. (The Astral Plane is an alternate dimension in an equivalent space to our own). This is the plane that is closest to our earth plane. Within the realm are many sub-planes which various Angels reside in. I like to think of these sub-planes as diverse bubble worlds that hold Angels with specializations, always busily working to help mankind…

Learn Great Angel Card Layout Spreads!

Celtic Spread Angel Card Layout

LESSON 5 – Excerpts

You’ll Be Learning Step-by-Step How to Do Angel Readings

  1. Get to know thoroughly the deck that you are using.
  2. Practice the previous suggestions many times.
  3. Start with a simple spread (Lesson 6) and practice the layout until you know it by heart. Don’t try to be perfect. Let the Angels help you.
  4. Then start practicing on friends. Let them know you are just learning. Believe me; most friends will flock to your door to get an Angel Card reading!

About Angel Deck Guidebooks

As with Tarot or any kind of Oracle Card deck, your Angel card deck will come with a small booklet of some sort that has explanations on the meanings of each card. As you read the description, pay attention to any emotions, words, or thoughts that come to you while looking at particular cards. Anything at all that could be a divine message from the Angels which will help you to assign an additional meaning to the card.

Importantly, making notes while perusing each card will help you to remember your own first intuitive impressions. You can annotate these impressions right in the booklet, or I recommend having a notebook handy to record your own impression meanings for each card.

Doing Reading Professionally

As you move towards doing more professional readings, reading from a booklet is amateurish and unprofessional. People that come to you for an Angel reading and then see you pull out a guidebook, may not think you’re a genuine intuitive. They might see this as someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Furthermore, they may not return.

(Note: I do have an exception to these statements in lessons 6.) 

Readings that Naturally Flow

One of the most important factors for providing a reading is that the flow seems easy and natural to your readee (querent or person getting the reading) without significant halts or seemingly stuck about what you are seeing. Of course, this happens to all of us even if we’ve done readings for years. The trick is to move through times of hesitation without visibly panicking until the information starts flowing in once again. I will show you how to do this in one of the new videos I have made for this course featuring how I do a couple of Angel spreads.

It’s Important to Clear Your Cards

When you first open your new deck of cards, it’s essential for you to cleanse and prepare them for doing actual readings. Cleansing your cards when they’re new will help to align them directly with the Angels and rid them of any unwanted energies they may have picked up before you purchased them.

As you continue doing readings, it’s vital to reshuffle them in-between readings. This act is a mini-cleansing of sorts and readies the cards for the next reading. This holds true for any Oracle card or Tarot reading. If you don’t cleanse the cards, the chances are that any energy from a previous reading, will confuse any impressions you’re getting.


Listen to Live Class Recordings for Lesson 1

Meditation Exercises for Lesson 1 (Sample below)


Included Meditation Exercises:

  • Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities with the Angels
  • Going into a Deep Theta Trance State

Numerous Movies for Doing Fantastic Angel Card Readings

You’ll Learn the 3-Card Spread as Starters

The best known three card spread is the Past/Present/Future layout. For this spread, place the the first card you draw on the left. This represents the past. This card reveals what past energies could be influencing the situation or question. The next card you draw is in the center of the three cards and represents the present. This second card reveals what is currently going on in regard to the question or situation. Place the third and final card to the right. This represents the future. Additionally, this last card shows the potential outcome of your current situation. Moreover, with this spread, it’s important to remember that the time-frame of these messages can vary. The future could be months from now or tomorrow Next, use your intuition to interpret the cards.

A variation to the three-card spread that really helps you to connect with your Angels is the Situation/Challenge/Guidance spread. Again, the first card that you draw is placed on the left. This card represents the issue that your Angels would like to help you with in the present moment. Place in the center the second card which represents what your Angels would like you to know about your situation. This card reveals present challenges with your situation. The final card is placed to the right. It represents the guidance your Angels have for you regarding your problem or situation.

Draw Your Card

This step might seem intimidating at first because you’re probably worrying about picking the wrong card. Doreen Virtue tells us to trust the Angels, and you will need to trust with the card you draw. The Divine Law of Attraction ensures that whatever card you draw is the right one for the situation.  The card that you select will provide the answer that you are seeking. Pay attention to everything about the card. If there are words on them, then be mindful of any feelings that emerge as you are reading them. The illustrations and symbols on the card are also important and are a part of the message that Angels are sending to you….

End of Sample Course Excerpts

[1] Cabalistic – sometimes associate

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