Psychic Training Certification Mission

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Imagine Spirit is a dynamic, safe, and effective Psychic Arts Training organization dedicated to excellence and student focus. Most noteworthy, is that we take pride in providing an encouraging and loving atmosphere for each and every student that begins a course.


Imagine Spirit has been teaching classes on the Internet since 2001. Carol Nicholson, P.h.D. and Certified Psychic-Medium, has been teaching nationwide for over thirty years. She is one of the most qualified and experienced spiritual teachers in the United States.

Carol Nicholson’s Credentials

Dedicated to Raising the Bar for Mediumship and Psychic Training Certification Home Study Learning

I’ve always been dedicated to raising the bar on Psychic, Mediumship, and spiritual intuitive development. All courses that Imagine Spirit offers contain the best teachings available that are easy to follow. The interactive resources included will provide an enhanced learning experience that makes you feel as though you are right in a classroom.

In each course, you will experience many “aha” moments. Your confidence levels will soar knowing that you possess in-depth knowledge and strong practical application skills.

Beginners to Advanced Levels Will Benefit

If you are an absolute beginner, our psychic medium courses start with step-by-step basics and then move you quickly into highly advanced concepts. If you are already an advanced practitioner, your abilities will soar to new heights. The investment you make today will bless and benefit you for the rest of your life. As a result, you will continually be connected with the Light of Spirit.

How Imagine Spirit Got Started

In 2001, Carol Nicholson made the risky decision to leave the corporate world and pursue her real passion of teaching. Thus, what Carol learned over thirty years of doing professional readings and teaching psychic classes is now infused into Imagine Spirit’s classes.

Carol began facilitating numerous seminars around the country from California to the East Coast and teaching classes by phone. Since then, Imagine Spirit has students from all over the globe taking courses and many have become certified in their chosen areas. Many have shared that after taking other courses and in-person classes, they wished they had taken Imagine Spirit’s courses instead.

Carol Nicholson teaching a weekend seminar.

Why We’re Here

IMAGINE SPIRIT provides the direction for furthering the student’s spiritual evolution and awakening. Furthermore, in each psychic training certification course offered, we supply in-depth knowledge and ways to build confidence. Even more, we provide insights on what to expect in real world scenarios. Finally, students receive experiential practice and practical application for mastery in a chosen field of expertise. Above all, students will become more credible by becoming certified and attract more clients.


We Are Dedicated to Excellence and Focus On Our Students

Each Student Is Our Focus!

IMAGINE SPIRIT is dedicated to supporting spiritual practitioners in their pursuit of mastery in all areas of the intuitive arts. With our wide selection of psychic training certification programs, students can take classes in numerous intuitive and spiritual subjects. Additionally, certification if offered for credibility and proof of solid training.

IMAGINE SPIRIT provides a way for furthering a student’s spiritual evolution and awakening. In each program and class offered, we supply sufficient knowledge, how to build confidence, real world scenarios, and the experiential practice needed for mastery in a chosen area of study.

Innovative and Self-Directed Learning for Psychic Training Certification

Imagine Spirit provides innovative training in Mediumship Development, Psychic-Clairvoyance, and Intuitive Spiritual Fast Track Programs. Additionally, we created our psychic training certification courses in a home study format so that attendance in person is not required.

As a consequence, Imagine Spirit has certified numerous students from all over the globe who are highly successful in their chosen field of expertise.

“I feel so blessed to have been given the courage to take the leap of faith and start Imagine Spirit on-line. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. With all the chaos in the world, students just like you are now feeling a strong pull to grow spiritually. They just need the right training and direction to accomplish this. I am convinced this is why Imagine Spirit is still going strong after 18 years.”

In the Spirit of Light,

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