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Carol Nicholson, PhD.

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Our Mediumship Home Study Training

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Details & Free Lesson 1

In 270 pages of excellent easy-to-follow training,  this popular course teaches you how to become a medium and help others.  Mediumship exercises and live class recordings are included. Become a Certified Medium in just 12 weeks. Carol invites you to check out our FREE LESSON 1 right now. This course includes the option to become certified. Such a small investment for taking the leap towards a divinely inspired future.
Starting at: $199


Our Psychic-Clairvoyance Home Study Training

 Great Order Options Available

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Details & Free Lesson 1
Psychic Clairvoyance Training

Our Pathways to Clairvoyance course is a complete and total home study training package which teaches you how to become a psychic and do powerful readings. If you are already a practicing psychic/clairvoyant, this course will boost you to a much higher level of gaining insights and accuracy. Over 350 pages of step-by-step easy training. Check out our FREE LESSON 1. Includes certification option.
Starting at: $225

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Latest Blog Posts

Is Doing Mediumship Dangerous?


One of the most common concerns I hear from prospective students is the fear that the development and performance of mediumship could be dangerous. They not only worry for themselves but also for their close family members. First, I would like to state that in all my years of performing mediumship, I have never once pulled in a dark or

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Attract Money – Avoid Money Guilt


Several years ago I was in great need of some extra income. My car had broken down, my computer needed upgrading, and several annual bills hit all at once. Although I was saying my abundance affirmations and trying to let go of the worry of being financially strapped, nothing seemed to be working. I was truly in a rut. Then I had an epiphany! I realized I was using the word “abundance” in my affirmations and not specifically asking for “money”.

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Do You Have the Right Stuff to Become a Medium?

sensesSmPeople contact me asking if they have the right abilities to begin mediumship training. I often hear comments like, “I can feel spirits around me but I can’t see them. Does this mean I can’t be a good medium?” Or, “I get vivid images of spirits and things they are showing me, but I don’t hear spirits speaking to me like mediums do on television shows.” Have you had similar thoughts about your own mediumistic abilities?

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Suggested Videos to Watch

The Scole Group experiment is one of the most famous documentations of spirit communication and associated phenomena. Give it a watch. You will be amazed!

“Man has four stages of Consciousness: first, the Unconscious State of Infancy;  second, the Consciousness of External Things; third, the Self-Conscious Stage; fourth, God-Consciousness.”
~Carl Wickland