The Dangers of High Beta Brain Waves

There is a saying I am fond of that states: “So much to do with so little time!” This is so true for me. These days the majority of people have ultra busy minds. They are multi-tasking continually. This is compounded with constant alerts and messages coming in on our cell phones or tablets. This is not only distracting, but time-consuming attempting to keep up with friends and Facebook posts, etc. In this mind state, they are in “High Beta”. Normal Beta brainwaves are the waves that are most active when we are awake. High beta brainwaves cause us to constantly be in high gear thinking, planning, processing, calculating, and so forth. This high-octane thinking state can get out of hand because once we allow this to become a large part of our lives, the wave becomes hard-coded, in a sense, into our brain patterns and becomes our constant state of thinking. It can ultimately cause confusion, anxiety, and even an emotional or physical “crash and burn”.

The three  brain wave states that I want to mainly address in this article are Beta, which is our usual brain wave state once we wake up in the morning and start our day. The second is High Beta–both I’ve already mentioned. “High Beta ‘ happens when we start worrying, are constantly processing, and generally feeling overwhelmed. In short, the mind is racing. The third state is Alpha.  Alpha happens when we become very relaxed. Alpha is not a trance state, per se, but is the gateway to trance and the deeper states of consciousness of Theta and Delta.

Alpha is the state we go into when meditating or are becoming hypnotized. We are in Alpha when we are watching TV, or a movie, reading, doing a repetitive project or even exercising, among similar activities. In Alpha, WE ARE RELAXED!

Brain Waves are Measured through Cycles Per Second or CPS:

Beta Brainwaves (13-30 cycles per second). Around 30 CPS and higher, the High Beta waves are the most intense state of constant alertness. The sensory neurons of our brain are like the rapid-firing of a gun. POP POP POP POP. High Beta is not always bad but can become debilitating if one is needlessly always in it. It is the result of heightened mental activity and left-brain logical thinking.

Alpha Brainwaves (8 to 12 cycles per second). This  brain wave indicates a relaxed state of mind. It is the state of calm alertness, is good for inspiration and learning facts fast. This is your meditative mind. In this state you can tap into your internal spiritual “antenna” qualities. Visions, powerful ideas, and even creation of the incredible can happen in this state.

Beta Brain Waves

Here’s a suggestion on how you can move out of the High Beta brain wave state quickly; unless you need to be in it specifically for purpose of focused and deep concentration.

How to do some simple deep breathing:

Just breathe in through the nostrils to a count of 4, hold your breath to a count of 4, and then release the air through the mouth shaped in an O (like Oh) to a count of 4. It’s a great way to get into focus and movie into Alpha. Alpha is a very relaxed state to be in. However, it is not like being in a deep trance. Practicing frequent deep breathing is also beneficial for our overall well-being!

This is one of the most beneficial ways to relax and will move one into feeling good and more serene.


mist on lakeAnother way is through visualization. I use the vision of a beautiful lake surrounded by trees at twilight with a mist coming off of it. The water is mirror-like with occasional gentle ripples moving through it. To me, it is a magical lake and I sometimes see fairy lights moving about. I keep this image as clear as I can and focus on the breath. I continue with it until I start letting go of the high waves and I know I’m moving into the slower waves of Alpha, as pictured above. Try it the next time you feel like your thinking is like an out of control locomotive racing at full speed!

Loved Ones Missing at the Holidays & Spirit Visitations

loved_one_missingThe holiday season can be both a happy and a sad time for some–especially those who have lost a family member in the past year. Then, it can be quite painful. Might I offer you some comfort and let you know that your loved ones are truly with you at this time.

Having just lost someone near and dear, I know all too well what grief feels like–especially with the holiday season fast approaching. If the passing of a loved one has been recent or a holiday anniversary of a death is coming up, some will begin to experience feelings of apathy, loss of energy, and not care to socialize or be around people. Depression may set in and sometimes the person being affected doesn’t connect the dots as to why. For others, decorating, cooking, and forcing a smile to the outside world can be a monumental effort.

If you or someone you know is going through a grieving process or having a death anniversary, here are some tips to help get through the season of supposed joy:

  • Make a list of what you need to do. (We all have these anyway.)
  • Move slowly through tasks. There is no need to rush through anything!
  • If you are feeling confused, just relax, and try again later with what you were doing.
  • Don’t beat yourself up for feeling blue.
  • Try not to have regrets. Your deceased loved one knows what is in your heart.
  • Write them a heartfelt letter and then put it away. It’s okay to revise it from time to time.
  • Take lots of walks in nature and get fresh air. Breath that air right up into your brain.
  • Baby yourself and do little things which make you happy.
  • Pray for your loved one but try not to dwell on the loss incessantly.
  • Give yourself a half hour of grieving time every day then try to let it go.
  • Put pictures of that deceased loved one away just for a little while. You can always put them up again when you feel better. Believe me, your spirit  family members or former friends will understand.
  • Try to get involved with a project that has meaning for you. Really submerse yourself in it.
  • Helping others is a wonderful way to get out of yourself and can stave off grief for a little while.
  • Sad songs only work for a while and then they become detrimental.
  • Don’t play Christmas music if you don’t want to.
  • Allow others to help with the load.
  • Talk about your grief but keep it brief. Friends can get worn down after a while and will shut you off. Don’t be angry at them if this happens to you. They are only protecting their own energy.

Your loved one would not wish you to be morbid or deeply depressed. Depression is natural, however, so let yourself feel it then try to get busy. Again, doing little things is best. Becoming overwhelmed will only add to the pile of your fragile emotions. Let others know you are doing your best but set boundaries with well-meaning friends who tell you to get over it quickly. If you just can’t do something or don’t wish to go out, that’s fine. Again, set firm boundaries with well-meaning friends.

Grief has many stages, so cry, beat pillows and allow yourself to go through all the stages without setting a time limit of its duration. An exception to this is when one is still suffering a few years later as if the loss just occurred. If this is the case with you, be honest with yourself and perhaps counseling is in order to assist in moving on with life.

Loved ones in spirit will try to alert you to the fact they are close. Watch your dreams for any visitation type activity. These dreams usually have a feeling of being very real; like making you believe they were really with you. You may “hear” them say familiar sayings or phrases in your mind. You may hear your named called when no one else is around. Items could go missing or long-lost items could pop up seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes people will receive weird electronic messages that have no origin. Spirits love to use electronic devices as these devices can provide the extra energy needed to enable communications to take place.

Here is an example I just had happen:

I recently went back to Scottsdale, Arizona, to teach a 2-day Mediumship Intensive.  Just before I left, I reconnected with an old love. The flames reignited and we were making tentative plans to get together over the Christmas holiday. We kept in touch and then I heard nothing. I waited for a week to give that person space. Out of the blue, exactly one half hour before a class by phone was to begin, I received a phone call from someone close to this person. He had died suddenly of a massive heart attack. I was in shock and devastated. How was it that I, a medium, had no clue? The answer lies in the simple fact that number 1: when someone dies suddenly like that, they are confused and need time to orient themselves to their new life. An exception to this is a crisis apparition where the newly deceased will appear briefly as if to say, “I’m okay”. Number 2: there is so much grief-stricken psychic debris” in the way, messages and signals can’t get through. Number 3: just about any other reason you can think of. (There is still so much we don’t know about spirit communication at time of death.)

For my situation, as I thought back to that previous week, I realized something strange had happened involving my cell phone. Coming in one evening from visiting my daughter, I unintentionally had left my phone in the car. Realizing this, I went to retrieve it and coming in the house, I realized it was calling my friend by itself. Feeling that it was his turn to call, I quickly stopped the call. I have a real bugaboo about not wanting to hound people. The strange this is, my phone had never dialed this number by itself before, and it really can’t do it technically, I now believe it was his way of communicating to me. In fact, I know it!!

Seeing a Medium to Help with the Grief

In times of grief many will turn to a medium for help in reconnecting with a loved one. This is perfectly fine, however, I suggest that the session be at least 3-6 months out from the death. Too early, and the sitter, the one getting the reading, may not be in good enough emotional shape to go through a visitation session. In fact, it might cause the sitter to feel worse. Time does a lot to prepare one to be in the ready state for communication.

Always go to a reputable medium who does not charge exorbitant prices–perhaps up to $800! Big name mediums are fine, but there are many good mediums who charge very affordable fees.  Some, in fact,  might  be even provide a better session than the “big name”mediums. Try to get true testimonials before deciding on a particular medium. In some cases, you might even talk to those who have undergone a session and felt the experience was accurate and helpful.

What if Your Loved One Does Not Come Through?

This can be extremely devastating, however, it can happen occasionally and does not mean the medium isn’t any good or your loved one no longer cares about you. There are times when a deceased loved one just can’t come through. There could be many reasons why this might occur but they are too numerous to go into here. The good news is, another deceased relative could come through instead and will have a message for you. Remember, you can always try again at a later time or even be your own medium and attempt to tune in with your loved one’s energy yourself. You can do it! Just be patient for results.

So, if you are missing a loved one this holiday season or from other holidays past, just know they are really with you. Our loved ones watch over us all during the year as well. Say hello or whatever you wish to tell them. They will hear you! Hope this helps for any who are in grief or feeling sad.

Love to all this holiday season,


Karmic Relationships

Love and Karmic Relationships

One of the main questions one hears an intuitive counselor is “When will I meet the man or woman of my dreams?” I can safely say this question comprises about 75% of the questions asked of me. If you are an intuitive yourself, you will need to understand a little more about the spiritual side of relationships to help people understand and perhaps shed light upon their current relationships or to draw in the healthy relationship they want. If you are interested in the dynamics of the spirituality of relationships as a layperson,  you will find this article eye opening and even somewhat disturbing. However, it may serve to explain what is going on in your love life and why.

There are several types of relationships: romantic, friendships, family connections, or even co-workers. This article deals primarily with romantic relationships.

About Karmic Relationships

Zen007TheLoversUnlike *”Soul Mates” and “Twin Flames”, a karmic relationship involves people being drawn together for a mutual need and the attraction is often quite strong. In fact, the attraction is almost irresistible. This type of relationship typically includes a need for completion on a subconscious level from a past life together where the relationship lacked in compatibility or ended too quickly without issues being worked out. This is not saying that a karmic relationship will end. It just means there is a lot of work that needs to be done on both ends for it to last. Karmic relationships are mainly about growth and change and working out past karma. You can always tell if a relationship is a karmic one because there is a lot of conflict, bad feelings, and resentments involved until each party begins to make necessary changes for the good of the relationship and really want it to work.

Characteristics of a Karmic Relationship:

•    Strong attraction with limited compatibility
•    A feeling of deja vu and “we’ve been here before”
•    An addictive need to be with the other person
•    A repeat of family patterns learned from childhood
•    Focusing more on your relationship than your own personal development
•    Sacrificing your personal dreams to be together – issues of co-dependency
•    Neglect, abuse, or God forbid, violence
•    A deep desire to work things out by one or both partners

Many times relationships do not fulfill the hoped for promise of great happiness felt in the beginning. Or perhaps other factors come into play like betrayal, abuse, and personality conflicts not apparent in the beginning, boredom, or even neglect. Or if one or both people decide to move on…the love or attraction felt in the beginning is just gone.  If you have experienced any of the above, you know the heartbreak it brings. Most of the time, these heartbreaks heal over time.

Finally, this article is not meant to imply that a Karmic Relationship cannot work out. It definitely can. However, It takes honesty and the willingness on both partners to work on  problems and issues. Also, think twice before dumping a relationship because you are seeking what you believe to be a Soul Mate or Twin Flame relationship.  Although these types of relationships are  definitely easier, there is no guarantee you will find this type of relationship in the immediate future. So be prepared for some alone time. If your heart tells you the relationship you are in is just not going to work, then this is your clue to look elsewhere.

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Are You Ultra Sensitive? Then You Are Most Likely Very Psychic!


There are many individuals like myself who are ultra sensitive. Not only do we have a tendency to display deep emotions, but physically get run down. I am powerfully clairsentient and empathic. If I don’t mange this, I could fall into the trap of other people’s problems and take them on. Or I might feel their physical pain and get run down. Some clairsentient traits can lead to co-dependency if not carefully monitored.

Clairsentients often try and fix other people’s lives while often ignoring their own needs. Having deep psychic clairsentient feelings might lead a super sensitive person to dwell on the negative and constantly try to fix the world. There is nothing wrong with contributing to a better world as long as it does not lead to ignoring the needs of one’s self.  I got over trying to do this very thing long ago.

I am also very clairvoyant and often see images and moving pictures which flow through my mind for no apparent reason. When something weird comes in that I can’t account for, I might say to myself, “What the heck was that all about!”  One time I saw a picture of a freight train in my mind quite clearly. I had no idea why it came in. The next day, I was at a railroad crossing and saw someone’s car stuck on the tracks–with a train coming! With the help of others, we moved the car off the tracks in time.  It was just like in the movies and a very scary thing to witness in real life.

I have always been ultra sensitive to harsh light, smells, and colors. I am not a fan of the primary colors of yellow, red, and blue although I can see these colors clearly when doing aura readings. I am not saying these colors are bad, I am saying in large doses, they can be difficult for me to view. The smell of someone eating a fully packed hamburger or pizza makes me ill, although I love to eat them myself. So, I try and keep the house clear of potent smells and use homemade lavender air freshener. I listen to calming music and don’t watch the news too often. When I do, I focus on the good and try to filter out the media’s propensity to offer up anything and everything negative.  Yes, in our world, bad things happen every day. I just don’t dwell on them. However, if something happens that is tragic or involves loss of life, I send out prayers to those who are suffering. Or, I’ll send donations if it was something like Katrina or Hurricane Sandy. I also volunteer my time. I occasionally help out at a local food bank.

Being in crowded places such as a big store or a football arena can be difficult for me. I have to rely on my “protection devices” and not let negative thought forms of others invade my space. On an auditory level, I sometimes feel as though I am listening to several radio stations simultaneously. I have to really watch my thoughts and stay in what I call, “My sacred state of mind.” Because my guides are often speaking to me or wandering spirits are trying to get through, I have to really filter a lot out and keep only the relevant bits I am hearing. It’s taken a lot of years for me to master the techniques I use. I also use prayer a lot. Sometimes, very short ones!

Today, I am convinced lot of my super sensitive attributes stem from a difficult childhood. My father, although I adored him, was a “rager”. He drank heavily and when he did, his temper would explode over the smallest thing.  We were constantly walking on eggs around him and fearful of that mighty temper. I have to say he never once struck us, but the verbal abuse was excessive. I have heard it said that verbal abuse can actually be worse than physical abuse over a long duration. I truly believe that individuals who have gone through the same or similar kinds of childhood will become hyper vigilant throughout life. It’s as though we are on high alert at all times. Thus, all the senses, including the sixth senses, are heightened to the extreme.

Super sensitive people make very good psychics and mediums. This is not to say that all individuals who are psychic always have to be very excessively sensitive. There are many psychics who did not experience a traumatic childhood or went through horrific events. They have the ability and that’s that.

How might one display psychic abilities? The answer lies in the “clairs”– the psychic centers. The psychic centers are largely made up of the chakras contained within the energy field of each individual. Some people are born with these centers very open and can be considered very psychic.

The “clairs” listed below, are commonly referred to as our sixth senses (above and beyond our normal 5 senses). Clairsentience and clairvoyance are the most often experienced sixth senses. The other “clairs” follow. People who are deeply sensitive often have these sixth senses increased to supra levels.

  • Clairsentience or Empathic:  Often the most difficult to deal with as one might experience the same thoughts, emotions, or physical sensation as those around us. This can be used for the greater good as a psychic, medium, or healer or, work against an individual if not properly managed.
  • Clairsentience through Touch: Touch is a very powerful sense. When we touch something, it could let loose an immediate flow of psychic impressions.  These impressions could be images flooding in or even feelings of distaste. Or, a wonderful peacefulness without really knowing why. We all experience these kinds of impressions, but sensitive people feel them in a more powerful way. Psychics commonly use this heightened ability doing readings with what is called psychometry. Psychometry is the holding of an object and getting pieces of information from it that others usually do not.
  • Clairvoyance: Is the ability to see images and symbols in the mind’s eye. Some actually see visions like moving pictures. Often occurrences of this kind come out of the blue. We call this, involuntary clairvoyance. I believe the gift of clairvoyance is the universes way of helping us on a very high level if we pay attention to what we are “seeing” and learn to interpret the signs correctly.
  • Clairaudience: Hearing thoughts or music being in the mind or actually hearing sounds others cannot. Everyone has self talk. However, people with clairaudience might be able to hear spirits speak, their spirit guides talking to them or music and other unexplainable sounds only they can hear.
  • Claircognizance: Very much akin to intuition, claircognizance is the gift of knowing.  You know something, but evidence at hand might point to something else entirely. Sometimes claircognizance is referred to as “a gut feeling”.

A super sensitive person might experience many psychic attributes like:

  • A keen sense of knowing like knowing when something is about to happen.
  • Knowing what others are thinking.
  • Making a decision which is instinctive or based on a gut feeling.
  • Feeling uneasy or sensing when danger is close by.
  • Dreams of events which come to pass.
  • Constantly seeing images in the head which have no relative meaning to what is going on at the time.
  • Knowing when someone close is in danger or someone close is about to cross over.
  • Occasional visions when talking to someone. (Once when I was conversing with my daughter, I had a flashback to a scene in ancient Egypt. For a split second, it was like I was really there!)
  • Being able to tell the difference between someone is telling you the truth, is hiding something, or is actually being disingenuous or lying.
  • And the list goes on…

What are the different ways people experience supersensitive traits or might try and deal with them?

  • Having excessive bad dreams and nightmares at least once or twice a week.
  • Feeling scattered and not fully present in the moment.
  • Being told you’re over imaginative and feel shame because of it.
  • Feeling a constant drain of energy or life is out of control.
  • Thinking you are crazy because of all the weird happenings in your life.
  • Avoiding people and groups for fear of ridicule.
  • Not talking about psychic experiences fear of ridicule.
  • Letting others control and run your life because you feel that you can’t.
  • The inability to say NO for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings while completely ignoring your own.
  • Overly concerned with what other people think of you or being easily offended.
  • Having low self esteem because you feel you are inadequate in some way.
  • Drinking or drugging to overcome feelings of inadequacy.
  • Feeling a continuous great sadness because of the state of the world.
  • You might get easily hurt or carry resentments for a long time.
  • Staying at home rather than going out in the world and living a rich life. ISOLATION!
  • Having trouble maintaining love relationships and eventually giving up on love entirely.
  • An overload of voices or conversations in the head which has not been diagnosed as schizophrenia. Going or being sent to lots of psychiatrists.
  • Avoiding family members because you don’t want to deal with their complaints or sarcastic comments about your sensitiveness.
  • And the list goes on…

When one is super sensitive, it’s not surprising that some try to deaden the pain of living life by the use of mood altering substances. I have done a lot of observing and reading about psychic people. One common thread I see in many is a pattern of traumatic or abusive childhoods which might cause a proclivity towards drinking excessively. Many psychics in the public eye have been quite candid in their biographies or books sharing the fact they suffered from an addiction at one time. Some were, or still are, heavy smokers. I applaud the honesty of those in the public eye who have shared their addiction stories. It really helps others to understand themselves better and know they are not the only ones trying to cope with life through mood altering substances. The good news is there are many avenues of help available.

I believe people who are very sensitive might have overly open chakras (our energy wheels of life). Somewhere along the line, they lost the ability to stay in a balanced state of being. Thus, their energy centers suffered. There seems to be a lack of boundaries, a sense of feeling victimized, or they might feel a constant state of vulnerability. These issues may even have stemmed from past lifetimes.

What about the Youngsters?

Kids who displayed unusual psychic abilities at a young age, might have had to deal with the skepticism and harsh punishment meted out for mentioning  spirits they were seeing, or telling parents someone in the family was about to die. In the U.S. especially, previous generations did not take kindly to this kind of information delivered up by a child. Kids are very sensitive to what others think. I have heard of some cases, that fearing for their child’s sanity, the parents sent them to psychiatrists and in one case, a priest to have “demons” cast out. Of course, this leaves a very lasting negative impression on the child which is hard to overcome even as an adult. There always seems to be some shaming little voice in the back of their minds telling them they are evil or deficient in some way. Sadly, this is still going on today.

What Can One Do?

For those of you feeling an overload on your psychic senses, do a daily cleansing of your aura and keep it protected. (Building your Protection Bubble is on Imagine Spirit’s website: It is also vitally important to keep things in perspective and to stay detached. This doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means you are not taking things too deeply to heart. Yes, there are tragic circumstances and events that do happen which require us to feel on a deep level, but one should not feel this way over little things. We are not God and are not expected to carry heavy burdens of others’ tragedies. We can only display compassion and understanding without assuming the emotions of those affected. When you are encountering a very dicey situation, say a prayer and flush excessive bad feelings or negative thought forms which become negative energy in your body, down into the earth and ask the earth to transform it “harming none”. The earth will know what to do with toxic stuff. Does this all sound woo woo? Maybe. But it works!

If you have a child who is super sensitive, try to be very aware of their special needs. Listen to what they have to say and try not to get alarmed if it seems really out there. Children sense and see things adults do not. Instead of being reprimanded, they require patience and encouragement. If you think your child is very psychic, or your child sees spirits, seek out help. There is even a show about this on television called, “Psychic Children”.

Personally, I take a daily look at what’s bothering me and try and determine if there is something I can do about it. I also clairvoyantly scan my aura to see if any unwanted dark spots or streaks of muddy color have invaded it. Then I go about clearing these out. I stay on top of it until I know my aura is clean. Then I bring in brilliant white and gold light for protection and strengthen the energy field around me making sure the outer perimeters are strong.

Keeping a strong spiritual or religious life is very important. If one does not have some kind of support, there’s a tendency to feel alone and isolated. Whether you have a church you belong to or have strong spiritual beliefs, staying connected to like-minded people is the key to help you to continue on. Make sure you have someone to talk to who understands what is going on in your life and I don’t mean always dumping your problems on friends and co-workers. What I suggest is keeping a trusted therapist or clergy person (who hopefully does not condemn psychic beliefs) available for detoxifying. There are even groups on-line that have forums for sensitive and psychic people. Be careful you do not share very personal information with anyone you don’t know. Some groups are excellent and some not so good. Test a group first before becoming highly involved with it.

Do some deep breathing every day, and try to meditate at least 15 minutes to clear out psychic debris. Getting a healing or energy balancing session is a very good way to get back into emotional and spiritual robustness. Finding a good healer is important. They can assess your energy field and help you fix what is blocked and remove negative energy, negative thought forms of others that have become stuck in your field, and move the energy out which is not serving you.

For professional psychics, mediums, and healers, the same advice applies. Too often I have seen psychic acquaintances become very ill because they don’t release energy from other people’s problems after a reading.  And, it can happen to any of us in the profession.

Writing in a journal really helps. I always pound into my students the importance of keep a log of not only emotional or daily events, but paranormal happenings as well. One does not have to write a novel on a daily basis. Just a few sentences are sufficient. Also, I like to date it and note the phase of the moon. I also pay attention to any eclipses which may have recently occurred. Over time, a pattern will emerge and you might glean a better understanding of what is actually happening in your life and why.

If you think you might be super sensitive, please don’t be ashamed about it. Super sensitive people often become the great healers and helpers on the planet. If you feel this condition is harming your life, turn it around in something positive. “Make lemonade from lemons.”, you will often hear me say. J

Why Earthbound Spirits Stay

>Listen to some sample Spirit Rescue clips at the bottom of this article.

Earthbound spirits, commonly known as ghosts, are deceased souls who remain attached to the earthly realm after dying. When the body expires, the spirit of a person usually moves into the astral realm (via their astral body) to begin a new existence. This astral dimension is very close to our own. Some call it heaven. Sadly, there are spirits who do not fully cross into the light of the astral realm immediately upon death. These spirits are commonly referred to as “Earthbound Spirits”.

Earthbound spirits are souls who either consciously decide not to cross over, are not aware they have died, or are so traumatized by the death experience, they literally cannot see the light. Earthbound spirits are bound to an isolated existence. They continue conscious awareness in their own little world and often linger in earthly locals where they once felt the most comfort and safety. They often have an agenda. You might encounter these spirits in a home, a place of business, or even wandering around a property. In other cases, spirits might inhabit a space somewhere in our reality but are not consciously aware of where that is and are not tied to a specific place.

There are spirits who don’t know they are dead. As hard as it is for us to understand this, it does happen.  These spirits can be benign or very angry because they are confused.

Those Who Don't Know They Are Dead

Those Who Don’t Know They Are Dead

Again, failing to make the normal transition at death can happen for any number of reasons. The death could be sudden and traumatic causing confusion, the spirit exists in a dazed twilight condition, or might even feel rage at being robbed of life. Other reasons could include fear of how they will be treated on the other side, emotional attachments to those left behind, massive guilt, or unfinished business. There are even those who stay for the sake of curiosity or revenge. Some cannot bear to be separated from family members or are worried about a particular family member–such as a spouse left behind. Many earthbound spirits are not aware or choose to ignore guides and loved ones from the other side who have come to escort them across the veil (another term for entering the astral plane). They instead, elect to continue on as before with their emotions and attitudes unchanged.

Will I Become an Earthbound Spirit? 

Most of us will automatically make the transition to the plane of existence which best aligns with our soul’s frequency. This is determined by our nature and what is in our heart at the time of passing–particularly our spiritual awareness and level of compassion. Some of us may require varying degrees of help and adjustment when we move into the Spirit (or astral) realm due to difficult circumstances experienced in life.

The fact is, most of us make the crossing completely. Even people with no religious or deep spiritual backgrounds cross over easily. AS far as I can tell, there’s no set formula for why spirits stay or get stuck.

Types of Earthbound Spirits

Many earthbound spirits are benevolent and cause very little tangible activity. Living persons residing in locations where this type of earthbound spirit exists may never even know the trapped souls are there. Then there are unhappy and angry types which may start causing trouble by creating various types of real disturbances. Quite often, spirit activity, or ghostly activity, begins when there is a disruption to “their space”, e.g., renovations to a structure.

Conscious Awareness of Earthbound Spirits

Let’s now address the issue of an earthbound spirit’s conscious awareness. Below are three categories I’ve put together of earthbound spirits. Most earthbound spirits do have some sort of awareness and we call them “intelligent spirits” because they have the ability to interact with the living in some way. *Residual hauntings are something else entirely.

Picture of Spirits

Spirits Can be Anywhere

Category 1.

These are spirits who elect to stay in a certain local which was important to them during life. They may even feel duty bound to stay. They do not want to let go of life. These are not malicious or mean spirits. They only want to continue doing what was the most important thing to them in life or watch over loved ones left behind. Sometimes these spirits are simply curious. 

Category 2.

This category of spirits is also known as “an unclean spirits.” They are quite aware of their situation and often exhibit aggressive behavior. These spirits could be angry, paranoid, cruel, defensive, or want the space they are occupying all to themselves at any cost. They may have of an agenda of hate, vengeance, or wanting to harm other by trying to cause physical harm. Sometimes, when there is more than one spirit occupying a space, these nasty types will bully the other spirits to keep them afraid and to control them.

Category 3.

This type of spirit exhibits a lesser degree of conscious awareness. They may appear, to those who witness them, as vague, uncertain, highly confused, or exhibiting deep sadness. These tragic spirits may have died in a sudden traumatic way or by their own hand. They exist within a dreamy reality where nothing really changes for them. They often appear as white, grey, dull, and lifeless in their appearance. They often do not respond when spoken to, however, they do have an awareness of sorts.

*Earthbound spirits should not be confused with a residual type haunting (a scene, sounds, talking, or a visual “shell” of a person(s) which are left imprinted on the environment and might replay over and over.

One day, when I was on staff in a Metaphysical store in Scottsdale, AZ, I encountered what I thought was an earthbound spirit. It was an older woman with a hairdo and clothes from about the 1960s. She was in full color. She smiled at me and disappeared in an instant. I knew this was not a deceased relative of mine or a spirit guide. She just seemed interested in what was going on.

My friend and former student, Pat in Phoenix, often saw earthbound spirits. She would encounter them in the grocery store late at night when she got off from work, or even standing by the roadside. She could tell they were spirits by their dull grey transparent facade.

Are Earthbound Spirits Stuck Forever?

I am often asked this question. How long do spirits stay on the physical plane according to our earthly timeline?

A. Because spirits are outside of our space-time continuum, their incorporeal state of existence could go on for hundreds of years by earth’s clock. Usually spirits of this type have been presented with many opportunities, by other spirits or loved ones, to move on to a much better place. They often refuse to acknowledge any attempts for help. They spurn any advances by other to assist them in escaping their dark world. Over time, regardless of their stubbornness or inability to be aware of their trapped condition, these souls will someday move out of the darkness and into the light of the astral world. We here on earth cannot determine when that will be but rest assured it will eventually happen.

What Is a Rescue Medium?

A Rescue Medium is a medium who has dedicated themselves to free trapped spirits. They have usually been trained to do this safely and effectively. Others seem to have the ability to see and move spirits across naturally. There are even groups of individuals who are dedicated to this type or work and yes, full-blown organizations which do this work.

As a medium, I often do Rescue Mediumship. I have seen earthbound spirits since I was a child. However, it wasn’t until an event happened to me Northern California that I began to take this work seriously. In fact, I had never thought about it. The spiritualist church I trained in did not talk about earthbound spirits whatsoever.

On this particular day, I was attending a meeting at a hospital about doing spiritual work with hospice patients.  I saw a female spirit in a dimly lit hospital parking lot garage. The spirit appeared sideways to me, grayish in color, and almost flat-like. My first impression was that of a cardboard sign of a person. I could tell this spirit had some sort of awareness, but seemed extremely unhappy. I remember the sadness I felt for her.

I found I could communicate with her through my clairsentience. As I did, I offered words of comfort and prayer. To my amazement, the spirit began to brighten in color, seemed to take on a new peaceful energy, and then disappeared. That was my first spirit rescue.

When a rescue medium comes in contact with an earthbound spirit, either by intention or accidentally, it is the perfect opportunity to persuade them to cross over. Some of these hapless spirits will be willing and some will not. With patience, even the most troublesome spirit may eventually agree to be “rescued” out of their trapped condition. If the medium or rescue group can offer tantalizing reasons for a spirit to let go and cross over, such as a chance for a better reality, a Spirit may decide to cross.  This is some of the most rewarding work a medium can do.

I highly suggest if a medium or someone who is interested in Spirit Rescue become trained in this. There are many good schools or local mediums available who train in this art.

An Issue of Spirits Crossing Over

Below are some clips from our Tele-Mediumship Course covering some scenarios of crossing spirits over:

 Three Audio Recordings About Earthbound spirits and Spirit Rescue
Carol Nicholson Psychic/Medium, Imagine Spirit Mediumship Training

»Carol talking about “Earthbound” spirits

»Carol recalling a Dev. Circle Spirit Rescue in 2009

»Mediumship tele-class Spirit rescue with student mediums participating


The Mystery of Clairvoyance Explained

Clairvoyance and the Third Eye
In ancient mystical teachings, it was also well-known that creative imaging with the 3rd eye was imperative for inspirational messages as well as getting hunches for problem solving. Often when we get an inspiration, we feel it in our gut (or solar plexus) area. However, the source of this information has actually been filtered down from the third eye, or 6th chakra.

manHeadCrownChakraThroughout history and in most cultures there have been anecdotal stories and historical claims of clairvoyant abilities. In ancient Egypt clairvoyance was used in the healing temples and young women called “looking girls” would use this ability to help heal others by clairvoyantly looking into the innards of the body. Other instances have been associated with illustrious figures such as Nostradamus and Merlin, the Dark Ages magician of myth and legend. In recent years, the label of Clairvoyant has quite often been used interchangeably with the label of Psychic.

Today the label of “clairvoyant” is still regarded suspiciously and is relegated by many to the art of fortune-telling. It has taken many dedicated light workers and honorable psychics, to pull this wonderful inborn ability out of something previously looked down upon, into becoming an accepted profession. The most important strides forward in giving clairvoyance credence were actually initiated by the U.S. government when they funded the project “Stargate” in the late 1970’s. When the U.S. got wind of the fact that the Russians were using psychics to spy on the U.S., the U.S. military answered with their own secret program. This program went on for some time using a method of clairvoyant seeing they had developed with the help of psychic, Ingo Swann. This method was later labeled, “Remote Viewing”. The military rigorously searched for servicemen who exhibited strong 6th sense abilities and were then recruited to train in this program.

There were several successes with the program and many cases are well documented. The program was successfully utilized to find downed planes, helicopters and even missing people. In the nineties, congress got wind of the program and it was soon canceled due to the fact it was considered a waste of funds. However, I feel this program is still being used somewhere within our government, albeit quietly.
(Read Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies by Jim Schnabel).

What Is Clairvoyance?
Clairvoyance is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception which allows a person by using their inner vision, to perceive objects, distant persons or locations, and events. Clairvoyance is also used to view and detect certain types of energies not normally perceptible to humans, e. g., radio waves and the human aura. Typically, such perception is reported in visual terms only, but may also include auditory impressions (clairaudience) or kinesthetic (clairsentience) impressions.

Where Does Clairvoyance Come From?
We are all aware that most of us can see with our physical eyes. How this really works is that the eyes initially perceive the world upside down. They then send that image of what they are perceiving to the brain. The brain interprets the image, object or scene, and makes it appear right side-up to the perceiver. Most are never aware of this process!

We all have another “eye” between and just above our physical eyes which has a function that’s long been recognized by mystics throughout the ages. This area of our forehead is believed to be the seat of mystical perceptual powers. This is called the “Third Eye”, or by its Sankrit name, Anja, and is associated with our 6th chakra. To healers, it is associated with the color indigo. There are certain vital glands responsible for 3rd eye clairvoyant abilities and these are our pineal and pituitary glands.

The pineal gland is located in the geometric center of the brain. The pituitary gland is located just behind the eyes. While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been a mystery to modern science, mystical traditions have long understood that the pineal gland was the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Most of the time, our inner visual viewing happens in the frontal lobe area. Often during clairvoyance development and during actual viewing episodes, various sensations can be felt at the back and top of the head as well as a tightening or pressure sensation across the forehead. This is due to the quickening of the glands in the head when one is focused on development of this chakra.

When the sixth chakra (3rd eye) is open and in balance, a person can be extremely intuitive, perceptive, and aware of other realms and entities. When it is closed down or plugged up, a person could feel isolated, prone to sarcasm, overly skeptical, out of touch, rigid, confused, or even depressed. Therefore, it is essential to maintain balance in the 3rd eye because it is your spiritual window that opens into the infinite wisdom of the universe and enables the visuals received from the Spiritual realms to be experienced.

Famous Clairvoyant of the Past
The most famous clairvoyant was Nostradamus. Nostradamus has been credited with successfully predicting numerous events in world history, including the French Revolution, the atom bomb, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and some say the September 11, 2011, attack on the World Trade Center. Naysayers and skeptics may disagree and call the predictions coincidence, but in my opinion, many of Nostradamus’ predictions were too right on to be called vague coincidences. 

When Do We Become Clairvoyant?
Most individuals are born with supra strong clairvoyant abilities but then start to lose or forget about them at a young age–usually about the ages of 7 or 8. Very often, young children report seeing things older people don’t. To them it’s a perfectly natural thing and comes as a bit of a shock to their tiny minds when they realize they are the only ones seeing, for example, colored auras around people, or see Spirits of the deceased. No one likes to appear different or be considered strange—not even little children. Psychically sensitive youngsters learn the hard way not to talk about the visions or Spirits they are witnessing due to possible ridicule, admonishment, or an offhanded dismissal of their experiences by other children and adults. 

“I’m Not Good at Clairvoyance!”
This is a statement I hear from time to time. If you don’t believe you are gifted with clairvoyance, you might want to think again. For most, clairvoyance ranks at the top or close to the top of the para-senses. Everyone has the ability to imagine pictures in their head and do so without even thinking about. If you feel you have trouble visualizing clear pictures, know that you will always be able to visualize something. I have students who report seeing swirling colors and that’s all. This in itself can be quite revealing. Colors might indicate a message in code form from a Spirit communicating an idea especially if a feeling accompanies the color seen.

Clairvoyance is used for many psychic modalities. I use it all the time when I am doing readings and/or a Mediumship session with a client. My eyes could be open or closed when doing this. It just depends on what I wish to accomplish and “see”. Often, I get pictures off to my right side when my eyes are open. When I close my eyes to do a body scan or get a visual, the image appears right in front of my forehead in the middle.

Clairvoyance is often used by healers to scan the body by viewing the chakras and aura of the person they are working on. The colors seen and the vibrancy of the color viewed can tell one a lot about what is happening in that person’s life. The colors of the aura can tell a story about the person without even having to tell anything about themselves to the healer.

Everyone is born with a specific ground color that can be seen clairvoyantly. This base color is what we are born with as our primary color and brings with it many gifts and graces. A trained clairvoyant can tell you what your ground color is.

More about Opening the Third Eye
As mentioned before, your third eye is the “eye” through which you can see beings or other things such as remote visions which are not visible to your physical eyes or in your conscious awareness. It is what you use to “view” with when you wish to connect to the higher astral or spiritual realms.

The development of psychic ability in regards to “seeing” images and symbols which tell us things, is very closely connected with the opening of your third eye. This means that when you work on activating your third eye, your inner vision capabilities expand. Having this fully enhanced psychic ability and an open third eye entails several benefits which can make a difference on how you live and perceive life.

Even though everyone has a third eye and some degree of psychic abilities, in many cases, the third eye is only partially open. The reasons for a sluggish third eye are varied. It could be you came into this incarnation with a partially blocked third eye due to witnessing some sort of trauma in a past life and subconsciously shut it down. That’s just one example.

There are steps you can take to fully open your third eye or to unblock it (even if you are not sure it’s blocked) so that the flows of energies go smoothly. Doing a few simple exercises will take care of any questions or concerns you may have about it.

There are several benefits to exercising your psychic ability and unblocking your third eye. You will have access to your inner well of wisdom and to those of the higher realms. You will develop your intuition and have a better understanding of things which cannot be easily perceived by your physical eyes. You become open to a whole new plane of awareness, balance, and aspire to a higher quality of life. These are just a few of the benefits you can have by enhancing your third eye ability.

Voluntary and Involuntary Clairvoyance 

Voluntary Clairvoyance: is where someone has taken the time to develop the ability and can call forth information about a person, place, or event at will. This includes summoning different dimensions or time periods for viewing.

Involuntary Clairvoyance: An unexpected visual event. Untrained individuals who have had this happen to them might find it quite startling. This event could come in the form of a vivid day-dream or a vision of which something significant is happening in this time period or even in another time. Many people report instances of having visions of a loved one that has died or was in grave danger before receiving notification through normal channels. These occurrences may have come in a vivid daydream, called a waking vision, or in an actual dream. While these occurrences can be frightening to some or comforting to others, it leaves the viewer no doubt of what they had seen or experienced.

Not all involuntary instances of clairvoyance are unhappy or dire premonitions. Sometime people get a beautiful life changing vision offering inspiration and hope which is a true gift from Spirit. Why don’t we all get a wonderful vision or dream which changes our life for the better from time to time? Maybe we all do at some point in our lives, but unfortunately don’t pay any attention to it. We might even ignore the message, the vision, or dream; because we think it’s our imagination. 

The Premonition Vision:is a view into the future with your clairvoyant (inner) vision. It can happen in a waking state, in meditation, daydreaming, or actual dreaming. How you know it’s a premonition is by the emotional impact the picture leaves you with. Some people spontaneously get a movie scene like moving pictures or a type of slide show.

How does one increase their clairvoyant faculties? The answer is clairvoyant abilities will exponentially increase with meditative practice and with patience. When the 3rd eye is fully opened and trained, one is usually able to perceive entities (Spirits and guides) from the astral planes as well as other pieces of psychic information.

Exercise for Strengthening the 3rd Eye: 

The Pen Object Exercise:
Pick up an object near to you. I suggest a pen. Look at it carefully. Memorize everything about the pen. Now close your eyes and imagine the pen projected onto your screen in minute detail. Can you replicate it? Now open your eyes and view the object again. What did you miss? Try again to make sure you have every detail replicated when you view it on your screen. Do this again and again until you can replicate the object perfectly on all sides. When you are finished, you can “blow it up” if you wish. Clean off your screen.  Try to replicate other objects when you feel ready.

Have fun!

Clairvoyance, Spooky Physics, and The Akashic Records

Clairvoyance is the art of visualization. It can be used so many amazing ways from viewing the aura, energy healing, remote viewing, seeing soulmates coming into your life, doing readings for others, downloading complex solutions, viewing your soul life records, (The Akashic Records),  medical intuition to astral traveling.

Our psychic center of clairvoyance is a natural gift that anyone can develop and enhance to supra sensory levels. In fact, it is the most commonly used of all our psychic centers. The Third Eye, which promotes this faculty, is located within the 6th chakra and is the seat of intuition our window to higher dimensions.

Imaging with Clairvoyance

Einstein, himself, used his clairvoyant powers to access a realm which he felt contains all knowledge and wisdom of the universe to write his papers on relativity and “The theory of Entanglement”  (Also labeled “Spooky Physics” by Einstein, the theory postulates that two or more particles can become “entangled” so that even after they are separated in space, when an  action is performed on one particle, the other particle responds immediately.)

Einstein called these forays into other dimensions, “…his time of deep thinking”  What he was really doing, was meditating and using his powers of clairvoyance to envision complex solutions to mathematical equations which explained the true workings of our universe.  He also credited higher beings which appeared to him and gave him solutions. Do you believe the Einstein was the only person who had this ability because he was a genius? It may surprise you to know many figures from ancient times to the present have mastered a technique of visualization to enhance their lives and bring forth wonderful new knowledge and the arts to mankind such as…
Nicholas Tesla
Thomas Edison
Brahms (The composer)
Leonardo da Vinci
Sherlock Holmes (Fictional character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
Edgar Cayce
Bill Wilson (Founder of AA) Arnold Palmer (Golfer)

Accessing the Higher Dimensions

Accessing the Higher Dimensions

It is said by many adepts, there is a higher dimension where all knowledge that ever was and ever will be, can be gleaned from a special dimension. Some call this dimension, The Akashic Records. Some call it the 4th dimension. It is claimed that all thoughts, images, past lives, future lives, and ideas are recorded on this dimension and can be accessed by anyone. The first mention of the Akashic Records to the modern western world was made known by Helena Blavatsky (Founder of the Theosophical Society in the early 1900s.) Her teachings came from ancient Hindu texts which she learned in a lengthy sojourn to India. It was also brought to the public’s awareness by the great trance channel, Edgar Cayce. The purpose of using clairvoyance, for many, is to visualize and enhance a current skill set or solve a problem. I often use my clairvoyance imaging to walk through certain problems and see solutions.

There are several kinds of clairvoyance which can spontaneously occur. Often these images give us a message about our lives or the lives of others. Sometimes, they can even be a premonition of things to come.

Some types are listed here:
• An Abstract Picture
(Includes colors and patterns)
• The Visual Mental Memory
(Something that triggers an image from your life that could give you answers)
• The Literal Vision Image
(Seeing something that tells you what it is without having to interpret as symbology)
• The Premonition Vision
(A view into the future)

Any one of these types of clairvoyant visions can happen at any time, anywhere. Often we are so immersed in our own world; we miss these fleeting images flashing through our minds. Weare not aware that they could also be coded message, through imaging, from our guides and angels.There are numerous schools of clairvoyance which teach on-demand visualization techniques.

Clairvoyance Training Starts February 26 2013

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“How Can I Develop MY Clairvoyance?”, you might be asking. Make a conscious effort to develop and enhance this ability more. Take time each day to quiet the mind and see what floats in. Really focus on the third eye area, just between and above the eyebrows. Record in a journal and keep track of what you are seeing. If nothing comes at first, relax. Images will eventually come in. Also, it is imperative that you set your intention for what you wish to accomplish. Perhaps it’s an answer to a problem. Maybe you wish to see something going on at a distance. Possibly you want to create something new. By visualizing what you wish to have happen and putting structure to it and your dream  will eventually manifest with patience. Last but not least, many use visualization techniques for creating abundance. Some have even used it successfully to win the lottery! Be constantly aware. When you become aware of a picture in your mind, pay careful attention to what comes up in your thoughts as to what it means. Your first thought with an accompanying feeling will give you the information you need. Trust what you get! Also, be aware that sometimes the pictures come in the form of a moving picture–like a movie playing. Also try to discern whether the image picture is referencing the past, present, or future? If you are still having trouble, ask your guides and angels for help in promoting and mastering this wonderful natural ability to help you in every part of your life.

Enjoy the journey!

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Commentary on Physical Mediumship

If you are a medium in the public eye, make sure you call yourself the right thing!

Weekly, I am somewhat annoyed by a television show where the featured medium calls herself a Physical Medium. Maybe you know the one I am referring to. On the show she works with a retired detective. HELLO WORLD!!! She is not a Physical Medium. What she is, is a Clairsentient and Clairaudient. Simple as that. This label is purely used as a device to try to make herself stand out from other mediums on TV. And I resent the distortion of facts. Perhaps, she was never formally trained.
(»Go to my web page on chakras to see what these two “clairs” are if you don’t already know.)

This lady is actually what we call, a Mental Medium, whereas a Physical Medium is almost always in a deep trance state when doing a demonstration and not walking around commenting. An occasional, “They speak through me sometimes.” (referring to the spirits she’s investigating) doesn’t cut it. What I suspect she is doing, is mimicking what the Spirit is telling her. This is NOT physical Mediumship. To be fair, she may be good at what she does, but that doesn’t excuse the mis-labeling. If I were a doctor of pediatrics but called myself a doctor of gynaecology, there would be problems, yes?


A Physical Medium is a medium who, while in light to deep trance, is able to produce physical phenomena to onlookers. These things can include *ectoplasm exuding from the body, spirit lights, spirit voices, rapping sounds, music, full-bodied apparitions. breezes, sudden changes in the room temperature, and so on. The Spirit can speak through the medium but this is a process that is not done on the fly. It takes time to get into the proper space to allow this to happen. And, it is exhausting on the body of the physical medium if done for long periods of time.

Physical mediums often utilize Spirit guides called “Controls”. These guides will, with the medium’s permission, manipulate certain energies in the medium’s body to produce tangible phenomena.

An exception to physical mediums always being in a deep trance state when demonstrating their ability was Leslie Flint, the great direct voice medium. Flint was often quite awake and aware when producing Spirit voices and music around him. Sometimes there were several voices heard simultaneously. His mouth never moved. The spirits were using the energy of his body to produce the audible phenomena.

Flint was often  rigorously tested with his mouth full of marbles and taped shut. It would have been virtually impossible for him to fake the voices and music. Often many voices were heard simultaneously. (One of the foundations that tested him was the revered British Society of Psychical Research mentioned above.)

The truth is, Physical Mediumship is hardly practiced today due to the enormous toll it takes on the medium and the years it takes to safely develop the ability. It was the reigning type of Mediumship demonstrated for years since the Fox Sisters started the Spiritualist movement in 1848. The golden age of Spiritualists and physical mediums was from the mid 1800’s to about the 1940’s. May dedicated groups met weekly to hold séances and attempt to produce otherworldly phenomena. **Some were very successful.

Physcial Medium

Ethel Post-Parrish became a prominent American physical medium. Her phases of direct voice and materialization attracted world-wide attention. She was also a splendid clairvoyant and an outstanding platform message bearer.

In the latter part of the 20th century, Mental Mediumship became the norm due to mediums demonstrating it such as James Van Praague, John Holland, Gordon Smith, and others seen in the media today. Mental mediums are usually very awake and alert while demonstrating their ability. Physical phenomenon is almost never exhibited. Messages are given from the medium directly and usually in well-lit rooms.

Today Physical Mediums are seen mostly in countries like, Scotland, England, Brazil and India. There used to be a place called Camp Silver Bell,i n the US, which regularly gave demonstrations but it is no longer in existence. Lily Dale, today’s premier medium haven in the US, does not host too many Physical Mediums to my knowledge. However, I have never been there so I don’t really know. Maybe someone reading this has experienced a demonstration of physical Mediumship in Lily Dale, New York. Let me know.

Physical Mediumship is widely open to attack as it is usually done with lights out or in dim lighting. This is where you see pictures of old-time mediums sitting in a cabinet or curtained off space with a person standing guard outside like a sentinel. Of course, this type of Mediumship demonstration is a recipe for fraud as well. Conversely, there have been many documented and highly investigated physical mediums who have been deemed authentic by the British and American Societies of Psychical Research, or SPR, founded in London in 1882.
(>Check out my article on the controversial physical medium, Eusapia Palladino).

You might be asking yourself, “Why such a fuss? Why rant and rave?.” Perhaps it’s due to the fact I have spent years teaching people quality Mediumship and strongly feel how important it is for mediums to know what they are doing and especially, how important it is to know all about their craft. Someone comes along on TV and spreads misinformation that millions believe and think to be true. It’s much like a movie made in Hollywood where a historical event is portrayed but in actuality is vastly different from what actually occurred. If I have a student who tells me they want to be like this lady on TV and be a physical medium, I have to do a little serious re-educating.

So, television people, please get your facts straight.

Used for materialization, this is a white to milky substance omitted from the different bodily orifices of the medium.

**A great book on the history of Spiritualism and physical mediums is by Peter H. Aykroyd. A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters

Should Psychics and Mediums Charge Money?

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Is It Spiritually Moral for Psychics and Mediums to Charge for Their Services?

I tell my classes that the answer to this question is a resounding YES! Psychics and mediums have every moral right to. I remember my mentor, Dr. Alice Powers, talking about this very question. The answer she gave was that there should always be a fair exchange of energy. The work and sacrifice we have put into training to become a professional demands that we be compensated

Why Do Psychics Charge a Fee if They Are So Spiritual?

There are those who claim that psychics and mediums should not charge because the abilities possessed are divine in nature and therefore should not be subject to charging. I find this opinion offensive. You might as well ask, “Should a doctor charge to heal the sick?” Perhaps artists and musicians should not charge for their inspiration and authors should not be compensated for their creative offerings as these are all God-given gifts. Skeptics and the finger-jabbing moralists will loudly proclaim that if a psychic or medium’s gift is genuine, they wouldn’t charge for their services. Some say it’s even the devil’s wickedness at play. I call these people, talking heads. Many of us in the profession have felt a strong calling to do this work and walked away from a lucrative career to pursue it. I wonder if these same people work for free. Would THEY be willing to a make a financial leap of faith in order to follow a spiritual calling?

Often psychics and mediums are accused of bilking the bereaved and troubled for huge amounts of money. Perhaps this occurred in the days of the old-fashioned Spirit rapping and the like, when shady entrepreneurs jumped on the band wagon offering up “Mrs. Sally” as the latest great Medium. And, most of these were proven to be frauds! And, the public has a long memory. The truth is that psychics and mediums often struggle to make ends meet just like everyone else. Yes, there are some “big names” out there who do charge a hefty fee for their services. The fact is that these celebrated individuals have studied and worked hard, written books, and traveled extensively performing in front of large crowds. You might say they have earned the right to boost their fees.

I DO want to address the small group of shady fortune-telling individuals who still attempt to swindle people for substantial sums. Their existence is a blot on the rest of the psychic community. These offenders have no scruples. They open up shop, do their phony readings by offering spells to fix all, proffer outlandish assurances, and then, literally steal away into the night. The good news is the number of what I call, turban psychics, is getting smaller all the time. Why is this, you might ask? The answer is simple. People are more sophisticated and careful about choosing a reputable psychic or medium than they used to be. Those, like myself, who have worked years to establish credibility for what we do, are finally making a favorable dent in the eyes of the general public. We work quietly behind the scenes and most likely keep the same address for a long time.

How Come Psychics and Mediums Charge More Than $10-$15 Dollars?

What the lay person does not realize is that doing psychic readings or Mediumship sessions day in and day out can be very exhausting. It takes a lot out of us. And there must be a recuperation period to recharge psychic batteries. One or two readings a day is quite enough, thank you, especially if they are emotionally charged. We work with a lot of very sad, grief-stricken, and frightened people. However, I want to emphasize the fact that not all readings are a heavy experience. Many times we have clients who are upbeat and doing a reality check on their life by getting an occasional reading. Either way, the psychic is drained of energy and must pace their sessions or else suffer from serious burn-out.

There Are Those Who Choose Not to Charge

Most Spiritualist Churches ask for donations only as they are set up as a church organization. Many mediums volunteer their time to come and give platform readings. This is their form of service work to mankind. And many of these mediums DO have their own private practices and charge for their services.

Another example is the famous trance channel, Edgar Cayce. Cayce never charged for his services. He asked for donations only. This was the road he chose to take. He did wonderful work and his numerous readings are now archived at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the world to read. The thing about Cayce that must be noted is that he had financial backers throughout his lifetime. These were people of means and substance who highly believed in his pioneering psychic work and were willing to sponsor him. Without these many individuals, Cayce probably might have had to abandon doing his readings altogether. Thank God for those people!

I Want to Become a Professional Psychic. How Do I Get Started?

If you are just starting out, there may be a period of doing readings for free. This not only aids in building a good foundation with your reading skills but you will start gaining more confidence and trust the information you give others as being accurate. This is one way to learn how to work with different types of clients and yes, even make some mistakes. Doing free readings is perfectly okay if you tell the person you are still a student. You will find sometimes clients can be very difficult. They might be scared, talked into a reading by a friend and have a very skeptical attitude, or drive you crazy with one question after another in rapid fire succession. Doing readings for free gives the psychic or medium latitude to grow in experience and helps them to develop their own personal style of doing readings. This is the way I started and I spent about a year of doing readings for friends, their friends, and occasional bookstore and psychic fairs to gain experience. The day came when I knew I was ready to charge for readings. And, I did not quit my day job for quite some time. In fact, I actually only did readings along with teaching classes on the side for many many years while keeping my corporate job. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe I was good enough to go full-time, but as so many of us, I had the fear that I couldn’t make a living doing it exclusively. Luckily, I eventually found the faith to strike out on my own and have never looked back. In total, I have been reading for twenty-eight years now.

How Can I Figure What to Charge?

Carol Doing a Professional Psychic ReadingWhen you start your own professional psychic practice, look in the area where you will be doing your readings and see what other people charge. The fees for giving readings in the different geographic parts of the United States can vary significantly . Example: Let’s say a one hour reading fee in San Francisco is twice as much as one would charge in Billings, Montana. It doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the reality of it. You have to take in consideration the average income of the nearby populace. If you are charging a large fee in your area and don’t get any takers, you can pretty much guess that you are charging too much and have to lower your fees. After building a significant client base and from good testimonials by word-of-mouth, you can eventually raise your fees little by little. And, you must check and see if you city, county, or state requires a license. When residing in Scottsdale, I had to obtain a “Magic Arts” license. They even finger-printed me. I was somewhat incensed but went along with the program. And, there are good reasons for this as mentioned above.

Doing readings over the internet helps to overcome the location lower-income problem. If you have a good web site and keep good business practices, you can charge a pretty fair fee. Again, it’s a matter of building a clientele and being responsible about your work. If you book a reading, let’s say a phone reading, and aren’t available at the appointed time, your business will suffer.

People Keep Wanting Free Readings!!

Most of us wish to be viewed as caring people — especially in a helping profession. We want to help as many people as we can. But, there comes a time when this is can be taken too far. I call it setting boundaries for your business. Every business has a set of business rules. If you do not set a fee schedule for appointment and stick to it, you will fall victim to every request for a free reading. I sometimes get calls or emails from people asking for a  free reading due to financial problems. Only in rare cases do I do a free reading now. Today, I might lower the price if I sense the individual truly IS truly in financial straits and needs help. I have to admit that in the early days I got into massive guilt trips and did readings I didn’t want to. I learned quickly that this was not the way to go. The more I tried to help someone, the more they would want another free reading and another free reading and another free reading. It was a drain on my energy and I began resenting my newly found profession. Today, I will occasionally read free for friends. Sometimes we do a trade. My friends outside of the business do not trespass on my time and expertise. If a friend or acquaintance does start plaguing me for readings on a frequent basis, I will gently tell them to set up an appointment and make a payment through the website. I always have my client pay beforehand too.

They Didn’t Pay Me!

There were times years ago when a new client, that I thought had integrity, didn’t pay me as promised. I trust that the readings I give are highly accurate and worth while so it wasn’t as if they got a bad reading. Consequently nowadays, I always ask for payment in advance. You just have to make sure you set good business practices and stick to them. I have never, and I mean never, had a client want their money back. If they WERE unhappy with their reading, I would consider scheduling another free of charge. The downside to this is that there are people always ready to take advantage. So be careful with what you promise before hand. If you list yourself as being 99% accurate in your marketing materials, you’d better live up to that guarantee!!!  Be discerning with your clients and spell out how you do readings beforehand so they know what to expect and how you work.

A Case Where Student Wouldn’t Pay:

I have been teaching classes for many years now. There are times when I have to pay a hefty fee to rent space to hold the class or program. I remember one case where a gal showed up for a lengthy program having paid nothing. She sat in the class as if she belonged there by right. At the break, I took her outside and reminded her she needed to pay the fee for the course before she could continue sitting in the class. She made quite a scene and was yelling at me that I was not a spiritual person and that she had every right to take the class for free. Additionally, the reality was, I had already granted two scholarships for that particular program and was really not making much money on it. It was an upsetting experience for me to have to deal with but a great learning one. I discovered I was okay with myself and that it was perfectly all right to ask for payment due for the quality classes I offer.

Thank God for My Clients & Students!

I always thank Spirit when booking a reading or Mediumship session. When I receive payment , I always thank my client and silently tell Spirit, “ I am grateful for compensation I have received. I am honored that I am able to serve Spirit in this way. And for those who come to me for readings, may many blessings come their way.” It’s a win-win for all.

When Spirits Don’t Know They’re Dead

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An earthbound spirit is the spirit of someone whose physical body has died but the soul spirit part of them continues to stay on the earth plane. There are many reasons why a Spirit does not cross over when the physical body dies. One of the most common but tragic reasons Spirits stay earthbound and haven’t gone into the light is Sudden Death.

If I, for instance, suddenly keeled over dead, I might not know anything was wrong. As I have said many times in classes, when we finally leave our physical body at death, our consciousness leaves the physical and enters the astral body. We, in fact, “wake up” somewhere else. One might liken it to waking up from a very long realistic and detailed dream.

Many people who have clinically died and came back don’t always report the proverbial tunnel and white light. In cases of a severe traumatic death, a soul might be initially confused and keep their reality the same as it was before. Just because we have died does not mean we are spiritually cured of all our human tendencies and frailties and, learned thinking patterns. Initially, survival instincts and coping mechanisms have not changed one iota.

When in this predicament, we might think in ways that keep us from going into shock. One of these mechanisms is “extreme denial”. Just as many repress traumatic events and erase them from their conscious memories, so might a Spirit who has just had the unthinkable happen. This often occurs with sudden death. There is no time to know one is getting ready to leave their body, as in the majority of cases; they just depart.

Some individuals believe that any evidence, whether it be a Spirit showing up or a voice caught on a digital recorder of a Spirit who seems earthbound, is some sort of shell fragment of the soul and it is not the Spirit themselves actually responding. This may be partly true, however, when a Spirit makes a direct response to a question asked and it pertains to the current situation, what better proof can you have that they are thinking or intelligent Spirits. The following is a case in point:

I was watching a show on *ghost stories and one particular episode featured a couple that went out to an airliner crash site that was located in a large field. They were using their digital recorders to see if they could pick up some EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). They started asking questions out loud and in a chilling response to one of their questions, a male voice played back through the recorder and quite **distinctly replied, “Did we crash?” This was not only a little shocking but to me was extremely sad. Here is a Spirit who came through with reference to traveling on a jet airliner and obviously didn’t know the plane had crashed. This instance is a perfect example and proof that this phenomena truly does exist.

This brings up a very important point. If God is so supreme, all-powerful, and loving, how is it that some Spirits do not make it across to the other side after dying? I do not pretend to have the perfect answer for this. I have often wondered in cases of children who are stuck in between worlds why this is allowed by the divine higher-ups. And it continues to bother me. I have even asked my own guides this troubling question and their answer is vague. (Believe it or not, our guides do not have all the answers either.) When one encounters one of these hapless souls under any circumstances, the only thing that can be done is to try to make them aware of their surroundings, what has occurred, and let them know it’s time to move to the light.

More and more research and evidence is being compiled on the subject and perhaps one day we will have a better understanding to the how’s and why’s of this disturbing phenomena. And, you could be one of the ones who discover the answer. For those who are currently rescue mediums, they know the job can be daunting but highly rewarding when the Spirit finally moves into the light. To me, rescue Mediumship is an awesome gift or calling. If you don’t have it naturally, you can definitely

*The Bio Channel, “My Ghost Story/Caught on Camera”, repeat episode, aired recently again on June 7th.

**What is termed a “Class A” EVP

***I anticipate holding a phone class on the subject by late summer so stay tuned.

Good reading: ~Mary Ann Wynkowski’s, When Ghosts Speak   ~Willma Davidson’s, Ghosts and Earth Bound Spirits