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The loss of a loved one can be one of the greatest challenges in life. Whether you lose a loved one or a friend, there is a period of profound sadness and grief when such an event occurs. Learning how to connect with the World of Spirits where loved ones have moved on to after dying, is a life changing experience.

Spirit hands reaching towards one another through the veil.

Spirits Want to Communicate!

When a person’s body has experienced what we term death, there is that essential part of them, the soul, which immediately moves on to another place of existence.  They are met by loved ones who have passed prior and an assortment of caring Spirit Guides and angels. There is a period of orientation where they “review” their lifetime on earth and the lessons hopefully learned. Once acclimated to their new state of being, they are able to communicate with those left behind.

In cases where the loss of a loved one was, for example, a spouse, there can be intense loneliness and concern for the future which is emotionally devastating. The loss of a parent or child in any circumstance can bring on years of unrelenting grief and pain. While grief is a normal and usually healthy response to loss, it can become unhealthy and counterproductive if it persists too long. The truth is, holding on to these emotions for years does nothing to change what has happened and only serves to hold back those still living. Our loved ones do not wish us to live in this state of sad limbo forever. They are the first ones to encourage those still living to let go and know that their loved one is okay and living a beautiful existence not so far removed from our own.

My sister who is not what one would term, highly religious or spiritual could not come to terms with our mother’s passing. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that someone survives the death experience to go onto another plane of existence. Then she had a dream. In this realistic dream our mother telephoned her and they had a conversation. My sister asked her if she was okay and our mother replied she was still getting to know others who were there. There wasn’t much more to it. Needless to say, my sister was deeply shaken by the experience. I could have told her that a dream is one of the most common ways a loved one will try to communicate. In a mind-set where one does not believe in life after death, or anything of a spiritual nature, the deceased have one heck of a time trying to get a message across. Prior to this happening, I doubt she would have believed me if I had tried to explain this phenomenon to her. Now, she’s a believer.

Mediumship and Spirit communication provides a tool to help one come to terms with loss in a positive manner. Understanding that our loved one truly lives on, albeit in another state of being, helps to alleviate grief and can also help soothe guilt or other feelings of unfinished business. Talking with them again, can bring about the needed healing. As a teacher for Spirit Communication, I have spent years witnessing the truth of this fact.

For twenty years now, I have taught others to how to connect to relatives, friends and loved ones. Is this something you would like to learn how to do? Take a look at the powerful workshop I am holding in Sedona, Arizona, in June to teach others how easy it is to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over or who wish to become a Certified Medium. This is a rare event as I won’t be teaching in the southwest anytime again soon. Anyone who attends will receive a certificate of completion and also receives the 250 page Spirit Communication Handbook which, upon completion, will award Certification!

Carol Nicholson, Certified Medium

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Learn to Heal from Grief by Communicating with Loved Ones Who Have Died

Tornado Spirits Adrift and the Latest Earth Calamities

In the past several weeks we have witnessed global and local catastrophes which seem to have been bunched together into one big ball of devastation worldwide. I myself was nearly witness to one here in Alabama and by the grace of God was not directly involved but close enough to be very humbled.

Some may ask, did I have a premonition of the great tornado which struck less than an hour away from where I live? The answer is no. I like so many other people here in tornado country, stay vigilant when bad weather hits. For days though, I had been feeling headaches and lethargy. One can attribute this to daily living as well. However, when this Category 4 tornado did strike, I remember feeling unusually calm and almost unconcerned during the time it was happening. Was this just my own built-in defense system or were the angels keeping me from becoming too panicked? I prefer to believe the latter. I only know that this was like an almost near death experience for me from which, in the aftermath, I felt a renewed and appreciation for life and the small miracles it brings us. Along with it came the awareness of just how fragile, fleeting, and precious life is. I can honestly say this is the first time in my life I really really felt this.

Revisiting Japan’s Mega Quake

I watched a program on the “Green Channel” which showed minute by minute footage of the Mega quake and the resulting tsunami which in turn caused the meltdown of the nuclear reactors in Japan’s stricken Fukushima. Coming from Arizona to Alabama, I couldn’t help but think of the Palo Verde nuclear plant just outside of the phoenix metro area. Although a tsunami there is unlikely (being in the desert), it still causes one to stop and think about those affected and how their lives changed in an instant.

Approaching 2012

The upshot of all this is that, I don’t believe the disasters and earth raging is finished. I believe that they will increase in the next few years. However, I do not believe as so many people do about the fast approaching 2012 date and that we will all perish along with the earth on one particular date set aside by the ancients. What I do believe, is that there will continue to be a series of global events that will shake us (no pun intended) to our very core. This is a time of inner reflection and understanding that we are not except from Mother Nature affecting our lives in very dramatic ways. We are learning more about compassion and how to reach out and help others more than ever before. This too can bring a much stronger bond with the creator and thankfulness for what time we have here and that we don’t always have control over what happens.

On another note: Distressed & Confused Spirits Lingering

Tornado Leaves Devestation

The Aftermath

As a medium and being so close to the Alabama tornado zone, in the days following the tragic event, I have felt distressed Spirits all around me and have been asking my angels to help cross the Spirits of those who died and are still wandering the earth plane. Do the angels really need our help in this? Some might think not. However, I myself am aware that they appreciate any help we can give energetically to the cause, just like with 9/11. The fact is, is that we are closer to these spirits from our earthly vantage point than the angelic dimension. I ask all sensitives and my students to go within and see if any Spirits are showing up which need help. Try and talk with them and explain in a kind way they are no longer living and need to be aware of the light which is available for them to fully cross over. This may help. Remember, any sudden death can be the cause for a soul to become lost and not be able to cross as they are not aware they have

Those Who Don't Know They Are Dead

died. If one is feeling anxious or that they are being affected by the earth’s recent events, look to any spirits who might attach out of confusion and ask them to go. Not all Spirit attachments are malicious. They are just like you and I and feel the same emotions we do.

It is a wonderful gift to cross Spirits over. It is, in fact, one of the greatest “relief efforts” we on earth can assist the higher realms with.