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Psychic Insight 3-21-17

Are You Psychically Protected?

Easy and Fast Way to Psychically Protect Yourself!


It’s been a fundamental need for humans since the beginnings of mankind to feel physically safe and protected. Yet the average individual is not aware that having some kind of psychic protection is important as well. Shamans in indigenous tribes have long known this and caretake their tribe members by regularly initiating protection rituals to prevent anything of a negative nature from taking hold. This is common place. However, in today’s modern society, people might view this as primitive and dismiss the idea that protection from negativity in the world is essential for living a happier life.


All humans need to be protected not only from negative people, situations, and institutions but certain kinds of spirits as well. Individuals that do intuitive readings, Mediumship sessions, or energy healing on others, are particularly vulnerable to negativity and should have some sort of spiritual protection set in place.


Basic psychic protection revolves around wrapping oneself in protective energy, the idea being to block all unwanted and largely malicious emotions and vibrations from any kind of spirit or human sources.


Symptoms of not being fully protected might emerge as a feeling of being constantly depleted or little energy, having intrusive dark thoughts, depression, or even feeling slightly ill. In short, your entire mental, spiritual, and physical well-being becomes at risk.


A method I faithfully use every day is the Tube of White Light. I practice this protection technique every morning just before my meditation time. The shield of Light I erect keeps my energy field protected all through the day and night until I “renew” my Tube of Light the next morning. It only takes a few minutes to do and will transform your life significantly for the better.


Carol’s Tube of White Light Exercise:

  1. Sit somewhere comfortable, make sure you are grounded (connected to the earth) and do a few repetitions of deep relaxed breathing.
  2. Now extend your hands out to the sides about chest level with palms up and elbows in. Then either mentally or vocally ask the Divine to bestow upon you the highest protection of light. At this time you might also call in your own protectors and angels.
  3. Next go into your imagination and envision a tube of white light containing sparkling gold particles originating from the heavens. Pull this tube down and surround your entire body including your hands. Send this tube deep into the earth as far as you can imagine.
  4. Take a few moments and allow this light to interpenetrate your entire being. You will begin to feel a warmish glow. You will sense its revitalizing energies renewing you. You will find that you will begin to feel more uplifted and refreshed as any negativity accumulated from the previous day has been absorbed and transformed into positive energy.
  5. Now seal in this positive divine energy with a thick shield of opalescent white light encasing your entire physical body like a glove. Now thank Divine entities for assisting you. Open your eyes and ground once more. There you have it.

Psychic Insight 3-14-17

Boosting Your Clairvoyance or “Clear Seeing”


Clairvoyance is an inner or “clear” seeing. It is often the best known, but least understood of the psychic senses.


Someone who is highly clairvoyant does not necessarily see future events or have dramatic psychic visions like you see on TV. That’s not to say that short movie clip visions don’t happen. However, clairvoyance is usually more subtle than that. Having visions, seeing still images, particular repeating colors, or types of symbols are the most common forms of Clairvoyance.


Instances of Clairvoyance can be fleeting or so subtle, you might think you are making things up in your head. This is where working with your Clairvoyance faculty can help. You will begin to know what is your clairvoyance and what is your imagination.


Strengthening your psychic senses is like building up muscles. In fact, you can think of them as muscles which must be kept in shape.


Next is a simple exercise I teach. It was given to me by my teacher and is also part of our Pathways to Clairvoyance course!


Quick “Pen” Exercise to Strengthen Clairvoyance

1. Take a simple pen or similar small object. Look at it carefully and notice every minute detail.


2. Now close your eyes and recreate the object in your mind.


3. Now open your eyes and see how well you recreated it. Did you miss several things? This is normal.


4. Keep practicing this until you can replicate the pen exactly in your inner vision. Now move onto something else like a flower or photograph.

Psychic Insight Psychic Insight 3-7-17

Boost Psychic Hearing – Your Clairaudience

Most people assume that the psychic ability of Clairaudience originates in the physical ears. Actually, your psychic hearing happens just above the ears in the temporal lobe areas on either side of your head about two inches above your ears. Go ahead and touch these areas. This is where your clairaudience happens.


Clairaudience can occur as a subtle voice, sounds, or music inside your mind or you might physically hear words or sounds beyond normal sounds around you. Both ways of “hearing” qualify as Clairaudience. The difference between hearing natural sounds is when you hear things that have no explanation behind them. Some individuals sense their psychic hearing is stronger on one side of the head rather than the other. This is fine.


At some time in our lives, most of us have had the experience of distinctly hearing our name called when no one else is around. This is your clairaudience at work. The reasons for this weird occurrence can vary. It could be that one of your spirit guides, or deceased loved ones, is trying to get your attention.


Easy & Fast Exercise to Boost Your Clairaudience


  1. Take a few moments to relax and take 5 deep breaths inhaling and exhaling to a count of 4 right from the area of the lower belly. Make sure your shoulders stay dropped.
  2. Now focus on different areas of your head without touching them. Take your time with this.
  3. Next, shift your focus upward and sense the area about 2 inches above your ears the in the temporal lobe area. First on one side of your head and then the other. You may notice these areas have a heightened sensitivity, like a built-in microphone ready to amplify any sound vibration.
  4. Finally, picture two megaphones facing outwards from each side of the head channeling psychic vibration directly to the temporal lobes.

Congratulations! You have just started to increase your levels of clairaudience. Practice this exercise every day for two weeks. It only takes 5 minutes. You will find that by focusing on these areas on either side of your head, you will eventually notice more instances of real clairaudience.

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