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My Psychic Journey & Deliverance

Carol Nicholson, Medium and Psychic

Carol Nicholson, Founder of Imagine Spirit

How It All Began

When I was younger, my main goal in life was to sing Opera. Music was my passion and I had a gift. At the same time however, other things were happening to me which little did I know, would lead me down a much different path later in life.

I had always heard whisperings and often felt presences of others in my bedroom as a child. They would flit around as shadows and on occasion, I saw people although I didn’t recognize them and they never spoke to me. They were just there. My parents, being no nonsense type people, were inclined to pat me on the head and tell me I was just having nightmares and would grow out of it. According to them, I would be just fine. This did little to reassure me. The nightmares I suffered from were of catastrophic happenings such as massive volcanic eruptions, severe earthquakes, and gigantic waves of water washing away my home. At my young age, I hardly knew how process this or to connect the dots as opposed to what I know today. The visitations and dreams kept happening for about three years. Going to bed at night meant dealing with terror on a nightly basis. I felt alone and helpless and thought there was something wrong with me.  I felt ashamed. I began becoming more withdrawn at school and at home. Also, I learned the hard way not to share what was going on with me after the lights went out. Then, around the age of 8, the horrifying dreams and strange visitations ceased. Although the recollections were indelibly burned into my memory banks, I was determined to forget those lost years and appear as “normal” as I could. As I got older, I rationalized what had happened to me as being childhood imagination.

I began musical studies in earnest and over the years appeared in local Broadway shows and light opera productions. I loved the theatre. The childhood fears and nightmares were forgotten. Ironically, it was during those young adult years, I developed an infatuation for anything paranormal. I read about Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, devoured Ruth Montgomery’s and Dr. Hans Holzer’s books, and, anything else I could find on the subject. To me, it was just something fun–an innocent pastime. I was soon to find out that I, too,  possessed strange abilities that most other people did not seem to have. This revelation was the true beginning of what I now call, “my psychic journey”.

It Happened Again

What happened is this. In the summer of my 14th year, I had contracted a severe case of pneumonia and almost died.  Upon recovery, I began having clear dreams which were mundane in the telling and yet seemed to come true in every minute detail the very next day. Nothing much more happened until my 20’s when in 1973, I had my first out-of-body experience, what is now termed, astral projection. Having read about it some years before, I knew what was happening and that the experience was nothing to be afraid of. In fact, I was thrilled it had actually happened to me. That was one side of the coin. On the other side of the coin, I wondered if I was a little crazy. Furthermore, I had no one with which to talk about it. I knew that if I tried to explain the experience to others, I would appear unbalanced. So again, I was mum about the increasing incidents of strange happenings. It became apparent that I was on my own with this paranormal stuff.

The Spirits began returning, although in different ways than before and I was not as frightened. I also began knowing things about people, including strangers, with which there was no way I could have had access to their personal information. I even had waking visions of other lifetimes when alone or when idly speaking with someone. When I would get that faraway look in my eye, and it was remarked upon, I would try and cover up what was truly going on!  There so much more I could tell you about those times. As this Blog continues, I will be sharing more.

Finally, I Got Some Training in the Psychic Arts & Mediumship!

In 1983, when I first moved from No. California to Arizona, it seemed by fate, that I happened upon a teacher who would help me start developing what abilities I had. She was instrumental in training me in proper meditation techniques, psychic development, and through her Spiritualist church, Mediumship. She even got me started doing psychic readings professionally. Her name was Dr. Alice Bowers. And as my beloved teacher, she let me know I was perfectly sane and that others possessed similar types of abilities that I had—she being a prime example. As time went one, I became more comfortable with my abilities even looked forward to finding out more through the developmental exercises.
Today, I have a school which teaches psychic and Mediumship development. I work with people from all over the world to help shed light on their unique abilities, to aid in the development of such, and to launch them into the world to heal and help others if they wish to do so. It’s like a domino effect of spreading light. I know I have nothing to be ashamed of today, and am proud and happy with what I do. It is what I was destined for. I know that now.

Does This Story Seem to Resonate With You? 

Many people have strange occurrences at least once in their lifetime of an intuitive thought which affected their lives in some fashion. Or, they may have even seen a ghost, on one occasion never to have it happen again. We’ve all seen television programs where people have experienced hearing unseen voices issuing warnings of danger or an angelic visitation which saved a life. For others, atypical experiences are lifelong and more frequent. They might see, sense, hear, and feel Spirits or other unseen beings, as well as psychic phenomena occurring, including ET visitations. Others are not so fortunate and may have what we call Spirit Attachments messing with their lives. These attachments may be very apparent, or the victim is not even aware of having them influencing their lives. (More will be written about this subject in later in later blogsThe western world is much more understanding today than even a decade ago about psychic phenomena. However, there is still hesitation for individuals, especially children, to speak up about what is truly going on in and around them.

I wish to qualify here that not being a Dr. of Psychiatry, I cannot tell if a person who is hearing voices in their head, for example, is having a paranormal experience, or if they truly have a severe mental illness which must be treated. I can only say that most can tell the difference. And at some point, they should share these experiences with like-minded people. Bottling up what is happening could bring about some form of depression, a severe drainage of energy; or becoming withdrawn and isolated from others due to fear of ridicule. The reasons for these symptoms and reactions are many. Their family and friends might be highly concerned and tell the individual they must see a doctor. They are told they are possessed by the “devil” by a church figure and the final blow, suffer the fear of being institutionalized. As for me, during all my corporate working years, I told no one at work what I was doing in off hours. I did not want to lose my job!

If you can relate to this story and if you feel you have abilities to be examined or developed, stay tuned. Help is on the way! If you want paranormal happenings to go away, with some dedicated work, this can be achieved as well.

 Have You Had Similar Experiences of the Following?

Here are some indications that you may want to reach out and get some feedback, guidance, or help:

  • You suffer from visions of horrible faced entities who swoop in when you close your eyes ready for sleep. This can include faces of alien type beings…
  • You have had dreams of other time periods which are very real to you
  • You have heard voices in your inner hearing or actual voices in which you can’t account for. To differentiate from mental illness, these voices are usually engaged in conversations which don’t involve you at all.
  • The same goes for music heard when none is being played close by.
  • You are extremely sensitive to others.
  • You find that sometimes you have had thoughts in your head which you feel didn’t come from you.
  • You are experiencing voices which seem to talk directly to you and are always positive or non-threatening in nature.
  • You hear negative voices which tell you to do negative or destructive things. My advice, seek professional help right away!
  • You see shadows flitting around which seem to have sharp or loosely defined human shapes. Or you see people in full color who then fade away.
  • You seem to know facts about other people which in no way could you have known about.
  • You are having Spirit visitations on a regular basis.
  • Parts of your body feel tingly, overly cold, or warm for no reason. The top and back of your head feels pressure at times. Certain locations make you feel nasusious.
  • You hear noises such as rapping or knocking sounds which cannot be debunked.
  • And many more examples…

Fret not. There is help available. For children who complain of some of these happenings, check out the show on A & E, “Psychic Kids”, which features Chip Coffey. There are many development classes available. Please be discerning and only choose the ones which feel right for you. I hope you will consider classes at: ImagineSpirit!

Check out my book list on ImagineSpirit.com/books.htm and join a good meet-up group. If you don’t like what the group is doing, or if it feels icky, try another one. Your intuition will guide you to the right one.

And, most of all give yourself some leeway. Learn to accept what’s happening and then turn any upsetting occurrences into something positive in your life. You do not have paranormal occurances for no reason. And, you are not alone in these happenings. Please meditate on how they might somehow be a part of your life plan. And most importantly, you can choose whether to develop any 6th sense abilities you have or not. It’s your choice entirely.Carol Nicholson, Medium and Psychic