Carol Nicholson, PhD.
Carol Nicholson, PhD.



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Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts Institute

Complete Mediumship Training

Total Psychic Development

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Total Training & Certification

The Best Mediumship Training Available!

Here is your opportunity to develop solid Mediumship skills starting at beginner or advanced levels. Become Certified. Priced affordably. Many enhanced learning aids are included. Read about it now!


→Total Psychic Training

Become a Professional Psychic Counselor!

Get Your Certification and Gain Credibility

This is our popular Pathways to Clairvoyance comprehensive program for psychic training. Starting at beginner to advanced levels. Learn how to do professional readings or sharpen current skills.


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Become an Akashic Records Expert

Akashic Records TrainingFinally! A purposeful course that demystifies and provides easy access to your very own soul life records — The Akashic Records. In just four short weeks, learn the easy but effective techniques and meditations that will rocket you into the Akashic Plane and will answer many questions about your current life circumstances and relationships.

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Full Spirit Guides Program

Connect with Spirit Guides TrainingIt’s one thing to believe you have spirit guides. It’s another to actually speak with them. Order this great new home study course today and get to know all your spirit guides including your own Master Teacher Guide! Receive a detailed course handbook and many beautifully recorded exercises. Listen to real Live class MP3 files.

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Remove Negative Entities


Spirit Attachments are troublesome spirits that attach to your energy field during times of stress, grief, or vulnerability. Individuals that are susceptible, among others, are doctors, nurses,  lawyers,  ghost hunters, and you! Detect and release negative attachments with this fantastic and effective course. A great therapeutic tool for helping clients!

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How to Become a
Ghost Hunter


Class by Phone or Home Study!

Get the Discount Price Until Sept. 22nd!

Learn to-Be-a-Qualified-Ghost-Hunter


Ghost Hunter Enthusiasts! Have you always wanted to become a Ghost Hunter? Want to know the safe and positive way to hold an investigation or start your own group? Want to start out with a very small investment or what equipment to buy? Want to get results? You will learn all the different aspects of ghost hunting and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Follow the link below and read each week’s class content.

• Movies to watch
• Sample ghost photos
• How to take ghost pictures & video
• How to easily capture ghost voices on recordings
• Webinars
• Step-by-step-walking you through an investigation
• Discussions on famous haunted places


Thanks for all the wonderful courses, YouTube videos, blog articles and the APP. I love these courses!
~Maryann J.

Courses Coming Soon!

You Can Channel, How to Become a Ghost Hunter, Become a Medical Intuitive Course, and Exploring Metaphysics Mini-Course. Pricing for each course will vary.

Who Should Take These Courses?

Anyone with a desire to learn and spiritually grow. We offer a well rounded selection of courses that are excellent training for any kind of psychic, medium, paranormal, and/or holistic practitioners, students of spiritual metaphysics, and those wishing to pursue a new career in the psychic arts.

Can I Really Get Results from these Courses?

Of course anyone will say Yes to this. However, we at Imagine Spirit can confidently assert that our courses provide the the highest in quality, the most in-depth course content, and learning enhancements than any courses available on-line. Don’t take our word for it. Just read some of our


Which Order Option Should I Choose?

Most of our  courses offer a discounted Option A. which is an immediate download of ALL course files. Some courses have many large files which take some time to download. Option B. is printed and shipped to you and includes an audio DVD with all course files. We recommend Option B. as the most convenient option to order

How Do I Order?

Just click “Add to Cart”. On the check-out page, pay with One Click Pay with PayPal Just look for this button at check-out. NO PayPal account is needed. Most credit cards accepted.
If you are on a cell phone, turn the phone sideways to see the Express PayPal Check-out button.


Do You Accept Credit Cards Over the Phone?

We do not accept credit cards over the phone for security reasons. This protects you, our valued customer. Some people do not like to pay on-line however, our PayPal account is in good standing, highly secure, and is used universally.

Are Your Classes Accredited?

Accreditation is only optional for all colleges and universities. Imagine Spirit is not an accredited school at this time. We do, however, offer valid  institutionally recognized certification for various classes and programs through Carol Nicholson, PhD.

What Kinds of Certiifcations Do You Offer?

We offer full Certification in our premium programs and a Certificate of Mastery in our shorter courses. What is the difference? Full certification implies a student has gone through rigorous and lengthy training in a particular course, e.g., The Mediumship Home Study Course and the Pathways to Clairvoyance Home Study Course.

Do You Offer CEU's?

CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. A CEU is a unit of credit equal to ten hours of participation in an accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions. We do not offer CEU courses at this time.

Why Do You Offer Courses for Less than Similar Courses?

We realize some people charge in the thousands for similar programs. From the inception of Imagine Spirit, we believed in making our courses affordable to just about anyone without decreasing the quality of content.

Why Shouldn't I Buy a Course on Amazon Instead?

Although Amazon offers some really fine courses for about $30-$60, for the high quality level of content contained in our classes, we highly recommend you purchase a course from Imagine Spirit. Most courses on Amazon do not provide the opportunity for Certifications although our future Amazon courses will.

Course Files Compatible
w/ Kindle, Tablets
& Cell Phones


Latest Blog Articles

  • The Akashic Records are a field of light which contains all past, present, and future knowledge of all things. The Akashic Records can be thought of as a “universal filing system” which continually imprints and updates all thoughts, words, and actions. Every person that has ever lived on this planet has their own unique Akashic Record that has existed since inception as a soul....

  • People who contact me about their natural Mediumship abilities often ask one primary question: “Why do I need training if I already see or sense spirits?” The answer to this is ...

  • The Difference between Imagination and True Spirit Messages   Students in my classes often ask me, “How can I tell the difference between true spirit messages coming to me and my own imagination?” Let’s talk about this. When we are awake, our mind is busy......

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