Super Psychic Attributes and Indicators

Learn about the Psychic Reception Area

Just What Does Being Super Psychic Mean?

Twelve ways to know you’re super psychic shows the various ways psychic practitioners can assess their abilities. Importantly, psychic skills involve the perception seemingly independent of our usual five senses of physical sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. This is also called our sixth sense. Other words used to describe psychic abilities are intuition, second sight, clairvoyance, prophecy, and telepathy.

Being psychic or having psychic abilities is a genuine part of our natural self. There is nothing evil about having psychic abilities.

Humanity was endowed with these sensitive qualities as a way to assist us in making decisions, judgments, avoiding danger, and moving through life with an extra set of skills beyond the normal five senses. In fact, we are employing our natural psychic traits all the time by thinking, day-dreaming, wondering, and having insights or those “Aha” moments.

Psychic Abilities Manifest in Different Ways

Psychic abilities manifest in a variety of ways for each individual. We may get a feeling about something that gives us information that can be considered an important message from our innermost self.

This subtle message can represent something important that is currently going on in our lives that we should be paying attention to. For example, you get the strong feeling someone is thinking about you right at that moment, and you hear from them almost immediately. Or, you get a sense something is wrong with someone you care about, and when contacting them, you find out they are indeed having difficulties.

The level of psychic prowess you may possess depends upon how well you notice synchronicities in your life with intuitive sensing beyond the known five senses.

Psychic Indicators

Certain individuals seem to be aware of a high level of psychic attunement from childhood. Others may feel as though a “psychic switch” has been turned on later in life and intuitively know something new is going on with stepped-up psychic impressions. These traits, whether lifelong or new, may include:

  • having premonitions
  • nighttime dreams that come true
  • waking visions
  • strong feelings that ultimately bear out as truth
  • hearing voices (and you know that you’re not s), and a strong knowing about a person, place, or thing previously unknown to them but bears out as being correct later on.

Know Your Psychic Reception Area!

First of all, the psychic reception area is primarily your clairsentience.  Psychic feeling is the one extrasensory channel that is most often linked to a physical sensation.  Specifically, your entire body functions as a “Psychic Feeling Antenna” (that’s why you can sense someone staring at you. Or, more telling, you have the ability to sense someone sneaking up behind you).

Your psychic reception area lies in the tummy area from the top of the diaphragm to just below the navel—your solar plexus. What you feel there can be as mild as “butterflies” or as uncomfortable as a knot in the pit of your stomach.

It’s Associated with the Third Chakra

The solar plexus is your Third Chakra. That this chakra functions, among other things, as a “master antenna” is not surprising. Hundreds of nerve networks associated with autonomic (involuntary) nervous system are located there. These networks spread over the abdomen like a latticework of fine wires.


Secondly, the automatic nervous system not only provides direct assess for psychic impressions to the sub-conscious mind, but it’s also linked to every major organ and most endocrine glands. As such, it maintains and regulates all the body’s vital automatic functions. These include the pulse, blood pressure, fluid balances, respiration, metabolism and so on.

Ultimately, you use the sensitivity of this region as your Feeling Psychic Reception Area. The trick is to be aware of events that cause sensations when they happen.

An interesting test you can try:

Want to test your psychic receiption area? Here’s a fun exercises to do.

  1. Set your intention to identify colors of wash cloths by feeling alone. Of course, your eyes are closed for this. No cheating.
  2. Hold the cloths over different parts of your body and remember your impressions. Remember to include holding them over the abdomen. You will most likely find that the strongest and most correct impressions happen there.

In Conclusion:

In summary, having strong psychic impressions allows you to have heightened perceptions beyond the physical self of what is going on in and around you. There may be a subtle sense that you want these silent messages to help you navigate through the complex waters of life. Sadly, many individuals either do not recognize these extra-sensory occurrences for what they actually mean or choose to ignore them.

And, the chances are that you do recognize when you’re having a psychic experience. Ultimately, this may prompt you to learn more about your own unique set of psychic senses, better understand them, desire to use them on demand, and to what extent you wish to incorporate them into your daily life.

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by Carol Nicholson, Ph.D., and Certified Psychic-Medium

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