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When Spirits Don’t Know They’re Dead

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An earthbound spirit is the spirit of someone whose physical body has died but the soul spirit part of them continues to stay on the earth plane. There are many reasons why a Spirit does not cross over when the physical body dies. One of the most common but tragic reasons Spirits stay earthbound and haven’t gone into the light is Sudden Death.

If I, for instance, suddenly keeled over dead, I might not know anything was wrong. As I have said many times in classes, when we finally leave our physical body at death, our consciousness leaves the physical and enters the astral body. We, in fact, “wake up” somewhere else. One might liken it to waking up from a very long realistic and detailed dream.

Many people who have clinically died and came back don’t always report the proverbial tunnel and white light. In cases of a severe traumatic death, a soul might be initially confused and keep their reality the same as it was before. Just because we have died does not mean we are spiritually cured of all our human tendencies and frailties and, learned thinking patterns. Initially, survival instincts and coping mechanisms have not changed one iota.

When in this predicament, we might think in ways that keep us from going into shock. One of these mechanisms is “extreme denial”. Just as many repress traumatic events and erase them from their conscious memories, so might a Spirit who has just had the unthinkable happen. This often occurs with sudden death. There is no time to know one is getting ready to leave their body, as in the majority of cases; they just depart.

Some individuals believe that any evidence, whether it be a Spirit showing up or a voice caught on a digital recorder of a Spirit who seems earthbound, is some sort of shell fragment of the soul and it is not the Spirit themselves actually responding. This may be partly true, however, when a Spirit makes a direct response to a question asked and it pertains to the current situation, what better proof can you have that they are thinking or intelligent Spirits. The following is a case in point:

I was watching a show on *ghost stories and one particular episode featured a couple that went out to an airliner crash site that was located in a large field. They were using their digital recorders to see if they could pick up some EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). They started asking questions out loud and in a chilling response to one of their questions, a male voice played back through the recorder and quite **distinctly replied, “Did we crash?” This was not only a little shocking but to me was extremely sad. Here is a Spirit who came through with reference to traveling on a jet airliner and obviously didn’t know the plane had crashed. This instance is a perfect example and proof that this phenomena truly does exist.

This brings up a very important point. If God is so supreme, all-powerful, and loving, how is it that some Spirits do not make it across to the other side after dying? I do not pretend to have the perfect answer for this. I have often wondered in cases of children who are stuck in between worlds why this is allowed by the divine higher-ups. And it continues to bother me. I have even asked my own guides this troubling question and their answer is vague. (Believe it or not, our guides do not have all the answers either.) When one encounters one of these hapless souls under any circumstances, the only thing that can be done is to try to make them aware of their surroundings, what has occurred, and let them know it’s time to move to the light.

More and more research and evidence is being compiled on the subject and perhaps one day we will have a better understanding to the how’s and why’s of this disturbing phenomena. And, you could be one of the ones who discover the answer. For those who are currently rescue mediums, they know the job can be daunting but highly rewarding when the Spirit finally moves into the light. To me, rescue Mediumship is an awesome gift or calling. If you don’t have it naturally, you can definitely

*The Bio Channel, “My Ghost Story/Caught on Camera”, repeat episode, aired recently again on June 7th.

**What is termed a “Class A” EVP

***I anticipate holding a phone class on the subject by late summer so stay tuned.

Good reading: ~Mary Ann Wynkowski’s, When Ghosts Speak   ~Willma Davidson’s, Ghosts and Earth Bound Spirits

Astral Corpse? Sounds Worse Than it Is!

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A Lower Astral Entity

Lower Astral Plane Entity

I teach in our classes about the different planes of conscious which exist in the ethers–the lowest plane being our earth plane and the next one is the astral plane. This plane is stepped up in frequency and vibrates at much faster rates than our earthly plane. This holds true for each of the subsequent planes but I won’t be discussing them here.

And as with all the other planes, the astral plane has many sub planes like gradients of color. The hierarchy of the astral plane starts with the lower sub planes where the basest of Spirits reside. These are the ghosts, aka earthbound spirits, and the darker entities sometimes seen as shadow people. These spirits are often “intelligent” meaning, they can, if so desired, interact with souls on the earth plane whether it is positive or negative in nature. There is another phenomenon we in metaphysics call “astral shells”. These shells belong to the departed but are totally void of consciousness. They are in fact, dead empty forms.

When a soul passes from the earth, several things happen. The etheric body (our exact body double that holds our form together), leaves the physical body, sticks around for several days, and then begins to disintegrate. Most of the time, this process takes only about three days. The actual consciousness of that individual will transition to the higher astral planes using the vehicle we call our “astral body”, to where most Spirits reside soon after passing.

Here is what Rudolf Steiner (February 25 or 27, 1861 –March 30th, 1925) an Austrian philosopher and esotericist, said about the ethreic body after death. (Paraphrased)

At the moment of death, the first thing that happens is that the etheric body together with the astral body separates from the physical body, which is left behind and begins to disintegrate, returning back to the mineral world. The etheric body hovers near the physical body for three days. Then the etheric body begins to disintegrate, and the astral body carries the ego with it out into the cosmos…

Shell Bodies

A sub level of the astral which is not often talked about is the level which holds human (and animal) shell casings of souls who have passed. Why is it important to know more about this plane? Let me explain. A medium or clairvoyant might “see” these phantoms and wonder why they are so flat and won’t communicate. And the experience can be frustrating because they don’t know what they are seeing. In actuality, these are the shells of the departed rather than the spirit consciousness Spirits take with them to the higher astral, and are totally void of awareness. These astral bodies (shells) are in effect, “lifeless.”

“Astral shells” are also known as “astral forms” and “astral corpses. If you think about the fact our physical bodies are put to rest in a cemetery, this plane holds these lifeless forms in a shell-like casing until the frequency of atoms begin to break down. What if someone was cremated? It doesn’t’t matter. The shell leaves the body at death and ends up in this sub plane regardless of being buried or cremated. It stays around for however long it needs to.

Earthbound Spirits are Not Shell Bodies

Some spirits choose not to make the complete journey across for various reasons and are sometimes seen, felt, or heard. We call these “earthbound” spirits or ghosts as I mentioned above. I am not referring to crisis apparitions or a loved one making a onetime appearance. I am speaking of those who try and hang on long after they should have made the transition. This could go on for a hundred years or so. The type of medium who helps these souls make the final crossing, are called “Rescue Mediums”. (I’m sure most of you have seen the television program, “Ghost Whisperer”. The character, Melinda Gordon, in that show was a rescue medium.

Astral Ghost

Scaredy Cat

My First Time Experience with an Astral Shell

In the early days of what I call my psychic quickening, I began to see these flat figures analogous to seeing cardboard cut outs. I’ll never forget it the first time I encountered one. I was walking through a hospital parking garage and I noticed a woman with dark short hair sitting in a mini-van not moving. I felt creepy about her and that there was something wrong. She looked quite flat (dimensionless) in appearance. Her body and clothing–almost gray. The closer I got, however, the figure started to fade until there was nothing left to see. This perplexed me until I learned of what I was perceiving. What I had encountered was an “astral shell”. And, I’m sure a hospital–even a hospital parking lot, has numerous forms like these hanging about. You may even even seen one or more of these on occasion and not known what you were seeing.

Again, it should be understood that these astral corpses have no consciousness or intelligence to interact with. And many times, astral shells are often mistaken for departed loved ones. The “Astral Shell” of a soul varies from person to person. The ones who had elevated spirituality and high ideals disintegrate rapidly. There is no particular thought vibration remaining to hold fast to the astral body after the soul has withdrawn. Its higher nature, in effect, has counteracted those lower vibrations.

Attention Mediums! You Can’t Cross Them Over…

So, if one happens to encounter one of these “astral shells” in any circumstance, please know there is nothing to be afraid of. They cannot hurt you as they are not alive. Also, there’s no sense in attempting to cross these astral forms over. Nothing will happen if you do because, in essence, there’s nothing there. They have to disintegrate at their own rate and it’s best to leave them alone. Just know these “dead again corpses” are like a photograph from the past which holds no space on the earth plane.