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Flexible Mediumship-Psychic Training and distance learning school. Affordable quality Mediumship and Psychic home study courses. On-line learning and certification in all the intuitive arts since 2001.
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Mediumship and Psychic Training School

30 Years of Authentic Training in the Mediumship and Psychic Arts
Time Honored Teachings Combined with Modern Practical Learning Which Gets Results

What We’re About

Imagine Spirit offers many complete and totally innovative programs in Mediumship and Psychic and Clairvoyance training. We offer programs by phone, home study, on-line classes, and soon many beautiful spiritual development meditations. Our twelve and eighteen week Mediumship and Psychic home study courses are just waiting for you right now!

We are proud to say that we have been teaching classes on the Internet since 2001 although Carol Nicholson, PhD. and Certified Psychic-Medium, has been teaching nationwide for over thirty years.

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Mediumship Home Study Coruse
Mediumship Home Study Course
This is a Certification Course
Several Affordable Purchase Options Starting at $170 USD!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Medium? Do you want to give Mediumship readings to others?
Now you can!

Awaken your powers of Mediumship and master Spirit communication with this highly sought after home study course. Our course is so popular, we have sold over a 1,500 copies worldwide. Find out that communicating with the spirit world is easier than you might think. By the end of the course you will be able to give readings to others with confidence and accuracy!

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Psychic Clairvoyance Home Study Course
Psychic Clairvoyance Home Study
This is a New Certification Course
Several Affordable Purchase Options!
Starting at $199 USD

Want to become a Professional Psychic? Would you like to have an independent business and help others at the same time? Here’s your opportunity to do so!is easier than you might think. And best of all, you can learn the tips for how to start your own psychic career from a PRO! This easy to follow course offers in-depth training in all the psychic centers, how to do readings, and also includes how to access the Akashic Records, Astral Travel, Read Auras, Clear Chakras, and much more! A fabulous “How to Market Yourself” guide is included.

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Complete and Total Psychic Training Class
6-Week Complete and Total Psychic
Training Class

This class will train you in all the psychic senses and how to use them in a practical way or for polishing your professional reading skills. A Certificate of Completion will be offered and you will be listed on our website directory of graduates.

This class is by phone and will begin in June, 2015.

More information is coming soon.

If you are interested,
please email us at:

Classes Now and Upcoming!

Introducing Our New On-Line Classes Coming Soon!

Chakras Made Easy – Reading Auras Made Easy – Angels Made Easy

You will be able to learn and earn your certificate right on-line!

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More than 1,000 Happy Students


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Student Testimonials


I see famous people offering Mediumship and Psychic courses for very little cost. Because they are famous, are their courses better?

I have seen one or two of these courses. I even took one and enjoyed it. However, these courses are very very basic. They are a great introduction into a topic like, let’s say, Mediumship. The problem is the classes sell for quantity and are somewhat lacking. There is so much left out of the instruction process and many questions left unanswered. Also, there’s little chance for interaction and asking questions as one moves through the training. Carol is available to answers questions as students move through their courses. This is an invaluable resource! And, the student receives certification that is worth something.

Why are other distance learning programs so expensive? Is their training better?

From day one, my goal with Imagine Spirit was to offer quality classes and programs that are affordable to most. My goal was not to make tons of money, but to pass on to others what I’ve learned over thirty years time with the thousands of readings and sittings I have done. This is my passion and I now know that this is what I truly came into this lifetime to do. I am dedicated to sharing these experiences and expertise than less experienced practitioners can offer in their classes. IMAGINE SPIRITS WANTS OUR STUDENTS TO ACHIEVE AND SUCCEED!

Does everyone have the same abilities?

Thankfully no. Our own unique set of gifts and talents are for us to work with in a way that is comfortable for us. And, if you believe your abilities are not as good as someone else’s, for example TV show Mediums and Psychics, think again. These individuals have just been doing it longer–that’s all. You can be as accomplished as anyone else with the right training and the right teacher. Helping students learn what their current set of abilities are is one of the first things we do in either a Home Study Course or in other programs offered.

Are your training courses complicated or difficult to follow?

The answer is absolutely NO! Our classes, programs, and home study courses are easy to absorb and actually fun to learn with. We provide many learning tools and resources for the student to take advantage of. Our teachings are imparted in a practical down-to-earth approach combined with powerful esoteric knowledge and resources. In our home study courses, we include exercises and previous live class recordings to allow students to feel as though they are actually in a real live class. Many movies are available to view on YouTube and we also have an online FaceBook group that students can join and ask questions of others. Also, Carol is always available to personally answer questions! You are never alone in your studies!

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Carol Nicholson, PhD., Certified Psychic Medium

Carol Nicholson, PhD., Certified Psychic Medium

Carol has been in the intuitive arts field for over 30 years. Sharing her immense expertise and knowledge is the reason Imagine Spirit came into being…


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Visit our YouTube Channel

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Meet our graduates

Meet our graduates

These are people just like you that have received certification in one of Imagine Spirit’s many psychic programs.