12 Questions on How to Develop Mediumship Answered

///Twelve Vital Mediumship Questions Answered

Find Answers to Your Mediumship and Psychic Development Questions!

I receive many questions daily from individuals on how to develop Mediumship. Additionally, many of these questions involve Psychic training as well.

If you’re thinking about starting Mediumship or Psychic training, I’ve listed the most common questions and provided answers here. Read on and perhaps you will see a question answered that is important for you at this time.


With the proper training, dedication, practice, and mindset, almost anyone can become a medium! Of course, some individuals are natural mediums and have everything they need to be a full-fledged Medium early in life. They most likely have experienced spirits coming to them already. These types of individuals only require some learning tools and management of their abilities, so they are not always bombarded by the dead all the time.  Many individuals have this ability and choose to ignore it. Some are frightened by it, and some, feel a strong calling to make it a vocation.

So,  you’re are asking yourself,  “How do I begin Mediumship training?” For starters, look for a metaphysical bookstore, group, or teacher in your area that trains in Mediumship studies. In your search, investigate teachers or programs thoroughly before investing a lot of money. Sadly, not all teachers are fully qualified to teach. I’ve heard of this problems many times according to students that have turned to Imagine Spirit’s Mediumship home study training.

What to look for:

  • Look for a teacher that has many years of Mediumship experience. I’m talking about at least 20 years minimum.

  • Find a group that is run by a Medium with the same amount of experience or more as mentioned above. In addition to this, ask to see valid certification. This part is essential. Otherwise, you may find that you’re spending a great deal of money and not developing correctly. By this I mean, never getting verifiable spirit contact.

  • Avoid FREE Mediumship training courses unless you are taking them for fun. These courses might provide some useful information. However, they won’t magically turn you into a full-fledged medium. Mediumship is a progressive process of unfoldment. (See video at the bottom.)

  • A few teachers advertise one-on-one Mediumship mentoring and charge several thousand dollars for this. Not everyone has that kind of money to spend. Furthermore, it may not yield the results that you had hoped for. Be aware that there are several excellent alternatives.

  • Be very sure any investment you make yields successful results for making true spirit contact within a few months. If not, have an exist clause in the program.

  • If a teacher or group is rude to you, is highly critical,or verbally abusive, leave it immediately. Unfortunately, this can happen as there’s a lot of ego seen in the world of Mediumship training.


A Medium is someone who can communicate with spirits on behalf of another living being. The word suggests that the medium acts as a midway point, halfway between the worlds of the living and the dead.


There are several categories of Mediumship. Below I’ve listed the most commonly recognized:

Mental Mediumship:

Mental Mediums make spirit contact and relay messages to others present. In performing Mental Mediumship, the Medium is fully aware of their surroundings and can make the spirit connection without going into a trance.

Physical Mediumship:

A Physical Medium is a medium that goes into a deep trance state and with the help of their unique spirit guides and controls. Physical Mediums produce phenomena such as ectoplasm, sounds outside of themselves, music, spirit lights, apports (objects “coming out of nowhere”) and a host of other types of spirit phenomena.

Trance Mediumship:

Is where the Medium will allow themselves to drop into a profound state of altered consciousness with the intention of letting their Control guides to work through them. Trance Mediumship is very similar to Physical Mediumship. However, there is usually NO physical phenomenon that manifests. However, on rare occasions, physical phenomena events can happen that is generally unintentioned by the Medium.


A Psychic is an individual who uses their innate or developed sixth sense abilities to give an intuitive reading to a person by “tuning in” with that person’s energy field (either in person or by distance). In doing so, they can offer up specific information to help the individual in their life’s journey, answer pressing questions, and provides overall basic guidance. For example, a gifted psychic will tune into future events for their client and help them avoid major pitfalls.

Mediums can also be a professionally trained Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums. While it’s true that many Psychics, or Oracle Card Readers, also have Mediumship abilities, they choose not to pursue or develop it.

Clairvoyants are similar to Psychics. However, Clairvoyants use their Third Eye ability to get images and interpret these images for themselves or someone else.

Occasionally, a Clairvoyant receives images that portend a future event. It might be an event personally related to someone close, or signals a global event of some kind. The name for this kind of Clairvoyant insight is called Precognition.


A Channel is an individual who opens a special psychic link to a higher spiritual realm and accesses master teacher spirit entities. The purpose of this practice is to receive and pass along beneficial spiritual ideas and teachings for humanity.

Channeled messages are often relayed vocally to a group, in posts on the Internet, or in a book. In some cases, channeled information comes from automatic writing through Ouija Boards, on paper, or typed into a word processing program. Some of the best-known channeled insights are from The Michael Teachings (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro) and Seth books (by Jane Roberts).

Channels are more focused on the overall picture rather than communicating directly with departed loved ones and friends, etc. Channeled messages could originate from the ascended master teachers, spirit guides, angels, or from our own higher self. This information is primarily received for the good of humankind and imparts spiritual understanding and addresses questions of an esoteric nature.

Furthermore, there are occasions while during a Séance or in a Mediumship session, that one or more mediums will channel healing messages to the group or a specific individual.

Note: Many teachers lump the art of Mediumship with Channeling. I strongly feel that they are two separate things. Moreover, mixing these two definitions can be confusing for the student. 


There are many categories of ghosts which are sometimes also called earthbound spirits. Earthbound Spirits are souls who for whatever reason, either elect not to make the full crossing to the astral realms where most spirits reside. Or, were so traumatized by death, they actually don’t know they are dead and wander the earth plane as invisible entities.

Earthbound spirits can be intelligent, meaning they can interact with the living or are just residual imprints or shells that replay their death over and over causing “a haunting.” situation.

Are earthbound spirits demons? No. Contrary to popular television shows that depict ghosts and earthbound spirits as demons, they are not! However, some malicious earthbound spirits intentionally do cause problems for the living. In our Mediumship Home Study Course, we delve deeply into the topic of earthbound spirits and how to deal with them.


This possibility is highly rare to a non-existent occurrence.

When doing Mediumship readings (usually termed sittings), or practicing in a Mediumship Development Circle, encountering a Demon is almost unheard of and only if someone summons one through ritual dark magic. I strongly advise any individual not to do this! And, unlike what you might see on ghost hunting shows, Demons don’t lurk in every dark corner. However, Demons try to influence the living and usually targets someone who is highly vulnerable. If you go looking for a Demon because you believe they will give you power or just out of curiosity, you are setting yourself up for disaster!


The Ouija Board has gained nasty press over the last ten to twenty years due to Hollywood movies, television shows, and the like. By invoking robust protection techniques, the Ouija Board can be used safely. The same applies to Angel Boards or similar kinds of spirit contact boards.

Too often individuals pick up a board for fun and neglect to pray for protection. This practice sometimes leads to opening a portal for malicious types of spirits to slither in. Personally, I don’t use an Ouija Board.

Table Tipping can be safe if all participating work with the light and divine energies. Furthermore invoking strong spiritual protection before a session.

As a side note, I’ve witnessed some fantastic displays of Mediumship while doing Table Tipping with groups.


Carol Nicholson doing Table Tipping with a class.


If this situation applies to you, it’s a decision you may have to make on your own. You can either stay mum about what you are doing or gently break the news to others.

Stand firm if Mediumship is indeed something you want to pursue. Church groups don’t need to be informed of this unless you are willing to come under fire. Attempt to find some local Mediumship Development Circle to gain support. If you can’t find one–start a Meet-Up group and find a quiet place to practice. We teach students how to do this in our Mediumship Development Home Study Course. (Review the checklist above. )

Moreover, being a Medium is not evil or dangerous! If you have it in your heart along with an intense desire, pursuing Mediumship training is worthwhile. However, you will need to anticipate dealing with the tensions that it might create with those close to you.


In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, there are warnings about someone practicing Mediumship resulting in dire consequences. This statement came about because the priests of the day wanted complete power and control over the people. It wasn’t in their best interest to have anyone in the general population known to communicate with spirits. However, in The New Testament, the apostles say something far different. For example, John 4:1, which says, “We should test the spirits as to whether they are of God?  How are we to test them if we shouldn’t be talking with …?”


You will not fail! Any individual who thoroughly studies Mediumship and is serious about their craft will not fail. Unique abilities and style of communicating with spirits may vary. However, it might take some individuals longer than others for everything to click into place.

As a Medium, individuals are using their inherent psychic senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Empathic Senses, and Claircognizance (see post on the psychic senses) to make a genuine connection with the Realm of Spirits.

If you are studying Mediumship and spirits aren’t connecting with you, frustration and disappointment may start to creep in. Don’t let this happen to you! If you hang in there and continue practicing, making actual contact with the Spirit World will begin to happen, and you will build a higher level of confidence every time you begin a contact session. It is a beautiful feeling to experience a connection with loved ones that have passed and even Angels and Spirit Guides. You will soon discover how doing Mediumship is a beautiful and heartfelt experience by helping others through their grief of having lost a loved one.


Unfoldment is merely the process of developing Mediumship skills step-by-step. Unfoldment involves the various stages of learning how to make true spirit contact with the other side. However, we highly advise students to progress slowly and steadily for building a strong and solid foundation of abilities. Burnout is a genuine possibility if one tries to force Mediumship abilities too quickly.