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Carol Nicholson, PhD.

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startQuoteI purchased your Mediumship Certification course and I LOVE it! I have been a practicing medium for years, and am always looking for ways to improve. This course has gone above and beyond. It’s extremely informative, offers really wonderful exercises, and I’ve  learned so much.”
~Andrea B., May, 2016

startQuoteI really loved learning about clairvoyance and how to use it professionally and practically in my life. Before, I had no real idea of what I was doing when I performed readings. Now I really feel like a true expert. This class has really opened my eyes, both physically AND psychically.”
Billie H., Norwalk, CT

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Connect with Spirit Guides Training

It’s one thing to believe you have spirit guides. It’s another to actually speak with them. Order this great new home study course today and get to know all your spirit guides including your Master Teacher Guide! Receive a detailed course handbook and many beautifully recorded exercises. Listen to real live class MP3 files to follow along with.

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Spirit Attachments are troublesome spirits that attempt to intrude into someone’s energy field AND ATTACH TO THEM during times of stress, grief, or vulnerability. They usually cannot be seen but can strongly influence someone’s life. Attachments can also be locations and non-human entities. Wonder if you might have a spirit attachment? Detect, release them, and feel better!

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Latest Blog Posts

Why Mediumship Training Works

Why-Mediumship-Training-Works…training should always be encouraging and safe. Students should be allowed to experiment with their own abilities without worry of being picked on or told they are doing things incorrectly. This only serves to inhibit…

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The Difference between Imagination and True Spirit Messages

Students in my classes often ask me, “How can I tell the difference between true spirit messages coming to me and my own imagination?”

Pictures can come from helpful spirits. Spirits reside in a dimension called the Astral Plane—or as some call it, the Spirit Plane. Many of our intuitive thoughts and pictures come to us directly from this plane. Although

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The Mystery of Spirit Guides Explained

Spirit GuidesUnlike our guardian angels that protect us, spirit guides are primarily interested in our spiritual growth and are available to us when we are seeking advice. They act as mentors, in a sense, as they have already mastered many of life’s difficult lessons and in turn wish to help us as we struggle through

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Knowledge is Power if Used Wisely

Interested in the Psychic Arts? This indicates a desire for learning and boosting your innate psychic powers. Whether a novice or an advanced practitioner, we hope you will enjoy our web site. Offering training in Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Psychic Senses, the Paranormal, Spirit Attachments, Spirit Guides, the Angelic Realm, Akashic Records, Channeling, Medical Intuition and more!